OnePlus 7 vs iPhone XR Detailed Camera Comparison!

“Music” Hey guys It’s Sagar from Tecworkz, and in
this video, I will put the dual cameras on the OnePlus
7 against the single camera on the iPhone XR. Even as its prices have come down, iPhone
XR still costs quite a bit more than the OnePlus 7. But when it comes to the cameras, which of
these has a better one, let’s find out. But before we get any further, if you are
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amazing videos coming up on this channel. OnePlus 7 comes with a dual camera setup at
the back. Primary camera gets a 48 megapixel Sony IMX586
sensor with F/1.7 aperture, PDAF, OIS and each individual pixel has a size of 0.8micron
at its native resolution. Secondary camera has 5 megapixel depth sensor
with F/2.4 aperture. And this camera is only used for capturing
depth information for portrait shots. iPhone XR on the other hand comes with a single
rear camera, which gets a 12 megapixel sensor with F/1.8 aperture, PDAF, OIS and each individual
pixel has a size of 1.4micron. Both phones can take 4k videos at 30 and 60fps,
but the XR also lets you shoot 4k cinematic videos in 24fps. OnePlus 7 can shoot 1080p videos in 30, 60
and 240fps, while the XR lets you shoot these in 30, 60, 120 and 240fps. OnePlus 7 can shoot 480fps super slow motion
videos in 720fps, which the XR doesn’t do. Front facing camera on the OnePlus 7 has a
16 megapixel sensor with F/2.4 aperture and it gets a 25mm lens. Selfie camera on the iPhone XR come with a
7 megapixel sensor with F/2.2 aperture, and it gets a 32mm lens. It can shoot 1080p 60fps videos, which the
OnePlus 7 can’t. If you want a better look at the interface
of the camera app, I suggest you guys check out my dedicated camera reviews of both these
phones. I will link them in the description section,
and also leave cards to them on the top right corner of the screen. With all the specs out of the way, let’s
get to the image and video samples form both the phones. Right from the 1st image, we can tell that
there is a slight difference in the way both these phones capture colours. Image from the iPhone XR is showing more natural
and true to life colour, whereas the one from the OnePlus 7 has a distinct magenta tint
to it. We can see the same in this next image, and
in almost all of the images which have a bit of sky in them. Now these images from both the phones have
a lot information and details. There is more contrast I’m the images from
the OnePlus 7, which depending on your preference, some of you may or may not like. Again we see the slight magenta tint in this
image, but as we zoom in, we see the image from the iPhone XR being slight sharper and
more detailed. We can see the same as we zoom in on this
image. The difference is very little, but the image
from the XR is a tad bit sharper. You will notice this only when you zoom in
on these images, but what is more concerning is this weird white balance shift in the images
from the OnePlus 7. You can easily correct it with a bit of editing,
but I would much rather prefer getting accurate looking colours right out of the camera. Now I like that there is more contrast in
the images from the OnePlus 7, it makes them look like there is a bit more depth to it
images, while some of the images from the iPhone XR may appear to be a bit too flat. I have got 2 updates on the OnePlus 7, which
made its camera a bit better, but the white balance issue still needs to be taken care
off, because in most of the outdoor shots, we don’t see accurate colours from the OnePlus
7. And if photography is very important to you
and you need most accurate colours in your shots, then just get the iPhone XR. You can take 48 megapixel images on the Oneplus
7, by switching to Pro mode. These images are huge in size, and you will
barely see any more details in the images compared to the 12 megapixel ones, even when
you zoom in. So I would suggest you to stick with the default
12 megapixel images. Coming to HDR shots, SmartHDR on the iPhoneXR
is showing much better results. It is bringing up more details from the shadows,
while preserving most of the information and colours from the highlights, compared to OnePlus
7. That being said, out of these HDR shots, I
like the one from the OnePlus 7. Because of the magenta tint, its image is
looking warmer and better in this particular situation. Overall HDR mode on the iPhone XR is much
better in almost all of the cases. Coming to close up shots. Both the phones do a very good job with it. Subject that you are trying to capture is
in very sharp focus, and thanks to the wide aperture on both the phones, background in
the close up is nicely blurred out. Minimum focusing distance is a bit better
on the iPhone XR, which means you can get a bit more close to the subject with the iPhone
XR than on the OnePlus 7 and still be able to set the right focus. I like how both of them capture portrait shots. OnePlus 7 uses depth information from secondary
camera, which has same focal length as the primary one. And the iPhone XR has single camera, so the
blurring is taken care via software. Contrast and overall colours in the portrait
shots from the iPhone XR look much better. But its edge detection is not the best, actually
we can say this about both of them, and they can definitely use some improvements via software
updates. That being said, portrait shots from the iPhone
XR are better because it handles the colours and dynamic range much better, and the subjects
in its portrait shots are much sharper compared to the ones from OnePlus 7. Just look at how soft the faces and hair are
in these portrait images from the OnePlus 7. I like my portrait shots to be perfectly sharp
like the ones from the iPhone XR. I also love to take portrait shots of objects,
and sadly iPhone XR doesn’t even let me do that. There are 3rd party apps which allow you to
take portrait shots of objects, but the native camera app doesn’t. OnePlus 7 has no problems taking good looking
portrait shots of objects. Coming to indoor, artificial and lower lighting
situations. Both phones have OIS and wide aperture, which
helps them capture lot of light when you get in situations like these. If we zoom in on these images, we again see
the images from iPhone XR being sharper and having more details. There is slightly more noise in XR’s images,
but they are definitely sharper. It also handles the exposure from light much
better as we can see in this image. And it continues producing natural and better
looking colours off the two, even in very lower lighting situations like these. To counter this OnePlus 7 has a NightSight
mode. Images shot in the night sight mode on the
OnePlus 7 have more light and much more details. You need to hold the OnePlus 7 steady for
a couple of moments, to capture these night sight images, but the results are worth the
wait. These images are not as good as the night
sight mode from Pixel 3 or Huawei P30 Pro, but it gets the job done, and the images turned
out much better than the normal auto mode images from the iPhone XR. That being said iPhone XR’s low light images
are sharper and more detailed than the regular non-night sight mode images from the Oneplus
7. But it is clear, that if you are someone who
takes a lot of images in lower light, then your choice should be OnePlus 7. That brings us to the front facing cameras. The 16 megapixel selfie camera on the OnePlus
7, definitely captures more details, but the images from the iPhone XR are also not too
bad. OnePlus has a wider lens of the 2 so it can
get more of the scene in the shot. Colours, contrast and overall dynamic range
is much better in the selfies of the iPhone XR. Images from the Oneplus 7 are detailed, but
they don’t seem to have 16 megapixel worth of details in them. If you know what I mean. I mean, iPhone has a much lower resolution
selfie camera, but the differences in these images are barely visible. Both can take portrait selfies. OnePlus 7 is the better one at detecting edges
and separating the subject from background, but skin tones, overall colours and dynamic
range is much better in the portrait selfies of the iPhone XR. OnePlus 7 keeps the face and person in focus
and blurry the background, whereas iPhone XR keeps the object or subject closes to the
lens in focus and then gradually blurry everything out. and this is how portrait shots in actual
DSLR cameras work. Here is a video from the front facing camera
of the iPhone XR and the OnePlus 7. You can see how both these phones are handling
overall colours of the scene, exposure, and stabilisation as I am walking around with
them. Both can shoot videos in upto 4k 60fps. Right now 1080p videos from my OnePlus 7 are
not stabilised, so I did not include its sample in this video. Hopefully it’s a software bug and will be
fixed with the next update. Both can take 1080p slow motion videos at
240fps. OnePlus 7 can go a step further and take 720p
slow motion videos in 480fps. While shooting slow motion videos with these
or any other phones, make sure to do it in well lit areas. Shooting these videos in lower light or indoors
will result in grainy or flickering videos. So after looking at images in various lighting
conditions, Phone XR is the better one if you take most of your images in day time,
it even performs really well in lower light, but if low light is where you take most of
your images, I would suggest you to go with OnePlus 7. Difference is not much, but iPhone XR is also
better at taking videos. So if you take images in daylight and if you
need a better video camera, then go with the iPhone XR. What do you guys think about the cameras on
both these phones? let me know in the comments. And if you are still confused, or don’t
agree with my analysis of these images. Then mute the video, watch it in the highest
resolution that your device supports, and draw your conclusion that way. If this video helped you, and if you are going
to get any one of these phones, I will appreciate if you get them from the affiliate links in
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on this channel. This has been Sagar, and I’ll catch you
guys in the next video. Take care.

