Off Camera Secrets | Banjo Kazooie – Boundary Break ft. SwankyBox

Hey, what’s going on? Welcome to Episode 34 of an ongoing series, where we basically take the camera anywhere we want and we try to find secrets and new discoveries to some of our favorite games. This episode we’ve got SwankyBox on deck. Great Youtuber, loves Banjo Kazooie (much like myself). So it was a perfect fit for a collaboration! And with that said, let’s get going. So first up is the intro sequence, because it’s all cutscene, and anything that’s cutscene in Banjo Kazooie often hides a lot of cool stuff behind the scenes. Like at the bottom, the Rare logo is already at the bottom waiting for its cue to rise up, and when the bug hits it from the back, it actually falls forward into a bend. [bug falls into a bend and screams] Did you catch that? [laughs] I wouldn’t have blamed you if you didn’t So in the first three seconds of this opening cutscene you can actually see the two bulls that play out later in the scene. But once those three seconds are up, they’re gone, and you can’t find them anywhere else on this map until they’re cued in. And then for some reason after that when Tooty starts playing her flute for the first time, you can see xylophone Mumbo, hanging in the air, Which isn’t even the first Mumbo that you see when he finally appears. And speaking of the xylophone, it actually goes through a weird journey itself; when Banjo kicks it out of Mumbo’s way you can see that it hangs in the corner for a little while, and it shrinks down. And then later out of shot it zooms back out to Banjo’s left-hand side, only to disappear again! [laughs] Alright, now it’s time to cover about a million things in the file select menu. One of the first things I noticed and was actually really neat, is that this is one of the few times where Kazooie is actually always in Banjo’s backpack. In-game, whenever she has to come out of Banjo’s backpack, that’s the only time that you see her, however in the file select menu she’s ALWAYS in Banjo’s backpack. And then over at the cuckoo clock we can find a cuckoo bird, and I was wondering what happens when the bird actually goes back into the house. (or the clock) And it’s actually really really strange, the spring that is connected to the cuckoo bird has a locked position, but is just behind the door, and no matter where the cuckoo bird is during its animation, the tail end of that spring will always remain in that one spot. And then also when the cuckoo bird goes back all the way into the house, it kinda has like a recoil to it, before it shrinks down and disappears. Yeah, I’m with you, Kazooie, what is Banjo playing exactly? Now I know that the sound effects are coming from Donkey Kong Land for the Gameboy, and that’s a Cool Bit, but I need this Game Xplained. I don’t understand what this is supposed to be. It’s just three dots and a border, not a very exciting game if you ask me. And if we take the camera underneath Banjo’s chair, what do you think we’ll find? That’s right, it’s the spring to Banjo’s ejection button for that secret scene when you select File 3. With the amount of things that turn invisible, it’s really surprising to see that they actually have it all coiled up, ready to go! [Banjo screams] By the way, this is where Banjo goes when you do activate that secret animation. [laughs] Which only begs the question what happens to Banjo in the other secret animations, for example the one where Banjo’s making porridge, he gets taken through a secret trap door. Now, what happens to him after that is a little interesting. He’s apparently very happy with his little ladle on the other side of the wall. [laughs] And in the last file select, Banjo’s cast into the void! So deep, in fact, that had I not moved the camera towards his direction, it would’ve completely engulfed him and we never would’ve seen his model. That’s a really sad fate. So, again, to get through more cutscene, we’re now checking out Gruntilda. In this particular scene, you can find there’s actually one unique part about it, where we’re looking at Tooty on the cauldron pot now if we zoom the camera out we can see that the only thing that’s actually there is Gruntilda’s arms in fact, the cauldron isn’t even all there, it’s only a small *fraction*of the cauldron. [cauldron sounds] Next up is Banjo’s house, and when you look outside the door you can see a good amount of what the developers intended for you to see. But if we take the camera through the wall, we can see just how much there actually is. Now granted, it’s not much, but since we can remove the skybox and the fog, there’s no illusion to what’s actually here. Alright, we finally made it outside! And as you know, the first person you see when you actually leave Banjo’s house for the first time is Bottles. One thing I noticed is that you can see Bottles’ real eyes behind his spectacles, but it’s kinda hard to get a good look at them. So we take magic camera through the glasses, and we’re able to see what his actual eyes look like. Looks like Bottles has seen some stuff. So here’s one that I find particularly interesting, in Spiral Mountain if you go directly underneath the mountain itself, you’ll find a unique texture for ropes. It’s not even the same ropes that are connected to the bridge that go into Gruntilda’s lair. Now it’s hard to speculate what exactly it was meant for, whether it be for the bridge that connected to Gruntilda’s lair, or the bridge that connects the mainland to the Spiral Mountain itself. And now we’re looking at Sir Slush, now you could always see what Sir Slush’s head looked like because of the animation that he has where he bounces up and down and so does his hat, however, it’s always been hard to get a really good look at Sir Slush’s head, so if we take the camera