NEW Dedicated Flash for Mirrorless and DSLR Cameras (Canon – Nikon – Sony) by Altura Photo

If you’re frustrated with the results
you’re getting from your camera’s pop-up flash you just want to take your
photography to the next level the Altura Photo AP 305 shoe mount flash might be what
you’re looking for Now there are three versions of the AP 305 flash for Canon
Nikon and Sony DSLR or mirrorless cameras and there’s a version for each
system to guarantee full compatibility with your camera the Altura Photo AP 305
flash has advanced settings professionals that are looking for as
well as the more automated TTL settings for when you want to keep it simple its
compact it’s lightweight runs on just two double-a batteries yet is very
powerful with a high guide number of 36 meters or 118 feet at ISO 100 it also
has fast recycle times for continuous shooting which is great for events like
weddings this new flash features a bouncing swivel head which gives your
photos a softer more diffused light and the flash head tilts from -7 to 90 degrees
and has a total rotation of 270 degrees the automatic zoom head has a range from
24 to 105 millimetres and when you extend the wide-angle panel it widens
the coverage to 14 millimetres it also features a catch light card which helps
reflect the light from the flash adding more life to your subjects eyes the
bright backlit LED display is a must-have feature in scenarios where you
only get a few shots to know the exposure the flash settings are easy to
navigate and you can quickly fine tune the exposure by using the wheel to
adjust the flash exposure compensation plus or -3 stops
for more precise control of AP 305 also has a manual mode which allows you to
control the flash intensity from 1 to 1 full power to 1 128 the power in third
steps the high-speed sync mode opens new creative ways for achieving more dynamic
outdoor portraits it allows the AP 305 flash to sink at shutter speeds beyond
its native sync speed at up to 18000th of a second there are multiple
ways to use your Altura Photo AP 305 flash you can use it on the
camera as a standard shoe mount or you can take it off-camera and
utilize the two wireless modes there’s the built-in s1 s2 optical sensing mode
and there’s the built-in 2.4 gigahertz wireless transceiver mode for greater
control over the direction and quality of light using 2 AP 305 flash units will
even give you off-camera TTL functionality as well as high-speed sync
making this a compact versatile lighting setup you can use anywhere another great
feature of this flash is that you have access to a custom setting menu to
deactivate the AF assist lamp to shoot more discreetly at an event or you can
deactivate the sleep mode so that your off-camera flash doesn’t turn off during
your shoot the Altura Photo AP 305 flash is very handy for use in many different
shooting situations like fast paced events and weddings where you have to
shoot in low light or for any other time you want to add some creative lighting
effects to your photo

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