Panasonic LUMIX S Series Camera Tutorial : Basics of S Series Lens

The Lumix S Series lenses have some additional features I wanted to make sure you were aware of. First off, you’ll notice that
this lens has a gray S and this lens has a red S. The red S indicates a pro level lens
versus more of our high level amateur optics. Second, when we look at the side of the lens, what you’ll see is that there is a lock switch on this optic. When the lock is in, you can’t zoom the lens. When it’s unlocked, the lens can move freely. You’ll have an OIS switch here,
Power OIS option. When you turn this off, the stabilization is turned off,
even if you have it turned on in the camera’s menu. Finally, you have an auto focus switch
for overriding autofocus to manual focus. When you have this in manual focus, even if
the switch on the back of your cameras says autofocus, you’re still manual focus on your lens. Select Pro Series lenses
won’t have an autofocus switch. You’ll notice as we spin the lens,
there is no switch available. The way that we override autofocus by popping the clutch mechanism down, you’re going to reveal your focus distances here on the side, and you’ll notice that there are stop points when there’s no more room for you to be able to focus. Now finally, let’s talk about removing the tripod collar. With the tripod collar system, you turn the dial, and as you turn the dial,
make sure that your dots are in alignment. Now pull the screw mechanism out, lift up,
and your lens is ready to be removed. Those are the features of the S Series lenses.

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