OnePlus 6 : Official Pixel Experience [ Android Pie 9.0 ] w/ Always On Display :: Review

hey guys welcome back this hk with techrapt and now in this video let’s talk about the official pixel experience
ROM based on Android 9 pi 4 1 + 6 about the rom installation you need to
download these four files first is the blue spark TWP image second is the twip
installation zip third is the wrong package with g apps included and the
fourth is the magista file for routing prior to installing this room I was
running the PI ocean of the auction was so this guide may or may not work if you
are currently running auction was based on or you a dot one dot zero okay first
you need to have booked or unlocked on your phone then boot to the fastboot or
boot road mode by holding volume up + power button simultaneously all by
typing this command which is adb space reboot space bootloader within the
command prompt screen you can get this command prompt screen by holding shift
key on keyboard and right click on mouse within the folder which contains the
platform tools and select open command window or portion here next copy the twr
p dot IMG file to this folder connect your phone to the PC and the tenpo shell
type fastboot space boot space name of the twip file dot IMG and press Enter we
use this command to temporarily boot our phone to the TW RP recovery so once you
are in the recovery screen transfer the wrong file
Mesa’s file anti doubly op installation zip file to your phone if for some
reason you are unable to transfer or see these files within TW RP go to the vibe
tab on home screen format data and tap yes to continue do note that by doing
this the entire internal storage of your phone gets wiped so take a backup first
if you are able to transfer and see these files within TW RP there is no
need to format your phone simply go to wipe tab advanced vibe select all
partitions except internal storage and swipe to confirm wipe now comes the
Romans religion part in order to do this go to install tab select the pixel
experience from zip file and swipe to confirm flash
once the wrong flashing is done go back to the homescreen
install tab again select the TWP installation zip and flash it so now we
have installed the rom and also made the recovery permanent next step is to flash
the musics file for routing installation process is same as installing the rom
zip but i’m gonna do it after rebooting to the recovery once again so that’s it
we are done with the installation part there is no need to flash the open G
apps package as the ROM has it by default okay now I am rebooting my phone
to the system and for the first time the rom reboots twice before it reaches the
google splash screen and it took me 1 minute 30 seconds to get to the rom
initial setup so the initial boot is done without any
errors first let me check the details of the OS going to the settings system tab
about phone the android version is 9 pi security patch level is of October 5
bill date is October 20 and the rom is based on PPR – the second PI public
release about the rom features the launcher is the pixel launcher you have
Google search bar at the bottom with a dedicated Google assistant button there
is Google search screen on the left and this is the app drawer as you can see
there’s a search bar here – but at the top and you can also see the app
shortcuts within the app drawer this is the new notification panel and quick
toggle menu with Android 9pi setting panel with search bar at the top going
to the network and Internet tab the ROM suppose dual-band Wi-Fi and about the
mobile networks the ROM supposed to G 3G 4G
vir LTE and LTE Plus is also supported as you can see but the ROM lacks native
video calling support next you have connected devices tab where you can
connect to bluetooth or NFC device no issues with the pairing also there is no
issue with Mike or earpiece while attending calls via bluetooth next is
same apps and notifications tab except that now you have time spent in apps tab
which is a sub feature of digital well being next battery tab you have
automatic battery saver from 5 to 75 percent battery manager where you can
limit battery for apps that you don’t use often and the battery stats for the
drôme are also available if you ask me about the
wrong battery laughs it is kind of comparable to open B doubles it is fine
and with Miriam uses the battery can last easily for a day regarding the
charging the ROM supports – charging as you can see the lock screen status and
the amp your charging rate also matches with this stock oxygen were in swamps
next we have the display tab add up to brightness and nightlight are working
fine rest everything is the same but when you open the amnion display tab you
can find an additional option to enable always-on display the UI is simple and I
pleasing and it has information about time notification icons and some other
stats this is a nice feature especially for phones with AMOLED displays and the
battery consumption is also much lesser compared to the phones having IPS
screens under device theme you have three themes
just like any other ROM automatic light and dark light theme works fine but the
dark theme has issues whenever you select the dark theme or use a dark
wallpaper with automatic mode the quick toggle background changes to light red
instead of black or grey also within the display tab you can find the double tap
to wake the screen feature and it works great next we have the sound tab
everything is the same but one change here is that now we can select the media
output device when you connect your phone to the external devices next
storage tab security and location tab FP sensor works fine for screen unlocking
but it is slightly slower compared to the oxygen OS based roms there is no
phase unlock like stock oxygen worse but you can add trusted face by a smart lock
and swipe up on lock screen is needed to unlock your phone under it is still well
being you have information about the apps you use the swindle feature which
turns the entire screen to grey manage notifications and also enable and
customize do not disturb mode finally under system justice tab and it will
swipe up on home button to get the pile gestures I haven’t tried custom
launchers but with the included launcher the PI just use work great
swipe up wants to open reasons long swipe to get to the app drawer hit on
the pill to go to home and you can also use the pill as a slider to switch
between the recently opened tabs swipe up on a tap to close it swipe down
to open and to clear all the open tabs swipe all
of them to the right and hit the clear all button regarding the other things
about the ROM the video playback is fine beat with YouTube or any other external
player but the YouTube app doesn’t support full screen mode which means
whenever you zoom in on any video part of the video screen gets cut by the
notch the camera we get at the ROM is a very basic one it doesn’t have any extra
features like portrait of manual modes but you can install the 1 Thess oxen
whis camera app which can take pictures videos at resolution of 1080p or 4k at
60fps portrait mode works fine for this selfie camera but when you open the
portrait mode for the rail camera the camera app crashes pixel 3 Google cam
report is also working with the ROM including the portrait mode for both
rail and selfie cameras another thing that is not working with both one press
and Google camera apps is the slow-motion video recording all the
sensors are working fine as you can see accelerometer magnetic field
orientations IRA scope light proximity is GPS everything is working just great
and finally about the performance of this from this is undoubtedly one of the
smoothest custom rom based on Android Pi I have tried it on one plus 6 also I was
very surprised to know that how good this ROM performs with pubsey and I did
not notice any difference with babji gameplay compared to the PI open beta
bells if you care about the benchmarks into to version 7 score is two eight two
zero five two and with Geekbench for single core score is two three five four
and multi-core score is eight nine zero one so all in all this is a very stable
ROM with stock pixel look and features and it can also be used as a daily
driver if video calling is not a necessity for you the sul folks hit like
and subscribe if you found this video helpful thanks for watching I’ll see you
guys next time

