New Camera Evidence Leads to Project Zorgo Scavenger Hunt Clues!! (CWC Mystery Decoder Found)

okay walkie-talkies in the bag
walkie-talkies check oh hey Sharers what’s going on Steve what is that when
we go exploring in the snow outside if we get cold we can turn this thing on
warm our hands check this thing out it’s our latest spy gadget and we’re ready to
put it to the test oh oh yes begin spy gadget I made my very very own spy
gadget at home check this out whoa what does that do grace here check this out
as you know these footsteps go all the way to the woods but you don’t know how
far it back they go so we need to make sure we’re marking our track so we can
find our way back home so look at this one I mean if you spray it oh yeah we
see pinkish red that’s where we know we were and we can trace our steps all the
way back home homemade spy gadget I love it Sharers smash like one for grace that’s
actually a really creative idea and last but not least the last spy guys we have
is the binocular so we can see what’s coming far far far ahead of us in so far
coast looks clear grace let’s pack up to share the love backpack let’s get out
science Sharers we’ve gotta find out why this trail is here and where this trail
goes too sure as you know in last vlog we got these project zorgo photos
developed and we set up these math so we can figure out his path and the big
thing we found out was the last photo check this out it’s super important the
project zorgo member is pointing to a trail in the woods which is right there
and that’s exactly why we have to share the love backpack we’re heading out to
explore this trail you ready grace I’m ready
and sunny out it’s not as cold as it was yesterday it’s a perfect day to go
exploring how far back does this go I don’t know oh wait grace quick grab your
spray bottle oh whoa we almost forgot the most important spy gadget see Sharers
we don’t know why but these footsteps came all the way from the woods out
there all the way to the merch store room right in there
we don’t think anyone made it into the merch room but we’re not sure who these
footprints are from I mean check out these footprints these are the biggest
footprints I’ve ever seen these are my footprints right there these are the
footprints from whoever got close to the mushroom yeah this person animal Monster
is huge coal spray right here so you don’t get lost right here yeah okay
perfect okay so grace is marking out the trail so we don’t get lost let’s keep
going back into the woods what are we gonna find
I don’t know but graceless let’s hurry and I want the Sun to set on us we got
to get back into these woods we’re right on track right here we got the prop line
and the blue marker blue marker there just like yesterday it looks like no
one’s use the trail sense yet mark that right there okay so this is where we got
to yesterday and we got lost because this is where the trail starts gathering
a lot more footprints there’s some here that might be from us yesterday but then
there’s footprints down there there’s footprints farther down this way and
there’s footprints all over so we’re really not sure where to go so great I
don’t know if we need to split up or if we can figure out which way that person
might have gone we wait there oh great sweet that’s something what is it what
is that footsteps Wow what what is this very welcome you are now a member of
Ikon Ikon what’s that I have no idea wait how to use your new decoder for us
wait a second decoder wise this sounds so familiar I guess our equals key so
all your food is line up the art of the key and then you’ll know what’s symbol
the letter equals Oh chat walk lazy coder grace look it’s Chad walk this
decoder thing whoa but is sure this didn’t just like
blow in the wind like it was leftover from someone else and not for us I don’t
know let’s just hang onto it just in case yeah wait a second
what look why do you see that yes markers markers
there’s markers look at this there’s markers wait there’s some blue ones
right there by the trailer and pink ones way ahead and look there’s a fresh set
of footprints going straight there we gotta go that way quick mark right here
so get lost right here quick quick quick mark it off pace let’s go this way come
on this way through the woods follow these footprints right here look at that
keep going grace come on come on we gotta go we gotta go the perfect path
keep going keep going look straight to the markers here
there’s new ones there’s pink and blue look at this pink one on a super long
steak too and then there’s pink and blue on this one yeah mark that up right
there what could that’s me I don’t know okay but now that we’re here where do we
go what’s the next one where do we go next
