Neon Noir Lightroom Tutorial

all right so I’m gonna show you guys how
I’m going to edit this photo it seems to be pretty popular this style so I want
to show you guys how I do it now like what I said last time is I’d like to
find something that is white try to make sure the white balance is correct that’s
usually the first thing I do and by now this could kind of become like an art to
me so it’s pretty quick so I’m gonna increase the contrast all the way decrease
the highlights I’m gonna increase the shadows the whites just until they peak
you see that red that signifies I overdid it something I’ll scale it down
right about there now increase the blacks all the way but that does not mean it’s
gonna stay this way it just means that’s how I like now I like my pictures a
little soft not always too soft but actually I’m gonna eyeball this actually
I like it like that so I mean this is really to your style it doesn’t have to
be exactly the way I do it if you want to have your clarity like there it’s
fine you wanna jack it up that’s fine too so I like my picture soft
people people usually say that I increase the saturation all the way and
shit like that but it’s not that’s not even the case I actually decrease it
there’s no set number it’s just the way I see it if it looks good to me that’s
the way I’d leave it so that’s looking more or less better the way I want it
now I don’t always change the highlights but I think I’ll add a smidgen of purple
just like that barely noticeable there we go so now I like to reduce the noise little
bit to go to luminance and add a vignette something like this, I’m gonna increase the
highlights in the vignette area actually what I would like the way I see this is
I want this to be lit but I want the area around it to be dark but the
vignette’s not cutting up for me so I’m gonna come to the radial filters over
here I’ma lay a filter right over it and Invert it, I’m a decrease
exposure but not too much like I said I’m just gonna eyeball this and however
I see the photo how I envision it that’s what I’m gonna do it
you guys don’t have to copy me exactly I mean if you don’t like something you can
just do it the way you want to do you know I’m just giving you guys like a
base like this is the way I like to do it and you don’t have to like this
completely now I wish I could increase the contrast so what I’m gonna do is I’m
just gonna slowly add more blacks in there there you see not all the way
now I actually maybe maybe I will deal with that vibrant so up a little bit
more okay that looks fine so I want to see
these signs over here in these cables that’s kind of a big point to my picture
and uh I’m gonna go over here and increase the highlights so we can see the brighter parts
starting to come out over here which is what we want
I’m gonna remove this part I’ll do something else right there
increase the highlights there you go it’s time to add more pop to our photo
which is what we want now I’m gonna make another brush this time I’m just gonna
add to the shadows maybe we can change We can change the brush later so it’s fine so like I said this is to each their
their own so however you want to do your photo and that’s up to you but this is
the way I like it and what else can we do
I want more pop in these lights some do yet another brush this time going for
the highlights so you know toss it in there not too much and we want this kind
of wire to shine a little so yeah let’s see how it looks
okay these lights are a little bit too bright so we don’t want that we want
them bright but not too bright and this is basically what you’re doing you’re
gonna paint your picture you know how you see it how you want it this is the
way I envisioned it and actually I envisioned this being a little bit more
but not too much so I’m going to do yet another brush so this is all a process
you know see let’s try 20 okay looks much better so
I’m just adding highlights to places that should have highlights you know
kind of where all this little white sparkle okay that’s good now I don’t
like them being this saturated so I’m gonna actually reduce the saturation a
little bit with you guessed it another brush yeah we don’t want them to look
like tomatoes and like I said there’s no set numbers
to this I mean you do this the way you want to do it and I really really want
to see the top over here because that’s like the main thing for me so the
brushes are not doing it time to increase the exposure a little bit and
some contrast do we have contrast yeah yeah so I’m liking that much better
already you know it’s good but I don’t want the lights to be too bright either
so there you go you have a noealz style photo and I hope you guys are enjoying
this these kinds of tutorials and videos please be sure to subscribe and follow
me on Instagram and if you have any questions or if you want to share your
photo with me be sure to tag me I’ll check it out for sure and I’ll see you
around you

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  1. Thank you very much. I'm doing a cyberpunk/anime/neon noir music video and your tutorials have been really helpful 🙂

  2. ✅ Websites





  3. I finally knew the name of this style (after curious for months) yesterday from someone's twitter bio. I found this tutorial, then realized that you're that person.
    Thank you so much!

  4. Cool, loved the video! It would be nice to have a before/after comparison at the end tho!
    Nice job!

  5. I've been in such a rut when it came to pictures and editing, you inspired me! I can't wait to go out there and take some cool pictures <3

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