(gentle guitar music) ♪ Blackbird singing in the dead of night ♪ ♪ Take these broken
wings and learn to fly ♪ ♪ All your life ♪ ♪ You were only waiting
for this moment to arrive ♪ (Ellie chuckling) – Cool trick. I have neglected my flowers, guys. Especially since being home with Tommy, I haven’t like been outside much. De-head all the dead flowers, so hopefully they can start looking alive. These ones look pretty good. But I just need to pluck
all those dead ones off so new ones will bloom. – Hey, buddy. Are you ready for your big day? Are you ready for your
closeup, Mr. DeVille? Hmm? You are having your very first official, professional photo shoot. Do you know that? (softly chuckles) You’re practicing your
smile, or your wink? Is that what you’re doing? Oh, no, no, nope. Oh, wait. Nope. Something, maybe he’s just
falling asleep, I don’t know. Muah. – All right, this is my first
time getting ready in a week. We’re getting ready
for maternity pictures, so I just did my hair. Hopefully that looks decent. I want to show you guys what I’m going to be wearing for my makeup. I’ve just been wanting to
wear very light makeup lately, so I have the CC cream from Clinique. I’ve been trying a bunch
of products from them since I used their serum, and
Ruby has loved their makeup, so I bought some of their makeup, too. So I’ve been loving this,
this is their blush. This is my favorite,
it’s the Melon Pop blush. And then this is Makeup
Geek’s here on YouTube, this is her bronzer, so this
is the Sunkissed bronzer that I’m gonna wear. I’ve got some Tarte for some concealer for my tired little eyes. (chuckles) My eyebrow pencil that I
always use, the Anastasia. Some mascara and then some lipstick. This is MAC, and it is
called Modesty, ooh. That’s the lipstick
that I’m wearing today, or that I’m going to wear today. I haven’t put it on yet. But I gotta get ready because
we are gonna do some pictures, and I really need a chair. I really need a little
chair, I always kneel down or I sit down and do my makeup. But first up, concealer. Look at my little eyes. Little tired eyes. He has been doing so good. I am so impressed with little Tommy. I will wake up gladly in the middle of the night and feed him. Those nights are so long
and tiring sometimes, when you wake up multiple
times in the middle of the night to feed a baby,
but as tiring as they are, it’s kind of fun because
it’s so quiet inside, it’s quiet outside, and it’s
just like your one-on-one time. Which, by the way, he’s, I gotta feed you. Ooh, let me put my concealer on. Gotta hurry, guys. Don’t have time to dilly dally here. Yes, he is getting his
own hair stuff. (chuckles) He’s zonked, and he’s zonked. Think pictures are gonna go well? – I’m saying we’ve got about 60/40 chance it goes great or it goes terribly. – The only deal is we
just want one of you, so really that’s all that matters. And a few cute ones of you guys with him. Yes, will you get the hair gel for me? You just want hairspray? (laughs) He knows what he wants. Come on, Jacks, let’s do your hair. – All right, we are just about
to start taking pictures, and Calvin is awake, one, dressed, two, and maybe just a little
cranky would you say? So here’s the deal, we
have a very special sucker. This is a smiling sucker, and
when you make a pinky promise with Daddy, you’ll smile when
you take pictures, right? – Mm-hmm. – Right? ‘Kay, pinky promise me? Good job, can you show me
your smile just for practice? Okay, when the camera’s out, right? You’ll smile when Mommy
says, “Calvin, it’s time “to take pictures and smile!” What will you say? – I want green. – Oh, that one isn’t green. Let me go see if I can find a green one. Sound good? – Yeah. – Yeah. I liked that when you
gave me a pinky promise, let’s do another pinky promise. Hey, that’s not your pinky! That’s a good smile, though. (laughs) Gotcha! ♪ People smile and tell
me I’m a lucky one ♪ ♪ We’ve just begun ♪ ♪ Think I’m gonna have a son ♪ – [Ellie] You’re cryin’! (chuckles) ♪ He will be like she and
me as free as a dove ♪ – [Jared] Is he a little whiny? Should we give him a sucker too? (Ellie laughs) – [Photographer] I think that
would go over really well. – [Jared] Yeah, he might like that. – It’s hard to bribe him. – I know.