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  1. Hi. Thanks for the lovely video. Can you tell me what screen protector have you used for your OnePlus 6. I need to buy one but I'm not sure whether to go with original OP6 Tempered glass or 3rd party protectors. As I have heard mixed reviews about the former. Also heard third party tempered glasses eat up a part of the curved display on top (mainly the time). Can you do a video about comparison between screen protectors or at least tell me which one have you used as it looks decent!

  2. Hi, very good video, thank you.

    Few questions for you:
    – does the ram management work well on this?
    – do you thinks issues will be fixed soon?

    Thanks and keep doing videos like this ! 😉

  3. Oof, how many files did you lose by upgrading to Windows 10 1809?
    Like, seriously, have you heard about how buggy that build is?

  4. Hi I followed your steps but i stucked in bootloop, now im back to oos 5.1.5. Why did this happen? Should I update to pie os then reflash again? Thanks
    Edited: I did not flash magisk , I boot into the OS right after I flashed twrp again

  5. i remember their slogan.
    "never stop, never settle"
    New meaning:
    Never stop copying others, never settle for you own design

  6. Hey man, awesome job on the video. Looks good. I m the dev of this rom. Soon new build will come with many other goodies like ambient play, lockscreen weather, etc. So feel free to make an updated video abt it😉

  7. This might be a dumb question, can you please tell me why should I flash this instead of using Oxygen OS+magisk combo?

  8. try this ROM bro 😎

  9. do live stream amd open pubg pung mic will not work nd open some vpn network open recording apps r record in ur phone its not this only example must see because all one plus 6 mobiles r not working on both apps mic plz solve so many people struggleing see google search how many peoples will cum

  10. Nothings more faster smoother and battery life as oos is… People throw all these roms ou5 with bugs and then they cant fix them 😂 stay oos

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