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  1. Camera – XR undoubtedly

    Update iPhone XR – ios17 (Approx) & OnePlus+ – ???Android

    Resale Vale – XR can be sold at decent value till 3-4 years, OnePlus – ???

    Speed – I was OK with iPhone SE till April 2019 so it hardly matters. Not much difference while using basic apps when compared to XR that I m using now. Similar is the situation with OnePlus 6T

    For normal people who use their phone for clicking Photos and basic apps like Facebook or Twitter these high specs hardly matter. With similar pricing go for Apple, you can sell it at a decent price when you think of updating your phone after 2-3 years.

  2. iPhone has good camera and contrast and also good gpu for smooth gaming experience with good battery life ..I will go for iPhone XR..

  3. And what about the video shimmering effect at low light condition for 1+ 7? It’s subjectively a big issue and nobody’s talking about it?

  4. The biggest factor when comparing almost any phone today is that oleds cause tons of issues to the eyes over time cause of their flickering,DC dimming ain’t implemented well enough either…So chances of your eyes getting damaged is quite high 😔
    The only phones I’d personally recommend is the iPhone XR(resolution ain’t that noticeable for majority of users imo)and for android users:Asus 6z and LG G7

  5. watching this on my oneplus 7 and Iphone XR.
    Camera:-Iphone xr winner
    Batery:-Iphone xr winner
    Performance:-Oneplus 7 winner
    Screen/display:-Oneplus 7 winner
    Speaker/sound:-Oneplus 7 winner

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