No.1 Album Photoshoot & CLC Karaoke Time ♫

SH: She wore this outfit yesterday Today is her 106th day since she was born She got so big Her mom couldn’t button up the back of this outfit She wore this for Christmas S: She’s so cute SH: She looks like a little crab I really like this~ She’s super cute~ SY: Sorn’s jawline I’m only filming your jawline right now What are you guys doing? SH: hey guys, these days I actually have a movie that I really like Its Bohemian Rhapsody I watched it twice these past 3 days S: She can dance even when she’s sitting down SH: Is there a problem with your neck? lol S: Guys rhythm! rhythm!! rhythm!!! SH: “Now your happy!” “Your comfortable now!” EB: Done! SH: For the ending we are going to watch videos of my cute niece Its super cute though You know this right? Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! !!! SH: Do you know how many memes I made out of this? (Hoooooo) SH: Her face is just so cute I wonder what expression this is? Isn’t it so cute? I made this myself Its just too cute S: We both have no check pattern on our costume Black Dress part 2 Elkie also SH: Sorn and Elkie finally welcome me into their foreigner line S: Oh! Your right! The girls finally welcomed me Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity I will just stay still and be quiet This is our cute mice from Czech Republic Czech mice She even knows how to speak English YJ: I just cut my bangs Its actually my first time since I was in Grade 2 SH: Yujin said she heard alot of people complimenting her about how cute she is YJ: Sorn told me that I’m cute SH: Me too! SH: I even called u “CUTIE” SH: I’m still shocked that I said that EB: I even pinched Yujin’s cheeks YJ: She pinched my cheeks YJ: “Your so cute!!” and she kept pinching it SH: Eunbin right now reminds me of a CEO I told her, “YOUR SO CUTE!” And then came back and pinched her cheeks again YJ: Isn’t this abit too close? S: Your so cute lol YJ: Feel free to take a look at my bangs guys~ SH: Even your eyebrows are cute S: Aww so sad 🙁 YJ: Happy! YJ: How do you feel not having bangs anymore? YJ: You got rid of it right? SH: Its abit iffy YJ: Are these bangs? YJ: You always had bangs S: She cut her hair short this time SH: I cut alot of it out, like this much YJ: I really like your new hair YJ: OH! Eonnie!! Are you 20….? You look like a 20 year old S: Next year I think you are going to look younger than this YJ: Sorn looks so mature now Mature… Hand… Doesn’t my hand look so mature? lol This is what a mature hand looks like SH: Why are we so boring? YJ, S: I know right… YJ: Crystal Clear! Hello I’m Yujin SeungHee and EunBean! SH: We are wearing a different outfit right now EB: Do you guys have any concept? Starting with Yujin eonnie YJ: For me today… SH: A squirrel that turns into a human? YJ: Yes! That’s right A squirrel that had transformed into a human EB: Then how do you turn back to a squirrel? YJ: The squirrel has to go home to be able to turn back I want to go home now~ SH: I want to go see Sorn YJ: I want to go see Sorn too 🙁 YJ: Should we go out and film Sorn together? EB: Sure! LETS GO! I don’t really know how to film properly I’m not sure how to do this I really don’t know Oh! Sorn is so pretty! I will show you how Sorn is posing for her photos SY: You go to the front and I’ll lean back like this okay? YJ: I’m going to film a music video for you two 5, 6, 7, 8… SY: We did pretty good lol YJ: Ms. Sorn S: Yes? YJ: How do you feel about the shoot today? S: I was very excited S: Because I had to lie down YJ: Do you think it came out good? S: I thought my face was going to look big YJ: Not at all. You looked really good S: Thank you so much

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  1. การที่พี่สรทำคลิปลงยูทูบแบบนี้ ทำให้แฟนคลับของ clc หรือแฟนคลับของพี่สรเองรู้สึกใกล้ชิดกับพี่มากขึ้น ยังไงก็ไฟท์ติ้งนะคะ❤️❤️

  2. I can't stop focusing on Eunbin, she is ultimate Bias and so cute OMG, thank you Sorn for uploading this

  3. Love my children though, been there since PePe. ❤️ so happy for the wins, you guys deserve it all.!

  4. It is so easy and pleasant to watch an English video about the CLC.
    But I am afraid that this will prevent me from getting used to Korean pronunciation. Good thing there are other Korean-speaking members. Thus, the video is pleasant and useful at the same time.

  5. Who thinks Sorn should do something like "trying fortnite for the first time" Like; HMU Sorn, let's play some games 😀

  6. 4:04 Seunghee saying "one more time" and speaking English blows my mind. She legit sounds like a native English speaker

  7. Sorn, if you’re reading, you’re my bias and you’re so pretty and I love CLC so much and I wish you guys so much success in the future!

  8. Playing x in the back ground at 12:28 nice I love no it's on my tv radio sbs popasia. From Australia I wanna go to Thailand only been to Japan SK Taiwan Shanghai

  9. Dress , hair, makeup, song, performance. Everything is perfected. 100 out of 10 sweetheart. This cb will be a big success.

  10. Seunghee going “would you like to see a picture of my niece?” And then showing 10 different pictures of her without waiting for an answer is the most relatable thing I’ve ever seen, I literally do the same with my niece. I have a whole folder with hundreds of photos of her because I love her so much 😂

  11. To Sorn Do Cube ent. has plan to make U-Cube concert 2019 in Thailand? I really hope to see all Cube idols in Thailand 2019 ><

  12. ME ENCANTAN con ustedes conocí el kpop cuando aun ni sabia que era un genero musical , las conocí en su debut ,un dia en youtube y me salio el MV "PEPE" y ME ENCANTO y así seguí apoyándolas hasta ahora y seguiré apoyándolas ,las amo y FIGHTHING con su COMEBACK CLC QUEENS <3

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