Panasonic LUMIX S Series Camera Tutorial : Menu Structure

This is an explanation of the menu structure
on the Panasonic Lumix S series camera. So to access the menu system,
I press the menu set button. Now we have tabs and pages
and then we have the items within the pages over here. Now there are several ways
to navigate around this system. On the wheel here by the menu set there are buttons. I can go left and right
and I can go up and down using these buttons. I can use the joystick that’s over here. I can touch the screen,
so I can touch on whatever item I want. I can also use the thumb wheel back here
and the index in front here. So now I’m gonna go back to the structure over here. So now the top tab here is still camera settings. Once I’m there,
and I move over into the pages that are in there, these are all the different pages that are in each setting. Now at the top up here it explains what it is. Image quality,
I’m just gonna show you a couple in this one. This one talks about flash settings and this is where all the settings are contained that pertain to the flash or whatever it says up there. Now when I go back to my tabs, the next one down, which is now highlighted in red,
are your video camera settings. And again, if I go over here I can see that I’m in the audio one where I can adjust all of my audio settings. Now if I go down here to the cog or the gear, these are a lot of settings, and let me move up here where I can do things like set my image quality,
my focus setting, things like that. Now we’re gonna make videos. You’re gonna see videos on most of these menu systems and how they work, so we’re not gonna go into a lot of detail here. Now the next one down is the wrench. So the wrench contains a lot of settings that pertain to how to camera operates like card formatting,
things like that, resetting the camera. The next one down is my menu
and we’ve already made a separate video about my menu that explains exactly how to use
all the features of that. And the next one down are your playback settings and again, the tabs at the top talk about
adding and deleting images, playback, you could do raw processing here,
things like that. That’s the menu structure of
the Panasonic Lumix S series cameras.

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