I have some influencer friends and I’m
bringing you the tea in this video. Hey guys what’s up, social Sam here welcome back to my channel where I teach you all about social media for creators and
entrepreneurs. In this video I’m going to show you five hacks influencers use to
make their feed and photos look eyecaching in cohesive. But before we start make sure to subscribe and click the bell icon to get notified every time I upload a new video. All right so let’s do this so the first thing I’m going to show you is how
you can delete the photobombers in the background you know how there’s always a photobomber in the background of your favorite pics? Well it’s the same for
influencers and since they’re always filming in the popular areas they
usually have to delete some people in the background to make it look less
crowded…and sometimes you just want the photo to look less cluttered. Thankfully
there’s a way to remove them in a few seconds.
There’s many apps you can do this with but I do it in the app called Photo let me show you how it works after you upload a photo tap quick
repair adjust the size of the brush and swipe over the person…so there we go
he’s gone if the result is not perfect you can always adjust it a little bit.
alright so that’s how you get rid of the photo bombers. The second influencer
secret is editing the sky. Now this might sound crazy and it might not be for you
but you can actually make the sky prettier by adding stars the moon or
even a sunset. The app you can do this with is called quick shot so let me show
you how it works first let’s upload a photo with the sky
for example this one and find the effect you like [Music] you can also edit the effect by
adjusting the opacity the amount of details. All right so that’s how you make the sky
prettier. But please don’t over exaggerate with these effects because
there’s a fine line between making a photo more interesting and fake AF. All
right so the third secret you might have heard about already but it’s such a big
part of why influencers feeds are looking cohesive that I had to include
it in this video and that is Lightroom presets Lightroom presets can make your
photo go from average to instaworthy in just a few seconds so what is Lightroom?
It’s a desktop and a mobile app that effects colors in your photo. I actually
created this free lightroom preset for you guys which is one of my favorites.
You can download it by clicking the link in the description. All right so let me
show you how it works… Lightroom can get pretty complicated so
let me simplify it as much as possible first, download the free Lightroom
mobile app then import the photo you’ll get by clicking the link in the
description and save it. Every time you want to apply this preset, simply upload
your new photo then copy the settings from my preset photo and paste it to the
new one. So I hope this makes any sense… So this should work for most photos but
sometimes it needs a little adjusting [Music]
you can also create different presets yourself or buy them on Etsy for a few
bucks all right so now that we got the presets
down it’s time for the secret number four and that is expanding the photo
okay so this is another good one if your photo doesn’t fit
instagrams format and you don’t want to crop it you can actually use this app to
expand your photo a little bit let me show you so as you can see I can’t crop
this photo any further if I crop it like this I would cut my legs out and if I
crop it like this I’m missing half of my head so we’ll expand the photo on both sides
to solve this the app we’re gonna do it with it’s called Snapseed. Upload a
photo click expand and begin slowly expanding
the photo on both sides bit by bit like this [Music] all right so here it is now I can post a
photo without cropping it in crazy places all right so the fifth secret is adding
effects like rain snow sun rays or even a moon to your photos with app called
Lens distortions so let me show you how it works so you just upload the photo to
the Lens distortion app and add effects like rain snow and so on just swipe and try and find an effect
you like you can also adjust the opacity to make
it look a bit more natural [Music] alright guys so I hope you learned
something new please let me know which hack was your favorite in the
description and don’t forget to subscribe for more cool videos like this
see you in the next one [Music]


  1. So cool, very helpful… the one for the Photobombers is brilliant, and didn't realise that Lightroom have a mobile app – downloading now!

  2. Awesome tips love your videos 😍❤️👌🏻👌🏻 subscribed your channel .pls checkout my channel too 😍🙏🏻

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