100 Replies to “Officer heard on body camera telling man multiple times to ‘suck my ****!’”

  1. It's my belief that there is a lot of cops like this . They are unfit for duty if you ever heard how they speak among themselves in private you would be shocked beyond belief.

  2. Yeah this ain't shit compared to what cops do everyday. Small town cops are even worse because nobody holds them accountable.

  3. Yes he was very unprofessional and out of shape which is enough to fire him but he did not proposition them for a blow job. Its still good he got fired. Edit: he didn't get fired so he is still a cop, just somewhere else now. This is what's wrong with the police departments. They just keep cycling the same bad cops.

  4. Wow! And he’s still an officer, this is unbelievable. I guess it’s going to take him killing an innocent person before anything is done. Sickening

  5. And what is new? Cops are like that. Drunk. Liars. Entitled. Trigger happy & usually extremely uneducated & crass. This one even tried to bribe his victim . As I said no news to me.
    Same as it always was / is/ will be.

  6. I just don't get it. Why do police get to police each other? Why isn't there a special organization That has nothing to do with the police. Policing the police

  7. Around my neck of the woods a honest police officer doesn't last long. Our police department has a permanent hiring billboard strapped to the side of the building.

  8. Fuck this pig cop the guy should said fuck u pig alot police are like this they just not on camera then that pussy begging not to be fired hes a prick talks big with that badge he's another pussy with him and badge behind him and people wonder why cops get shots

  9. Who gives a fuck about it!! I was an ex criminal and I now that I've turned my life around I realized how difficult an officer's job is, they deal with bullshit all of the time. Funny thing is people who hate the cops are the same ones that call 911 when they're in trouble or dying!! Hypocrites. Thank you to all of our law enforcement, we're not perfect neither should you be

  10. So this is how they do in these small town police departments?  They bounce around from department to department after being fired from wrongdoing.

  11. Instead of sucking the cop's dick, better yet just chop his dick off because the cop would thoroughly enjoy blood pouring all over and cop would enjoy the pain.So thrilled the worthless cop lost his job

  12. This is not a police dept . Is a joke , a very scary joke for those who end up in their sights . It seems more like a good ole criminal boys club to me .
    I feel sorry for the good officers that still work there . The ones that still retain their morals and integrity . It must be hard to work for a dept that goes against their values . The peer pressure must be immense for them .
    Unfortunately this is becoming the norm across a once great nation . I applaud the few good ones that do their jobs with fairness and empathy for others . 👏🏼

  13. Fake outrage. Or just a thin skinned country. They must be real winners since they’re trying to get their child back…. Fuck those meth heads. They can suck my dick too

  14. Too many people wanna be cops when 85% of them are emotional disaster that's why it's so many fucking police problem in the United States hell we got the highest police shootings then any other country hmmmm

  15. Can’t really see the problem he made a mistake. He apologised, should of been disciplined put on a training course then back to work on a final warning 🤷🏼‍♂️.

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