– Easier to bribe Cal. (both chuckle) – [Jared] ‘Kay, let’s get this started. ♪ Blackbird singing in the dead of night ♪ ♪ Take these sunken
eyes and learn to see ♪ ♪ All your life ♪ ♪ You were only waiting for
this moment to be free ♪ ♪ Blackbird fly ♪ ♪ Blackbird fly ♪ ♪ Into the light of the dark black night ♪ Hey, Calvin? It’s time to smile! ‘Kay, let’s go! My office is such a mess and a disaster. What a good listener, he is ready to rock. (soft guitar music) – Oh my hell, this is so cute! (laughs) Oh my gosh! (Jared chuckles) That was very little prompting, and that was the cutest thing to see. Our three boys. – I mean, just brought tears
to my eyes how sweet that was. This may be the dumbest
idea or the best idea. You tell us. We’re gonna attempt a picture. Me, Jackson, Calvin, and
Tommy in one picture. ‘Kay, let’s do this. – I’m gonna jump on your back. – [Jared] You’re gonna get on my back. You are gonna get on my shoulders. And since you can’t really do anything, I’m just gonna hold you. That’s what you’re bringing to the table. (laughs) – [Ellie] Hold on tight, Cal. – You’re gonna get on
my back and you’re gonna peek your head over the shoulder. Okay? – Dad, I want to jump on you. – No, you can’t jump, okay? Get on my back. – [Ellie] Hold on tight. Hold on tight, hold on
tight, hold on tight! – Oh my goodness!
– Say ahh! – [All] Ahh! (Jared laughs) – [Jared] What do you think, Tommy? Was that good? – [Jackson] Um, can I fall again? – [Ellie] Look at this face. – Be very, very quiet. It’s quiet time in our house. Ellie and the baby are sleeping, and Jackson and Calvin are quietly entertaining themselves right now, and that means I am free
to do whatever I want. So you know what I’m doing? I’m cooking dinner. (laughs) Yes, I’m cooking dinner. I want to surprise Ellie
as soon as she wakes up that dinner is ready. And Penny, you’re helping, aren’t ya? Get, get down here. Much too good for doggies,
much too good for doggies. But I want to surprise Ellie
as soon as she wakes up to have dinner ready, ’cause I think that’s just always so fun. Especially after a new baby, you know? She’s getting this quite a bit. Maybe she’s getting spoiled, I don’t know. No, I’m kidding. No, this is always fun. – [Ellie] (chuckling) Did you spill? – Yeah. – [Ellie] Photo shoot
really wore you out, buddy. (chuckles) Good job cleaning. I like how he says you’re welcome. – [Jared] You’re welcome. – [Ellie] Hey, Calvin. Oh, he’s putting it back. (both chuckle) – [Jared] Ellie, can I tell
you why I’m a little peeved? I am peeved because you came out before I was done making dinner. – [Ellie] (gasps) The lighting’s bad. Well, I could hear you
cooking and I thought I wanna come and smell it. – [Jared] Mm-hmm. – [Ellie] I mean, smelling him is good, but smelling dinner is awesome. – Dinner is served, ladies and gents. – [Calvin] I want that. – You do?
– Uh-huh. – You like broccoli? – [Calvin] Yeah. – Don’t touch.
– ‘Kay, it’s hot, it’s hot. We’ll get you some in just a minute. Your plate will be ready in just a second. – [Ellie] Calvin loves broccoli. – Where’s my plate? – I’ll get it. Actually, will you go get
you and Jackson a plate? – Okay.
– Yeah. No, a plate. (chuckles) ‘Kay, grab two plates. (Calvin’s muffled speaking) What? Hey, go grab two plates. I don’t know what you’re saying
to me, but I don’t like it. (laughing) – [Jared] We offend him by
taking away his broccoli. – [Ellie] (chuckling) I know. – [Jared] Dinner is served. – Thank you, Jare. – [Jared] You’re welcome. For dinner tonight, we
have pork, potatoes, and broccoli.
– Broccoli. – And don’t forget, we have a delicious cherry preserve glaze with shallots. So I’ve got to– – [Ellie] Sharts? – Shallots. Sharts? Oh! Not sharts, please. We don’t want any sharts, no
consumption of sharts tonight. – Hopefully they’re not Penny’s sharts. – Ew! Those are the worst! – [Ellie] Does the sun feel good? The sun… Vitamin D. Whoa, you just tootied! (laughing) Just pooped. We are ending our night off right. (laughing) (upbeat music) – [Jared] Whoo! Keep going, keep going! Keep going, yeah! – [Ellie] Oh my gosh. Say goodnight, Tommy Joel. He’s ready to eat. Night, guys. Boop.

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