wait a second there’s blue and there’s pink yeah there be two different people
marking their steps it’s got to be the same crew because there’s two different
people someone would come see the pink one and then someone would come and see
the blue one it’s gotta be people from the same team and this footprint still
keep going this way so I think we got to keep going this way yeah let’s go what
whoa whoa whoa what is this careful this is barbed wire Pookie look at that
what whoa aah careful this is really sharp
whoa what does this lead to whoa whoa it’s like a rope
yikes what is barbed wire doing out here I don’t know whoa look at this grace
whoa this is crazy oh wait wait wait wait look at that is
that something up there we’re down on the ground right there what is it do you see anything it’s a
note a note waits an arrow an arrow and it’s pointing that way
coin this way but look what’s that oh what is it I think it’s the Chad wild
clay logo is it look it’s pointing that way so we must have to go this way okay
just be very careful getting around there’s barbed wire all around here but
let’s go this way grace okay keep going this way here mark it right here so we
don’t run into that barbed wire again okay yeah mark that really good got to
be careful in this area right here Sharers okay and then I guess we keep
going this way yeah that’s where the air was pretty yeah well I’m gonna put this
in my pocket too wait so that’s two Chad wild clay type things that we got and
wait what I think we’re following someone else’s
paths and picking up their clues because that note was left right by the stake
yeah we don’t have access to the stakes someone else does and you’re right grace
if it wasn’t for the snowstorm we never would have found these tracks yeah okay
we got to keep going if we get these Clues before the other person will be
one step ahead yeah okay go grace go go go go go quick go go go quick what I
think there’s markers down there you’re right grace markers in the woods
straight ahead keep going this way go go go go go come on come on come on careful
careful careful oh I did something good what okay quick grace you go be careful
this is a steep hill we don’t know what’s underneath the snow sure is we
got about six inches of snow so it’s super deep we got to be careful cuz we
don’t know what’s underneath the snow look at that what what is it whoa one of the members fell down there yeah
you’re right don’t let that happen to us okay be careful grace super steep hill
whoa it’s super steep very steep I’m trying to make it oh it’s all muddy
underneath it upright so slippery and coming well what is it what is that look
what is that is that a noodle this is a swim noodle why is that there and it’s
blue and pink and orange and orange what does all that mean
what is it covering I don’t know wait what on the end on the end on the end
quick quick Oh what is that no no grab that what’s
it say what’s it say wait it’s like a another symbol another
symbol like a rhombus or a diamond this stuff has to mean something I’m gonna
put it in my pocket great we got to keep going this way there’s more footprints
keep going the next clue before the other person gets it quick mark this
spot grace let’s get going go go go gotta find these other footprints go
yeah Sharers I’m not sure how much time we have before that other member comes
back whoa pricker bush we got a hurry go grace markers right here go go go
perfect okay there’s another clue okay book
quick quickly hook what is it what is this whoa what is that it’s like a
ball I’m not sure put it here Steve I’m just gonna mark this spot real quick
okay mark I’ll put this bin here okay okay
and now grace I think we gotta cross that River right there oh boy that water
must be freezing yeah grace don’t fall in let’s go whoa
oh boy okay here I go whoa nice okay keep going footprints
right here uh looks like it could be deep there so just be careful just go
around here just in case and the footprints keep going somewhere over
this way there’s like a perfect trail to keep going keep going keep going we just
need another marker where is the next marker keep your eyes peeled great one
we got to find another marker oh yeah look this one on the log right here Tom
the law you got to be careful grace there’s a lot of snow covering this
stuff look at this though these footprints literally went right on
the log whoa how did I do that I don’t know okay be careful don’t fall through
because there’s water at the bottom yeah careful grace when we got to get down
here there’s a stake down here yeah see oh yeah I see its way underneath I’m
gonna jump on the count of three ready okay wait grace there’s a clue here you
