100 Replies to “Officer relieved of duty after violent arrest caught on camera”

  1. I'm pretty sure they put that black guy reporter on purpose bs the other reporter was out for the day no they said hey black guy getting beat up by racist white cops we need to get a black reporter in here immediately for this report

  2. I don’t really have a problem with what he was saying. It’s easy to talk tough when you don’t have to do anything. He was just trying to look cool and tough but everyone knows he’s not. People talk that ish all the time just to look important. Real G’s don’t talk about it they be about it.


  4. it's really sad that cops have to wear body cameras these days and it seems like everything that everybody does has to be on surveillance and there is a true loss of dignity and freedom and trust within all of us it seems these days

  5. There's no such thing as a good cop they all talk like this they are all high on their selves their egos get bigger and bigger as time goes on

  6. Just another out of control PIG on the loose he meant everything that came out of his pig hole they love to kill because they have they license to via badge and gun these clowns are everywhere beware protect yourself know your rights peeps

  7. The new kkk, police in uniform! Would love to see the footage of the supposed assault on an officer that hes accused of! I believe nothing that these gang members in police uniforms have to say!

  8. Timothy Davis was wanted for Assault on a PIG. NOW, think about it, after this incident, you now know why he Assaulted a PIG to begin with. That piece of Sh!t, Jason "oink" Pappas, says, "The officer is Remorseful", the only reason that PIG is Remorseful is because he wasn't there during Altercation to apply the SH!T he was saying on video. They are ALL FUC*ING PIECES OF SH!T. They think that being Against ALL civilians is right, against the Public that pays them to Police. These MOTHERF*CKRS are in for a rude awakening. The time is drawing near when the Public Literally says, "F¥€K YOU back…

  9. Whoever defends that dumbass is a retard of the piece of s*** the server to be Folly Road

  10. Cops love hurting people, but if we defend ourselves from their attacks, we get in trouble. Heaven forbid that we should let them handle us in a rough manner.

  11. 2:06 these are NOT police officers. These are the people we need the police officer to protect the average person from. The people in this country aren’t stupid. Narcissistic personality disorder needs to addressed. If you don’t screen the psychological of the people in authority positions. These personality types don’t listen or negotiate because they can’t. They don’t know how. It’s like asking a blind person to see. We are in trouble. Oh and these types target 🎯 the good officers because they are a threat also.

  12. It’s happening for many years “ assuming about 75 percent PO do the same “ Imagine what was happening in the 80s” no cameras “ this will never stop until taxpayers stop footing the bills “ until the POLICE can be Sued directly”

  13. They need to FIRE the PRICK! I feel sorry for his wife and kids. They have to go thru life with that Giant Pieece of Shit!

  14. He's a sociopath! Most likely why he became a LEO, so he could have control and power over people to fulfill his ego and masochistic fantasies!

  15. I hope this cops gets to watch his family get burned alive he truly is a sick sick little man who will burn in hell with his cunt brothers in blue FTP

  16. BOGARD is what is wrong with LAW ENFORCEMENT…he's a clown, an incompetent ….the UNION MOUTHPEICE ALWAYS has an excuse….BOGARD IS DANGEROUS He will be trouble in the future…he has a pathological hatred for civilians! They are lower than him… he's a PUNK that should NEVER, NEVER BE A COP. But according to the union clown…we have to wait until HE KILLS SOMEBODY….disgraceful way to run a department…the CHIEFS don't have the BALLS to correct it, they are afraid of their own men! PATHETIC.. this DANGER IS IN PLAIN SITE, but they will lie and say they never had a clue how bad he was….Bet the police SHRINK MISSED his obvious problems…as many, many do.

  17. Power addiction is a real thing. Studies have shown that exercising power over others stimulates the same dopamine in the brain as sex and drugs. People become addicted to the pleasurable feeling that dopamine provides and they want more of it more often. This is why anyone who is entrusted with any position of power must be carefully monitored to control the phenomenon commonly known as "power-tripping". When left uncontrolled, it can lead to dangerous situations for both the power-tripper and his victims.

    This cop demonstrates a classic power-addiction scenario. He indicates that the use of force "aroused" him and then suggested and encouraged using more of it, including "choking the life" out of the person.
    This cop is in a dangerous place, psychologically speaking. His superiors need to recognize that he's out of control, but of course, the FOP will thwart any efforts to help him. In their unwavering defense of the indefensible, police unions do far more harm to society than good.

  18. He is sorry that he got caught on his own bodycam, but he isn't sorry for what he said. Won't be long before we see him on the news again only next time it will be because "he choked the life out of" someone.

  19. Amateurs.One Ju Jitsu black belt could have done a better job. 6 to 7 years to get a black belt..6 months to be a cop.

  20. This is the type of person police agencies are actively recruiting. There are laws on the books that say that you can be refused and stopped from being an officer due to "too high of an I.Q." literally too smart to be an officer… and this was allowed by our court system.. i would absolutely love to know why.

  21. What a sick fuck , he’s the classic loser from high school who gets off abusing people now that he’s in power , fuckin dirty pig better lose his job

  22. It's only appaulling because he was caught in the act. Everyday I thank my parents for teaching me not to hate, and to respect other people. This is very difficult to do and many times I just wanted to go bullistic, but I remember the things my parents taught me and I refuse to disrespect my parents by allowing hate, envy and prejudice to enter my heart.

  23. I hope one of these days somebody chokes your father f**** racist bastard you have a lot of police that think that they're not human like us so hold on one now now you are normal person and I hope one of these days you get stopped by a cop and they choke your ass

  24. Fraternal order of police defending the indefensible again! Are their eyes and ears different to mine. Strip powers from this boys club, officers get killed because of actions like these, there has to be consequences for officers or public confidence will drop lower than it already is, if that is possible!!!

  25. Fire that dirty fuck then arrest him for whatever you cops arrest people who have done nothing you dirty rotten mother fuckers

  26. Why do we taste them why don't we just choked the life out of them I'll tell you man the more I see these videos with these police officers you're totally gone Rogue I think they're above the law I know there's good cops but boy the bad ones they make them all look bad got a weed these pieces of s*** out get rid of them

  27. F*** this m********* they're just words yeah he any regrets getting caught on on video that's all he regrets typical cop talk they all think it's a big f**** joke

  28. Bogards comments are how all these pieces of shit cops think and tons of videos out there prove it, they are criminals and they are animals…

  29. Then fucking cops wonder why we hate them . The one talking about choking him to death and being aroused he should fucking be fired.

  30. And again here is cops investigating cops. This does not work folks cops will not find other cops guilty of anything.

    Cops constitute the largest armed gang in America they number 800,000 strong.
    They were violate your constitutional civil and humanitarian right simply because they know they will probably get away with it.

    Video the police at every opportunity it is the only way to keep them sort of honest. And also remember photography is not a crime

  31. Totally remorseful (that he left his bodycam on) and wishes he could take it back (and say that shit at the station in the break room)

  32. These officer are straight disgusting they should go get jumped and see how they feel about being jumped by 5 guys and getting kicked around they should have just Taze him there was no need for the extra force

  33. If you described that you would like to "choke the life out" of a member of the public. You're not out there to keep the public safe.

  34. That was just a Taste of what these motherfuckers talk about thay like hurting people That's why they became police officers to they can hurt and kill people legally the entire United States please forces a fucken joke the citizens of this country need to rise together and take down these tyrants with the same force they so enjoyably use against us

  35. Just words,WTF a professional at work does Not use that type of language,he is sorry??? Well why does he say he is sorry? He got Busted so do the other Cops) 🐖) they where all enjoying the action.

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