Official trailer: A week in a photographer’s life

I’m a photographer. I’m also a perfectionist. An artist. Maybe even a visionary. I wake up every morning feeling that for me, good is the enemy of great. If there’s a limit I want to step beyond it. If there’s a boundary I want to cross it. Every day I’m challenged to act fast, deliver fast and capture the fast. Every day I need to move faster, deliver more and take my images to a new level. This thrill is what I love about my life. The constant feeling of movement. Doing things I haven’t done before. For me speed is more than the ability to freeze a moment of action or to match with the fastest camera shutter speeds. Speed is everything. It sets my creativity free. It’s about taking light and shaping something remarkable with it. About constantly raising the bar. Making my vision of the images I see in my head come to life. To leave something great behind. Always up to speed
With the world’s fastest monolight Get up to speed with the Profoto D2

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