No Assignment: Yellowstone’s Unofficial Photographer

within an hour I can be from my house be
in Yellowstone Park and start seeing wolves and bears and bison and these
terrific things. Where I want to go, what I want to look for is driven by the
weather, the light seasonal location and behavior of the animals. Wild places are
are wild because they’re so remote Yellowstone is not really remote but yet
it’s still wild Hello kiddo surprisingly quiet for something that
weighs a ton. Tap-tap-tap with their toes I still don’t know how to make a living
at this I’m still…mostly just shoot what I like and try to do something with it
later I don’t like assignments. Usually what I
get them is interesting stuff but it may not fit their storyboard that they
planned. And when I come back, it wasn’t good…this stuff didn’t happen
and somehow that becomes my fault so I just assume not have to deal with that Hello again. I have a black bear and three She’s been sleeping very long? No, not too long. So there’s a
little activity I’d like to get her out in this grasslands here. Yeah well, hahaha See you what you can do! What I’d like to do is just get out here and just kind of watch her for a little bit so right now…they’re not necessarily too far away but it’s too busy you know if I want to get a bear picture, well sure there’s a bear down there but wait until it cleans up
and get out into the grass and the lights pretty nice there’s a little high thin clouds the key is trying to anticipate where they might go and then be ready when they if they show up there increase your odds if you understand
them a little bit but I get a lot of dead ends too I think in terms of maximizing my day
here, I’m gonna go look for some bison calves She’s gonna stay in that timber and it’s not gonna be very satisfactory yellowstone park has the only location where a herd of wild bison has lived
continuously for the last half a million years they’re doing really well here and you
get more and more individuals that are mobile they’re gonna walk out of the
park. And Montana specifically doesn’t want them out of the park.
and bison move in and start occupying that land they can’t put as many cattle in there. Bison are one of my top ten favorite animals ever, so I have a strong bias for them.
But it’s a symbol of the American West And if you put it to the public, do you want bison or somebody’s cows on your public land,
I think the bison would win Yellowstone Park lost the lawsuit and they’re
required to kill them and not let them go into Montana Pronghorn are silly sometimes.
what’s curious about them is that they probably won’t run that far, they’ll
probably stay inside of us the whole time it’s kind of a cool shot with the
four of them and that bison on the top since I probably already have 25,000
bison photographs probably mostly what I’m after would be the little the little babies if you’re a legitimate wildlife
photographer a nature photographer you spend time probably every year in
Yellowstone Park. The Lower Falls of Yellowstone is photographed 40,000 times a day and so when you show up there and want to
get something unique, it’s gonna be hard But you can easily get off the road
and it’s wild, it’s basically your park. What I need to do is get something different
and hopefully better and what that means oftentimes is going places that other
people don’t go we came from wild land not that long ago. If we can maintain this wild place with all this bird life, wolves, wild clean water.
We can learn a lot

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