Orange and Teal Color Grading | Lightroom tutorial

hello well this is Mohith Gowda and welcome to my youtube channel so from many days, you people are asking me to do a color grading tutorial so Here I am so today I’m gonna teach how to get this popular orange and teal color grade I already have my picture imported but for those who don’t know how to import picture press ctrl + Shift + I okay and a pop-up window opens up like this now what you do is select a folder select the picture you want to edit and press import okay and after you press import your pictures will be displayed in library ok now what you do is go to develop so before you start color grading make some basic adjustment go to basic and just play with the shadows and highlights a little bit so in my case I’m not making any changes because I have my picture well exposed so next what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go to calibration okay so basically an image is made up of three main colors red green and blue RGB in this case what we want is just two color tones we want a teal and orange look but in this picture we have greens yellows magenta blue and purple so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna tweak all the colors to match teal and orange so how are we gonna do it so what we gonna do is we are gonna put all yellows reds and magentas to orange and tweak all purple blue and cyan to teal so first what we’ll do is we’ll move the greens okay we don’t want any green in this picture so what we will do is we’re gonna move the green more towards positive so if you move the hue of green towards positive it is cyan if you move the green hue towards negative then it is yellow so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna move it towards cyan okay now the pictures is little dull so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna just increase the saturation a little bit okay now I know this is not cyan but yeah we are getting there so now what we’ll do is we’ll move the Blues more towards Teal okay because we have the purple on the pant we have you know other Blues which we don’t want so what we are gonna do is we’re gonna move it towards Teal okay now here we go we have the Teal look but the picture looks more saturated so what we do is we get the saturation down little bit somewhere over here okay now it looks fine but we don’t have the oranges yet so what we do we tweak the red okay if we move the red hue towards negative it goes to pink or more magenta but if you move towards positive it becomes orange so we have the orange here but now as you can see it is a little bit more saturated so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna just get saturation down over here and I’m gonna increase the saturation of Blues a little bit because the image is looking dull so here we have orange and teal look so lets what’s the before and after of this so here you go this is before and this is after so guys this is how we do teal and orange look if you found this video helpful please like and share and drop down your solutions and opinions in the comment box below and also don’t forget to follow me in all the social media platforms like Instagram the link is in the description and you can also find my hand over here and also don`t forget to subscribe to my channel you can click here to subscribe to my channel and also watch my other videos which are maybe here

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