Painting on a Thrifted Baby Photo – 12 Monthly Doodles

Hello there and welcome to yet another episode of “How will I offend the internet today? Hmm” I’m just joking. Today we are actually going to be painting over this little portrait of a child I found at the thrift store. Look how adorable she is. She’s so cute and in black and white. But we’re not going to be painting over the photo itself, we’re actually going to be taking sheets of plastic putting it over the photo and we’re going to do one for every month of the year. It’s going to be fun. Well, I think it’s going to be fun. It’s going to be silly. And I hope you enjoy it because I definitely had fun making this video. Who needs an intro?
Let’s just get the heck into this video. So here she is.
Here is our little girl that we are going to be painting over. Isn’t she cute? I wonder how old this photo is. I’ll never know because there’s not a date on it.
ಠ╭╮ಠ Now before we get started, I do have to remove the photo from the frame and wow did people not take framing seriously back in the day because this puppy is secured! Don’t you just love modern-day framing where they have those little tiny pieces of metal that you just flip up you put your photo in and then boom you’re done? You don’t put 17,000 nails into it to keep it from coming out. Why is it so secured? I do not understand.
But anyway, we have our photo free and in the wild. So let’s get started! But first I do want to take some photos of this photo so that I can sketch on it digitally. Why did they not make sure her collar wasn’t, like, messed up?
ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) This bothers me a lot more than it should. Anyways, let’s take a picture of it with my iPad. There we go. And now that I have the picture in Procreate, I am just going to do some doodles on it and do some brainstorming and sketching for each month of the year. That way I just have a better idea of what I want to do before I just jump right into it. And I’m going to be using posca pens. And with that let’s officially get started. And because I am doing a illustration for every month of the year I’m going to start at the place that it makes the most sense to start. January. So there’s not much going on in January, as you can see with my sketch. I pretty much just jumped in and stuck with my first idea. When I think January I think New Year’s. Not much else going on. I mean it is winter, but I don’t think “snowmen” or literally anything else for January? I just think “New Year.” So why now to get her all dolled up for a New Year’s party? We give her a party hat, a glass of champagne, because obviously she is of drinking age, and glasses because for some reason people always wear some goofy glasses on New Year’s.
ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪ Oh and let’s not forget the confetti. So this is obviously a very party ready drawing. Am I gonna call these drawings? It’s a photo goof. I have no idea what to call this. Overlay? Moving on. Next up is, you guessed it, February.
And obviously I wanted to focus on something loved related.
There had to be hearts, but I really wasn’t sure what to do. And I really struggled mainly with her eyes. I kind of wanted to give her heart eyes in some way but it just wasn’t looking right and in the end I decided to ditch it. Being me I also had to bring blood into the most happiest and love filled holiday month. and so… You know the whole bow and arrow Cupid thing? I had to put a bow and arrow through her head and she’s bleeding because… what is wrong with me? But I make up for it by giving her heart-shaped hands, right? I mean, how cute is that? Nope, I’m still messed up in the head? Yeah, I thought so. Well, I tried.
Anyways, this is February. Hearts, Cupid wings, bow and arrows to the head. Nothing screams February more than a child accidentally being killed. My birthday is also in February, but I figured a Valentine’s themed image would be a little more fun than being self-absorbed. March is yet another one of those months with another silly holiday that I don’t quite understand why we even celebrate here in North America. St. Patrick’s Day.
I was originally going to avoid this holiday because like I said, It makes no sense to me and I don’t even celebrate it. I don’t go out and get drunk. The whole thing just seems kind of silly to me. But in the end what the heck else am I going to do for March? Sooo… St. Patrick’s Day it was. I threw in a rainbow just because it would add a lot of color and fun to this illustration or… Overlay..? Just because there wasn’t a whole lot of room to put a pot of gold anywhere, so I put the rainbow in the background to suggest there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow somewhere back there. I gave her a tiny little hat, some crazy eyes, and she was looking at a piece of gold like a psycho because Leprechauns, am I right? They just love gold. I also gave her a bow tie near the end just because I felt like it was kind of empty down there and she needed more Leprechaun-ness. And there you have it. Continuing on with April, I am doing the classic phrases “April showers bring May flowers.” So I wanted to do a rainy illustration. So I gave the girl an umbrella and a little froggy friend on her shoulder because… Why the heck not? that little froggy friend is super adorable and it really adds more color to this illustration because it is just an umbrella and some rain. When I was coloring in the umbrella I actually decided to use my brush and make a proper gradient between that darker maroon color and the red color. I figured it would help the umbrella give a more rounded look to it.
