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  1. I was Backer #17 in the Peak Design Everyday Backpack Kickstarter, and I absolutely love my 30L, super-versatile whether if I want to go shooting or lugging books around, or travelling overseas. Pair it with a sling, and you'll have all the bags you'll need on a day-to-day level for an extended stay.

  2. Hey! Tom the founder of Pack Hacker here. We just launched a guide to help choose the best travel backpack for YOU. Take a look and let me know what you think!

  3. Thanks for the review Tom!  Couple of things to add here based on my use:

    LEATHER IS UNTREATED.  Anything you touch will leave a stain on the Ash-Brown leather bag.  
    PRICE IS DOUBLE:  Other made in San Francisco bags like Timbuk2 also come with lifetime warranty for $140.  These guys are fooling millenials with cool videos and charging $289.

    WEIRDLY HEAVY!  Feels like the bag is full even when it is empty.  Like it is double the weight of a normal camera bag.  Out of curiosity I weighed it, and Peak Design is clearly lying on the spec sheet.

    I am returning mine right now.

  4. Hey…..I was that guy who you met in the mountains and I don’t speak like that man 😡 At least I don’t have funny looking eyebrows 😉 Anyway….great vlog man and I’ve this bag now on order 👍

  5. looks like harness belts are not at all comfortable with heavy load…kind os sucks once you start walking for 1 hour 🙁

  6. I like all the magnets, especially the quick access mini pocket on top.
    Its great for things like batteries or your smartphone if you need it out of your jeans pocket.
    Wont those magnets leave permanent damage to your smartphone/batteries, or maybe even a laptop in the laptop compartment, especially if you decide to keep your expensive smartphone in the top mini pocket?

  7. In my opinion, the best pack around. For this primary reason alone: while many packs on the market list capacity between the 25 to 35 L range, the usable volume is actually far lower than whats listed. When you pack your backpack next time around, notice the unused headroom of the backpack. All that empty space above your stuff. Peak Design solves the problem of unused space and organization in one fell swoop. Vertical compartmentalization is the key and if a backpack doesn't have it, I'm no longer interested.

  8. Good review. Form factor is similar to the Stuart & Lau Capstone bag. It would be great if you guys could look into Capstone bag in the future if you haven't already.

  9. Hey ! Great review as always.
    A lot of other reviews complain about the straps, saying it is really uncomfortable for long periods of time. I would like to purchase the 20l and I don't plan on stuffing it to the brim, my camera setup is pretty light but I would like to take this backpack on day hikes. Do you think it's doable ? Or are the straps way to uncomfortable for hikes ?

  10. Thanks for the great review.
    I am puzzled by the fact that it’s sold as a 30Lt. capacity pack but it’s only really completely sealed and weatherproof at 18Lt. Having to keep an eye out for open flaps on the top of my bag (what if I’m walking fast or running under the rain to catch a bus, can the bumps make them untuck?) sounds pretty much like a design flaw. The feature I like most about this bag is the double-sided accessibility, but having to single out and choose I am gravitating towards the Nomatic Travel Pack, which appears to keep its characteristics consistent in both compressed or expanded modes.

  11. Peak needs to add Velcro to the side compartment pouches. After a year of using this bag and putting stuff in and out of them, the stretch material is weakened and loose.

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