OLYMPUS DSLR E-520 Camera Throwback – Revisiting My First DSLR from 2008

Hi my name is Robin Wong and this was my
first DSLR, the OLYMPUS E-520. This was the camera that ignited my burning
passion for photography, and this was also the same camera that got me to fall
deeply in love with Olympus. This was my first Olympus camera Olympus E-520 and
i’ve stayed with Olympus ever since. I have a lot of history with Olympus E-520.
That camera will always have a special place in my heart. I discovered
photography through that camera, I did my first few commercial shoots with Olympus E-520 and more importantly I started to write about photography after using Olympus E-520. Basically I share my photographs that I’ve taken from a
shutter therapy sessions every week and my blog started to grow and it got
noticed by Olympus Malaysia, they came to me with new products to review and the
rest is history! This is what the robinwong.blogspot.com
is today. The main reason I chose the Olympus E-520 was because it was low
in price in comparison to competitions say the Canon 450D or the Nikon D60.
Those cameras were about 500 Ringgit Malaysia more expensive. The Olympus E-520
was an entry level DSLR meaning that this was targeted towards beginners or
people who are stepping up from the compact point-and-shoot cameras. However
the camera is packed with a lot of advanced features such as image
stabilization. This was one of the first few generations of Olympus DSLRs
to feature in body image stabilization. It has a very functional live view
although it was quite laggy and a lot of shortcut buttons as you can see at the
back of this camera. The camera uses CF card as well as olympus proprietary XD
card which they no longer use anymore today.
Although this is an entry-level DSLR the handling of the camera is very
comfortable. The grip is beefy and it just basically feels balanced on hand. I
have the Olympus Zuiko 50mm F2 lens attached because my kit lens the 14
to 42 mm is faulty. Here is the faulty kit lens the 14-42mm F 3.5-5.6. At that time this was incredibly small in size in comparison
to any other kit lenses offered by other manufacturers, yet if you look at the
reviews at that time every single reviewers said that this was the best kit
lens out there in terms of sharpness what the lens can do, the contrast
distortion control and the lens even features an extra low dispersion element
to control chromatic aberration, and they give you a flower petal hood which is
fantastic unfortunately the autofocus in this lens is malfunctioning so I’ll have
to use the other lens 50mm F2 macro. I am now currently in Petaling Street
Kuala Lumpur with my Olympus E-520 so let’s walk around and take some shots! You’ll find a lot of similarities
between the Olympus E-520 and Olympus cameras today. The first is the super
control panel where it allows you to access all the important settings
quickly. You can have a one glance over all the important settings and you can
set them without going deep into the menu. The Olympus E-520 only has 3
focusing points which was barely enough. I had no choice but to use the
center focus and recompose method. Back then when you turn on the camera you
have this blue LED lighting up to show you that the SSWF filter is functioning. I
can’t remember the last time I used an optical viewfinder so it was quite a
refreshing experience using the E-520. Electronic viewfinder mainly because
it’s like looking in a small television. I’m not one of them.
I actually prefer electronic viewfinder because I like to see my results as I
shoot so what I see is what I get! I really appreciate the shortcuts to the
important functions Olympus has placed onto the arrow pads so I can assess ISO
and some important settings very quickly. This was an early implementation of live
view which was laggy, slow, it hunts a lot, it hesitates and sometimes it gives up.
So unreliable, definitely I will recommend not to use this for anything
serious, you can use the optical viewfinder but the live view is there
for convenience if you need it. Now bear in mind that this camera only has 10
megapixels, it maxes out at ISO1600 and it only has three
focusing points yet the camera delivered fantastic results. I love the white
balance from this camera, it’s warm and it’s pleasing. I like the skin tone, I
love the overall color rendition. Images come out detailed and sharp and that’s
thanks to Zuiko lenses. Olympus really knows the optics game. It has been a while since I last used
the Olympus E-520 and it still surprises me at how amazing this little
camera is although this is an entry-level DSLR. The autofocus
performance is still fantastic honestly I thought that this camera will be
slower and I would miss more shots but I managed to nail some quick action shots
which was really really unbelievable. In terms of image quality I’m not
expecting much from a camera from 2008, More than 10 years ago there’s only 10
megapixels and we all know that the dynamic range the details and everything
else wasn’t really fantastic, any cameras from back then in comparison to any
cameras that we get today but honestly image quality is not everything when it
comes to photography and this is the main thing that I want to share with all
of you, any camera is a good camera if this camera works 10 years ago,
it can still work today. There’s no reason why the camera will stop working.
Yeah it doesn’t have as many megapixels as the camera today,
you can’t shoot very high ISO the dynamic range is limited, there is only
so much this camera can do but if you look past all these limitations this is
still a great camera. So it’s any other camera out there stop
giving yourself excuses! Pick up the camera, go out and make some images
happen! Photography is not about the camera. Photography is about you the
photographer. Using the Olympus E-520 again after all these years made me
appreciate Olympus even more. The core DNAs in the new OM-D cameras such as
powerful image stabilization, small and light body, fantastic and sharp M.Zuiko
lenses, great handling balance between camera and lenses as well as feature
packed small body – all these factors were already in Olympus cameras more than 10
years ago and I’m very happy to say that I was right there
from the beginning. It has been incredibly fun shooting with the Olympus E-520 and reliving the nostalgia of my first love, first DSLR camera, and my
first Olympus. i hope you have enjoyed watching this video if you want to see
me do more photography outings or if you want to learn certain things from me
please let me know in the comments below. If you have enjoyed watching this video
please give me a subscribe and a thumbs up for this video. I really hope to see
you guys again in the next video, until then remember to go out and take more
photographs! bye bye

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