ParkView® Rear Back Up Camera | How To | 2020 Dodge Charger

[music playing] Your rear camera system displays an on-screen
image of the area behind you any time you shift into Reverse. The rear camera image will appear on the center
console touchscreen. When enabled, active guidelines are overlaid
on the image to illustrate the width of the vehicle and its projected backup path. If your vehicle is equipped with the Camera
Delay feature and is turned On, the rear camera image will be displayed for up to 10 seconds
when the vehicle is shifted out of Reverse… unless the forward vehicle speed exceeds 8
mph or 13 km/h, the transmission is shifted into Park or the vehicle’s ignition is cycled
to the off position. You may also use the ‘x’ button to close
the feature window. The camera is mounted above the license plate. If snow, mud, or other debris builds up on
the camera lens, clean the lens, rinse with water, and dry with a soft cloth. A quick note though. Always carefully check the surrounding area
before backing up. This video is not intended to take the place
of your Owner’s Manual. For complete details and other important safety
information, please see your Owner’s Information.

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