Panasonic LUMIX S Series Camera Tutorial : Recording Image Quality & Format

The S series camera’s allow you to choose
different types of recording quality and also different file types for video. Let’s go ahead and go into camera
and see how we make those changes. Go to the camera’s menu. We want to go to the second tab. That’s the one with the movie camera. We’re going to the third page. That’s the one that says image format. Record file format. Your options are AVCHD or MP4. AVCHD is only going to have HD quality. There’ll be no 4K options and it’s going to give you the longest number of minutes
per gigabyte of recording time. If you choose MP4, MP4 is going to give you the highest
possible picture quality from the S1 series cameras. Record quality. Record quality is where we choose
between 4K or 1080 and our frame rates, so our top option will be 4K at 60 frames per second,
4K at 30 frames per second, 4K at 24 frames per second,
or full HD 60, and full HD 30 frame. In addition, in the AVCHD mode,
you have access to 24 frame full HD as well. And those are the recording formats
and recording quality settings of the S series cameras.

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