And although I wasn’t going into these doodles looking for realism or details, I was just looking for goofy silly fun with art. I think the umbrella just needed that extra little gradient push. Posca pens are really good for a nice flat look and I think for this silly graffiti art style, it really worked. In the future I would love a bigger portrait with multiple people in color. So I would definitely put more detail into that one if I found one. Alright May flower’s let’s do this. So I wanted to go into this one in a kind of weird- Not abstract way… Is it abstract? I don’t know. A weird unsettling different way. So I actually copy and pasted the unused Grass bits that I was originally drawing for March and I thought that would be a lot more perfect for May. May flowers, lots of greenery and plants and stuff like that. So obviously I just kind of covered the bottom with grass and I had a lot of fun with all those little strokes and I put flowers over her eyes because honestly, it was just kind of creepy and weird and I enjoyed it and… Yeah, that’s what I did. I also put some bees in here that wasn’t in the procreate sketch. I just thought we needed some bugs and to fill in some of the airspace around it. So these cute adorable colorful bees we’re perfect. I think the bees are actually my favorite part. They’re just so cute. Now. Just imagine bees crawling on to your eyeballs and pollinating them. Is this creepy? Let’s move on to the next one. June is the start of summer but I don’t necessarily think of the beach or summertime when I think of June. That’s normally more of a July or August thing. But I had other plans for those months so it looks like June was going to be our summer month. As much as I did want to put this little girl into like a bathing suit or something, you would only be able to see the straps in like some triangles, which honestly weren’t going to really look like a swimsuit because there wasn’t much space to show the swimsuit. So I did what any normal person would do and I piled some sand on her and gave her hand a little shovel>And then put some crabs on her because I needed some color and I love drawing crabs they’re just so cute. Put some clouds, in the sky some birds, the Sun. Wow. I can just hear the ocean looking at this illustration.
That is not true. I also wanted to suggest that maybe she was getting a sunburn so I gave her cheeks some pink rosy circles and I wanted to do that on her forehead and nose, maybe her chin, but let me tell you that was not looking right so I just left it to her cheeks. Overall this one is cute and colorful and one of my favorites. Okay, when I think of July, as an American, I can’t help but think of “The fourth of July.” Which is our Independence Day sort of holiday. Basically, it’s the holiday where you can just go crazy with fireworks and eat a lot of food and cookout and have red white and blue all over the place and wave the American flag in the air. That’s not really my vibe, but I’m not super into the whole like “America! USA! USA!!!” sort of thing. But I did want to represent that in some way just because July is also Canada day. Red and white, close enough to red white and blue, right? So I just did a popsicle with red white and blue confetti to suggest fireworks. I wasn’t really liking the look of the fireworks that I sketched out, and I think confetti is pretty cute. So here she is licking a red white and blue popsicle in being very sweaty because July is very hot. I mean, I guess it depends on where you’re from, but it’s summer.
It’s hot. Sorry Australians. And August is the month when school starts again. I mean, I guess again it depends on where you’re from, but generally at the end of summer somewhere around here school starts. So I gave her a little graduation cap in a book because how else am I going to represent school? And then I thought “Ooh bookworm! I should give her little worm pals.” So I gave her little worms on her hat in her shoulder and the next thing you know there’s a worm coming out of her eyeball because again, I can’t just draw a cute normal thing, can I? At first the worms were green and that was nice and colorful, but then I thought it was a little too colorful So I decided to make them this sort of pale reddish pink color instead of a bright green. I feel like I don’t have much of an opinion about that I feel like I could have went either way, but I do think that the red worms- They’re just a little more chill and more worm like and less inchworm like. Either way I think that the fact that I gave her a worm coming out of her eyeball made me like this illustration a lot more than I would have otherwise. September is the month for fall. Fall is starting and you’re starting to see the leaves fall and pumpkin spice stuff is popping up all over the place and… even I am looking forward to it. Actually that’s tomorrow if you’re watching this when this video comes out. So I started off by giving her a big fluffy fall sweater because when I think fall I think the weather is getting cooler so I wanted to give her this really fluffy sweater by just covering up her clothes. And like I mentioned, pumpkin spice is coming up all over the place.
