Passive Income with Stock Photography | Passive Income Ideas 2019

So is it possible to make residual
income as a photographer or a filmmaker or somebody who has a creative business
where you’re a freelancer? The short answer is yes the long answer is it
might not be as easy as it sounds but it is possible so let’s talk about that in
today’s video so today we are gonna be talking about stock photography and
creating stock video so if you’re new to the channel my name is Jonathan or I’m a
photographer and filmmaker and I like to make videos like these for other
photographers and filmmakers and people out there with creative businesses just
sharing tips tricks tools and resources that I use in my business strategies
that are working and sometimes strategies that aren’t working because
let’s be honest they don’t all work so if you like videos like that be sure to
give me a like leave me a comment let me know what’s going on with you and your
business I would love to hear from you so on today’s video we are going to be
talking about creating stock photography and stock footage right now this is
something that I’ve known about for a long time now I’ve been doing
photography for a long time making doing photos doing videos or you know all that
stuff I’ve been doing it for like a real long time like a long time like over 15
years right now I’ve always known about stock
photography but I’m gonna be honest I’m brand new to the game now here’s the
thing I’ve only been doing my business full-time for about two years now so you
know now I’m starting to look at these different type of revenue streams or you
know different type of income models that I can’t incorporate into my
business in stock photography is definitely one of them now here’s the
thing I’ve always known about stock photography it’s just that the reality
is is I never thought I was good enough to be a stock photographer in all
honesty I never really knew how to get into stock photography I mean it’s
simple right I couldn’t just easily like googled how do you do stock photography
or look something up on YouTube but that was like years ago like years and years
ago when I first found out about stock photography and at the time I wasn’t
like super interested but also – I didn’t think I was
good either so I was like like what I even be you know what they even want my
stuff and then the next thing is like what what kind of pictures do they even
want like what could I sell so you know when it comes to the stock photography
game like I’ve known about it for years I just never jumped into it but here’s
how we got to where we are today so just a couple of months ago a friend of mine
was in town I actually recorded a previous video with him on this channel
where we talked about his photography business he’s out of Austin Texas he
actually just got published in National Geographic his name is Andrew Reiner
I’ll leave descriptions for his work in his website in the where I’ll leave a
link and the descriptions below but he’s like really good now he’s the only
person that I knew personally right like I knew him right that was doing stock
photography and he’s an amazing photographer right he’s like one of
those people like you know y’all take a picture of the same thing and his shit
is just like it is it’s just incredible so he’s a great photographer so to me I
never thought that I was good enough he was the only person I ever knew who was
doing stock photography and essentially I thought like well hell I had to be on
his level also too it wasn’t really a big interest of mine you know I was
always you know working a full-time job for the most part so it wasn’t like you
know I needed money from stock photography and also when I was working
I wasn’t shooting as much right I wasn’t getting out I’m doing as many jobs and
projects as I am now being full-time so like what kind of inventory did I really
have either way all of that aside right we got to talking and you know actually
that particular day he had just sold a photograph on a stock website that he
belongs to now here’s the funny part the photograph that he sold was of his
roommate right that I met when I went down to go visit him in Texas and it
actually went on to a cover of a French magazine like a like a women’s French
magazine so that was like pretty funny like if you knew if you knew who the
person was it was pretty funny it’s probably not as funny hearing it but
like you have to be your second things but
either way that’s not the point what the point was is that he was making sales on
those pictures that he did a while ago now he had told me about stock
photography before but same thing I just was like you know never really too
interested in it whatever the case may be so the last time we got together I
started talking about the work that I’ve been doing for my clients lately I’ve
been doing a lot of video work as well in addition to photography and you know
I started thinking about like you know man
you know you’re always like it’s great getting new work right it’s great doing
new jobs but every time you get a new job you get like bogged down with like
more work right so I wanted to figure out like man is there a way that I can
make like these like residual streams of income you know what I’m saying like
boom Waialae it turns out that he suggests stock photography again now
here’s the difference this time when he told me about it this is how I looked at
it so when you’re doing photography you’re doing video whatever the case may
be whenever you make something right that thing that you make you own that
now turns into a digital asset or a hardcopy asset like if you make a print
of it right but let’s just say that you have some photographs that you take
right and as soon as you take that photograph as soon as you make that that
film or short film it could be whatever the case may be right you automatically
own the copyright to that right so now that right there is a digital asset now
when you own the copyright to a particular piece of work a piece of art
or whatever it is you can license that out for other people to use it now this
is the next step in your photography or your filmmaking game you’re gonna get
into the whole licensing deal right so that’s where you’re gonna start to go
after bigger clients that’s not so much on the local scene so if you’re just
starting out you’re just doing things around your area you know licensing is
probably not a topic that’s gonna come up depending on your market once you
start to graduate and grow and you learn about more and more about photography
and about the game or photography or even filmmaking then you learn about
licensing so basically let’s just say you take a
you create something you create this right here so now this is your copyright
this picture this film whatever the case may be you know that finished product
you own that product now let’s say I take some nice pictures of a young lady
