No BS Easy Anime Editing Tutorial – Adobe Lightroom

today we’re going to do an anime style
edit as always you can find some practice files in the description now a
quick note about these kind of images they are very reliant on the anime photography picture you
take it’s not just the editing no there’s only so much you can do in the
ring it’s really up to what you shoot to make it look that way so here’s our
picture I took this while walking we were just gonna increase the dynamic
range because that’s actually one of the key things about animations like they
have a very wide dynamic range increase the whites so when you do these kind of
anime style edits they do kind of have that HDR each look you can already see
the picture starting to look that way how did you even start playing with the
colors and it already looks like like that so I’m going to increase the luminance all
the way it gives it kind of a painted look so if we zoom in right here on the
pigeon you can see the luminance just makes it look like it’s like a brush
effect even though that’s not what luminance is meant to do that’s actually
what’s doing so now all we’ll have to do is to play with the colors actually
usually they go for saturated skies but this time gonna go for like a more
desaturated look something like this and actually the blacks should be a little
bit just a little bit darker and if we look at kind of these anime
movies they always have like a kind of a tint of blue or purple or even red in
the shadows so truly your choice but I tend to go more towards the purple side
but not too much something like that and I think that’s looking pretty good
already maybe a little bit more not contrast but slightly increase the
sharpening and there we go we have kind of an anime style it didn’t take too
long to do and I hope you found it useful See you

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  2. Have you watched Mardock Scramble? I'll be honest, I don't remember much of the story, but I remember that looks like it has some kind of rainbow colored filter over every scene of the anime. I like how different this effect affects night and day scenes. But something like this on a photography, would probably be more on the realm of Photoshop.

  3. To be honest, I am of a pre Anime time era and had to look up what the whole idea about that type of editing is, but after watching some video's from other YTérs (cartoon) I get the idea.
    Now I am more drawn to your Post Apocalyptic, Blade Runner kinda editing but this simple manipulation gives you a great effect.
    Keep it simple, that is my motto too, and that is why I don't understand those "Photoshoppers" on YT spending hours to do a 5 minut job with better results.
    I have 20 years of editing experience under my belt and 18 of which with LR and Photoshop, but I do most of the stuff manually and don't use any plugins, luts or the like (except 3th party denoise and sharpening tools cause LR sux in that matter and PS is not so much better).
    For my normal shots I switched to Capture One years ago, cause that is LR on Steroids, but for this work, LR is great !
    Keep them coming !!
    I am waiting for a dry and clear evening/night this week to do the light art photography walk in Amsterdam but last week was so bad (wet) , I almost planned to build an Ark of Noah !! 😉

  4. Thank you for sharing this awesome video. You are very selfless in sharing your tips and tricks with everyone. Appreciated

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