Everywhere you turn something is pumpkin spice flavored. So I gave her a coffee cup because when I think pumpkin spice my automatic thought is Starbucks coffee. Coffees flavored like pumpkin spice. So this is kind of a silly reference to modern culture or something, I mean just imagine this girl’s photo is black and white so she’s probably pretty old at this point. When this photo was getting taken Starbucks wasn’t even a thought by someone, was it?
I have no idea what I’m talking about. Moving on to the next one. All right, October. Let’s do this.
Let’s get some blood. Let’s get some gore. Let’s get some spooks up in here.
🎃👻💀 So you know, that’s exactly what I did. So right away I started off by drawing a skull on her head and oh boy was this not a struggle with posca pens. The thing about posca pens and plastic is they work fine, but if you’ve noticed throughout all of these doodles, they are very streaky and it’s really hard to get a solid flat color with them. Sure I could do two layers but the wet layer on top reactivates the bottom layer and then you start getting these streaks of clear plastic and it was just really hard. But anyways enough about that. We have a lovely bloody knife in her hand. Just covered in blood. Splatters everywhere. I had so much fun with this one. It is by far my favorite out of all of them. The skull is really cute. The bloody knife is fun. I mean a black and white photo of a child is creepy enough, but then we go and add all of these things and… it’s just spooks galore! I also decided not to add the ghost in the background because I felt like less was more. They were just a little too-
Too on-the-nose. Again November was another one that I kind of struggled with. We do have a holiday here in the States. It’s Thanksgiving. It’s a holiday where you eat a bunch of food, and there’s like turkeys and pilgrims and we killed a bunch of people so I didn’t want to mock that because that’s not fun. So I thought it was really funny to have these little hands, sticking up with a knife and a fork in them. And if you’ve noticed I’ve been having a lot of fun with these goofy little cartoon hands just poking up with this realistic portrait. But aside from the two hands, what the heck was I going to do? I gave her an apron that said “Eat the chef” and I gave her a turkey beak. Originally I was going to have a slice out of her head as if she was eating the chef’s like she was a turkey person, but I decided to scrap that. But her head was kind of empty, so I just kind of threw a pilgrim hat up there and… called it a day. I should have just kept it at the hands with the knife and the fork and then that was it. And that would have been really silly and simple and cute. Oh well. And last but not least we have December. Now obviously there are a lot of imageries I could have taken for December.
I started off with Santa, didn’t like it. Did an elf, didn’t like it. And decided that I actually liked the idea of her being Rudolph and decorating her antlers with lights was a lot more fun. And again less more obvious. I know this is still quite an obvious Christmas gag but I mean, Santa, really
That would have been so- So basic. I ended up actually having the most fun with this month’s Illustration, I guess I’m going to call it. I think in the end as much fun as it was to do simple illustrations I really enjoyed putting a little extra detail in this one. Like layering the light colors. I actually used my brush to water down the color to create the sort of shining effect. It’s a very simple technique but it can be really effective and just really fun to do something a little extra after you’ve been doing all of these silly quick little doodles So I had a lot of fun with this one. This little girl definitely has antlers and a deer leg. Yeah, that that’s totally what’s happening here. And there it is our 12-month paint overs for this child’s photo. Who knew that your photo is going to end up at a thrift store and some stupid artist was going to paint silly things all over it. Yet here we are. I had so much fun with this to be honest. It was just so silly. It was so fun. What can I say? Hold on!
Wait a second! What if I just… okay. [Clearly Skeleton possesses Kasey]
Wah ha ha it is me, Skeleton!
MRWA! [Kasey]
I feel like this is going to open up the doors to so many fun little projects. And hey! You have your own photos like your family or your boyfriend or your best friend, you can put a piece of plastic over it and doodle on it yourself! It was- it was a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend it. So… Welcome to my new mom Pinterest YouTube channel! Today we’re going to be making the projects for the whole family.
Even your kids can join in! Give me a like if you’re a mom. I should end the video now before I just say bunch of stupid things. Alright guys, thank you so much for watching. I had so much fun with this. If you do this yourself, make sure you tag me on Twitter or Instagram or whatever. Thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys in the next one. Bye! Stay Golden!
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ And now a huge thank you to my wonderful patrons for all of their support. You guys are the best. If you want to be in the credits at the end of my videos, see secret sketches, coloring pages, early access and more, check out my patreon by clicking the link in the description! Thank you guys all so much for the support. Bye!

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