through the hat, there’s plenty of space to see what the rest of his head actually looks like, without the chaos of a snowball being thrown at you. Now while we’re on the subject of ice, I figured we’d talk about the ice key. Now there isn’t a whole lot to talk about here, but I know that if I left the ice key out, lots of people would be in the comments section asking about it, so I gave it a little bit of a rep here. Now there’s not too much to talk about, but there is something interesting to talk about it, while the room is a cave, there is an inner layer of ice that also surrounds the cave. And what’s even more surprising about this ice bubble is that the top layer is not just a flat surface, it actually meets into a cone. Now I couldn’t find too much to talk about with Mad Monster Mansion unfortunately one of the better stages so I thought this would be a great time to talk about the skybox in the game. Now with many N64 games, the skyboxes are actually typically small in size but they always rest in a certain spot in the player’s camera position much like how the HUD worked in the Metroid Prime episode. So when we start to move the camera around freely, you can see the skybox for what it really is. And what’s really cool about Mad Monster Mansion is that there’s a moon hanging in the sky and it looks like it’s moving to the left, but in reality there’s actually a separate texture for haze, and it actually moves in front of the regular skybox. And when we adjust the camera in the right spot you can actually see the layers. Next is the Sand Castle–or the Cheat Room, depending on how you want to look at it and if you take the camera below the sand castle you can find a layer of water. Now that’s easy enough to explain; when you don’t drain the water for the sand castle, this layer of water rises up. And when you patch the bucket with Kazooie’s eggs, the water level goes down underneath the map. There’s two things that I have a harder time explaining. One is this odd wood texture that looks like it was meant to go over the entrance and the other is when the water level is raised, there’s two patches of water below. Now, actually I think I can explain this; I think when this water level goes down these two patches of water rise up to give you that water level when the sand castle is drained but as for the wooden plank, I have no idea. Maybe it was originally intended for you to be trapped inside that room when the crab tries to attack you but I mean that’s just a guess. Another map involving layers is inside of Clanker. It’s hard to understand what exactly Clanker is, since he seems to have flesh, but he also seems to be composed of metal, and nothing shows it off better than here; see, when we take the camera outside the metal grating, you can see the entire room (if you wanna call it that) that represents the innards of Clanker. And the last thing that I wanted to show off before I pass it over to my friend SwankyBox is a zoom-out of Gruntilda’s trippy board game! How no one’s made a physical Gruntilda board game yet, I have no idea, but someone’s gotta get on that. Anyways, SwankyBox, if you don’t mind… SwankyBox: Thank you for having me on the show, Shesez and I’m an absolute Banjo Kazooie fanatic, so I’m really excited to be a part of this and I’ve explored this game top to bottom many times. There are a few interesting things that I’ve found that I’d love to share, starting off with this rock that appears at the end of the game after Gruntilda gets crushed I always wondered if she was actually underneath it. We take the camera and we actually go, and dive, y’know, below the floor, below the ground and we can actually see that she is *not* underneath it In the ending sequence of the game, when Gruntilda falls into the ground we can actually see something different than when we go back to the rock. We can actually see the outline of Gruntilda, kind of clipping through the rock a bit and I found it interesting because this is the only time you can actually see any kind of indication of her being down there, as this outline that punched through the ground with is no longer there when you go back to the rock. Something else I thought was neat in Banjo Tooie in Gruntilda’s lair you can actually see that the portrait at the beginning has a room behind it however in Banjo Kazooie, the first game, there isn’t a room behind this portrait, it’s just a wall. I always wondered if there was actually a room behind it when I was younger when I played through these games, but now actually having the methodology to check it it is kind of interesting. And of course, there’s also the portrait upstairs, on top of the tower. This one’s interesting, too, because as you can see, there’s kind of like a layer beneath it so when you fill this in with the Jiggies you can actually still see the Jiggy outline if you remove that top layer of the portrait, and you can kind of see this interesting background behind it. In this same area and if you’re seen my Nintendo 64 mysteries video, there’s this door which has a path behind it which I’m actually pretty sure is from a cutscene in the game. But also in this same area, there’s some debris or something, some kind of rocks, or something below the floor And I’ve always thought these were kind of interesting, I was looking around them they kinda look like bricks or small miniature buildings they seem to have like, doorways or… to me this kinda looks like a small tent or building which I thought was kinda neat Now, of all the areas in Banjo Kazooie, Rusty Bucket Bay was probably my least favorite. I did, however, really like the buildings in this level and just besides the buildings, y’know, the sunset or this land around this area I wanted to know why these buildings were here, and what was this