found it what is it what is it right here it’s like a hot chocolate log hot
chocolate same I don’t know are these clues like I have a meaning or are they
just trying to throw us off Oh grace yeah
what wait what do you mean look grace the the footprints are drying
up they basically go right here and then there’s like no snow left it just
becomes water in oh I think we’re too late
yeah this is not good where do we go now no I I don’t think we found enough clues
no I don’t think so either well this is what we found so far we
found this thing how to use your new decoder instructions but that could have
just been trashed and then we found these a hot chocolate mug a ball oh
wait what wait I think I see something what hold on what come here look at this
what oh my this is what we need what what is how do I get out what look
Oh what is that look oh my gosh grace that’s a chat wall click decoder wheel water yeah there’s ice and everything –
great wait how long’s been in the water for
there’s ice on it it’s like really cold oh my goodness there’s literally ice on this
thing oh okay I guess it’s waterproof but what do we
do now we need to use those clues that we found and figure out what they mean
okay yeah yeah yeah okay okay so maybe this adds up look how to use your new
decoder turn the inner wheel until the S is paired with it with the key oh the
key so ask pairs with the key remember we use this at the Game Master escape
her mansion yeah this is chatting these things so s is paired with a key where
is a key a key just like that so the arrow is lined up with a key okay
we got that and now I know what to do yeah get those symbols out okay so the
first symbol we had was an arrow an arrow look an arrow is N and okay so we
know n is one of the letters second symbol was a diamond diamond or a
diamond would be a diamond it’s a D oh D okay next one is a ball
a ball is a P and then the last one is a hot chocolate mug hot
chocolate mug is an O oh there it is an O okay so all the letters lined up equal
that but it’s good we got to make some sort of word out of it
d n p OD n P Oh what is that spell pond pond maybe have to do is the sheriff in
Poland what does our pot have to do with it I don’t know maybe like the next clue
is there or something okay I’m coming great time coming we gotta
get back to the pond go go go follow the red follow the red gnome the
creek go go go go go go go fatherfather come on come on come on let’s go I don’t
think anyone’s been down here I don’t see any footprints or anything
the snow is completely fresh there’s like nothing so what could be down here
what are we searching for be careful great we don’t know where the
edge of the spawn did so you don’t want to fall in after that it would
definitely be very cold you’re showing the cold pond with ice on it oh wait
look bucket in the middle the pond there I don’t know let’s get a closer look at
wait look look look look look at that yep that one right out of the pond
up towards the house yeah from the merge room door – there’s footprints
everywhere right here but it stops right here so that was the last one how do
they get the bucket in the water – here all the way up to the house wait
a second what a piece of note like a cold piece of note behind the bucket I
don’t know let’s go check it out wait the buckets actually moving do you see
that yeah hold on Gracie somehow we’ve gotta get that bucket we need like a
bowl or something I don’t think this water is going to be strong enough do
you think you’d step on it okay we’re gonna get some more clues green so we
can get that bucket out of the water yeah there’s something in there okay
we’re gonna go grab some tools we gotta get this bucket out of the cold pond
we’ll see you tomorrow sure so until then you know what to do
stay awesome and share the love

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  1. Great video,πŸ‰πŸŒπŸπŸ₯πŸ“πŸŠπŸ‹β€οΈπŸ¬πŸ€ŸπŸ€ŸπŸ€ŸπŸ€ŸπŸ€ŸπŸ€ŸπŸ€ŸπŸ€ŸπŸ€ŸπŸ€ŸπŸ€ŸπŸ€ŸπŸ€Ÿ

  2. Grace and stephen be very careful the game master was by the window i need you to look back at the video and look at the window please it will help you find the game master πŸ˜―πŸ˜‘

  3. clad wild clay is not project zorgo because he was with vy when the attack happened and regina used to work for the game master but now she does not work for the game maser anymore

  4. Now it’s me again the mystery neighbor follow my instructions and follow the footsteps find out workouts and then find a dead rose put it in some salt and I’ll show you next you are or else you’ll lose 100 subscribers and get tons ofhundredsthousands of thumbs down😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

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