walking around in the park whatever right
I own the copyright to those images and now I can allow other companies to use
or to to use that image for commercial purposes so let’s just say they like
this image and they’re like oh man this would be like really great on like a box
of Kleenex or like a French woman’s magazine you know whatever right some
type of a neck and spine injury or healthy living right because she’s happy
and she’s walking through the park whatever the case may be these
advertisers will pay a fee to use that image right and it’ll be either for a
certain amount of time and if they want the image exclusively like they’re like
oh I love this they can buy the license out straight from you now the cool thing
about this is that it presents a whole new opportunity and a brand-new revenue
stream that you can start to incorporate into your business because essentially
you already did the work up front you already created the project you already
you know took the photos you whatever the case may be and you can put those up
onto a stock website and from there you can sell that image over and over and
over and over for years to come create in a nice little residual passive
income stream now to be honest I just got into stock photography so like I’m
not gonna stay here and lie and hack like I know a lot about it but I did
check out some good videos on YouTube where I have been learning about it
there’s a couple of guys who are actually making a lot of videos around
this content so I’ll leave links in the description below for those guys you
know some of them talk more so about stock photography some of them talk
about stock footage so it’s a nice little mix now here’s the thing you’ve
got two different types of stock from what I’m learning you got the micro
stock and then you got the big stock micro stocker sites like shutters comm
one two three RF dreams time you know micro stock phrases like load up these
pictures and like people can like download them you
you have the bigger stock companies where you can get like a nice little bit
of coin for your images once again like I said I don’t know every single thing
about it so what I’ll start to do is take you on my journey as I learn more
about stock photography now real quick I do have to tell you that I did start
uploading a couple pictures to some stock websites and like dude it is like
super time consuming yo like it’s like pain in the ass type of time consuming
I’m not even gonna lie do like it seems so cool now here’s the double-edged
sword right because it seems so cool like oh man like you know especially
let’s just say you’ve been doing photos for like a long time like me right and
we’re not even at longer the time but let’s just say you just got a bunch of
photos just sitting around on your hard drive right and some of these photos
have the potential to make you money so you’re like aw dude this is so cool you
know so you get onto these stock websites and you start looking at you
know the whole uploading process and all that other junk dude and like you know I
uploaded to a couple different websites and it’s the pain in the ass I’m not
gonna lie simply put pain in the ass it’s just so time-consuming with the
keywords and you know the descriptions and every platform has their own thing
and listen I guess you know it’s like anything else you just have to set time
aside if you want to do it so like let’s just say then you’re like yo I’m gonna
get serious about stock which you know I’m like kind of at that point now where
I’m like you know what I should take this a little bit more serious really
what I have to do is just set aside time you know like once a week give like
spend a couple hours and just do stock uploading and keywording and all that
other stuff so figuring out some type of organizational flow data make it
sustainable because like yeah dude like it’s a pain in the ass now I did hear
about another site called black box for a stock video footage where you can have
people help you out and you can just split the profits so you can just load
up the video and then somebody will keyword it somebody will color correct
it and then you can just like split the profit with them so that actually sounds
like a pretty good option because like 50% of
thing is better than a hundred percent of nothing so really that’s all I got
for you guys today and my thoughts on stock photography and trying to make
residual income as a freelancer photographer filmmaker maybe you do
graphic design all these things are the same you know these these pieces of work
this arc that we create you know some of that stuff man is really like a digital
asset and it has some type of commercial value and somebody would be willing to
pay to use that now it might not be a lot of money but it might be a lot of
people who want to use that particular image but could make you a lot of money
so it’s worth taking into consideration especially if you just have pictures
sitting around on a hard drive that’s just like whatever you know it’s just
sitting there maybe somewhere on your social media or your website but put it
out there I mean you never know who’s gonna want to do it like I said it’s a
bit of a time-consuming process but anything worthwhile to is usually or you
can at least tell yourself that while you’re doing this process or you can
figure out other platforms like black box which I’m gonna actually look into
because like I said man it’s just time consuming and 50% of something is better
than 100% of nothing so that is it that’s all I got for you guys today
hopefully you enjoyed this video if so please leave me a like and drop me a
comment are you using stock photography are you
interested in doing it are you thinking about getting onto any of these stock
websites and if you already are what websites do you belong to which ones do
you see the best results from and what are some trips tips tips and tricks that
you’ve learned along the way that you could possibly share with me because
that would be greatly appreciated so yeah until next time people signing out

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  1. Thank you very much for this video ❤❤… This video is very Helpful for me and others.😊 I really need this informations🤗

  2. Stock video just crossed the threshold to being my number one source of income. I just did a collab with someone on their channel about the exact process I use.

    Good to see you bro!

  3. I totally agree with you Jonathan, it is time consuming but hell , My ego just loves a download.
    Once you reach $500 on shutterstock, the pay per photo increases. The algorithms like regular uploads, keep feeding the beast at least twice a week. Loved your vid.

  4. I have just crossed a 1000 images in my Shutterstock portfolio : I appreciate your comments.

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