great vast desert, or… ocean… or whatever we’re seeing, what that actually was. I did really like the interior of the ship, though This big clockwork engine-type area with this bottomless pit where you could see all this pipework. I always tried to get on the pipework down below but it was kinda neat to actually take the camera down and see all these pipes, y’know, this structure up close without actually dying. Now, in Rusty Bucket Bay, there’s also this poisoned water area that’s contaminated, and this water always bothered me because it hurt you but you could never actually see below the surface of the water, you couldn’t down dive into it. But kinda taking the camera down for a look and actually through this layer you can actually see that it’s kinda cool down there, it’s actually pretty deep and it’s like this magenta color at the bottom. Now, of course, Banjo Kazooie has all kinds of wall monsters but these wall monsters are interesting because their heads only pop out normally. So if we take the camera behind it we can actually see that their head is just sitting there idly. Now this bird has a body and when you do kill it its body does falls out. But for this fact of it being in the wall, it does not have its body attached. However, these other kind of monsters that come out of walls they do have their whole body, or their worm-like structure actually there, and they appear in this hole once you get near. Other than that, they disappear, though. The wall monsters in Mad Monster Mansion sort of follow this same concept. The monsters disappear entirely, and something worth noting is that the paintings actually have a unique texture that is shown ripped to the player, but when the painting is not ripped, it shows the full image. Now, I really love forest levels, so Click Clock Wood was obviously very awesome to me. I always wanted to look up into the trees, so that’s what I’m actually doing right here, I’m taking the camera up in the lobby to the top of the winter tree just to see how far it goes up, and it goes quite a ways, as you can see up into the skybox. Now this is actually the tree in the level during spring time, and as you can see, the tree goes up higher than the clouds that you normally can’t see past It goes up a good, y’know, another good chunk and you can see actually right here that it does continue up into the skybox. Now the credits of this game are really interesting because obviously, y’know, the camera cuts around a lot But there’s a lot of hidden things in the background So, y’know, this woman who’s walking with the fruits, the melons, the bananas, and whatever that is on a platter when she gets around the island, she actually teleports to the top of the island in an area you can’t see. Now, this is up above everyone else. And this is a later scene right here, where she actually walks into the ocean and just disappears. So, when Mumbo starts to show you photos and things like that, you can actually kinda move the camera around, you can see his arm just kind of disconnected and wiggling the photo there But this kind of juxtaposition is kind of interesting and kind of funny to see. The last thing I want to talk about actually doesn’t happen until near the end of the credits. Captain Blubber actually appears behind the island before he gets on his jet ski and he’s stuck in his default model pose so when people create 3D models, typically they have the arms stretched out and he’s in this pose before he actually gets on the jet ski and I thought that was kinda cool. You know, I typically played through this game never knowing he was back there in that position before he came around the island so it’s kind of neat to see this perspective on it. Guys, thank you so much for watching SwankyBox, thank you so much for being a part of the show Michael Chin, thank you so much for animating this episode, originally did an outro with him, couldn’t use it, sorry to say, buddy I’ll get you into an outro next time. [Mysterious Voice Soon to be Revealed]: “Sorry.” But uh, guess what, guys? You helped me out, and you got to a goal that allowed all of the internet to see Pat’s face! Which is amazing to me that it happened this quickly I didn’t ever imagine it’d happen that quickly But, I’m a man of my word, and Pat didn’t even know this was happening until just now but Pat, if you wanna come over here real quick! Pat: Literally, like two minutes ago I was made aware of this… I should’ve checked the Patreon. Shesez: I probably should’ve made that goal *after* I asked Pat. But yeah, Pat, come on over here! Shesez: Making your internet debut. Shesez: *singing* Rise, my child. *Pat rises* What’s going on, Pat? How’s it going, Derrick? Shesez: It’s going great! Shesez: Guys… Pat, accidentally interrupting: Howdy, internet! *Shesez laughs* This is not scripted at all, so, y’know… Pat: It never is. *Shesez laughs again* Well, Pat, what’s the two entries this week? Pat: You tell me. Shesez: Sky– Pat, accidentally interrupting again: Cuz I came into this blind. Shesez: Skyward Sword and a Link to the Past. Yeah, I’m making those. Making modern vs. retro fight it out. Shesez: So, let me know what episode you want to see, and we’ll take care of it next week. Say bye to the people, Pat. Pat: Adios, internet. Shesez: Later! *both laugh* [Thanks for reading these closed captions!]

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  9. for the wooden plank texture at around 7:30 or so, the door is blocked during Furnace Fun when you do a time trial test and have to spell "Banjo Kazooie" backwards in this sand castle room.

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    Serve as the locked door, indeed, when you're in the sandcastle in a final quiz minigame.

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