Photo Challenge with Magic Box!! VSCO Photoshoot!

(bright music) – [All] Hey, guys! – I’m Marissa.
– I’m Brookie. – And today we are joined with… – Francesca!
– And Leah! – Make sure to go check out their channel. Their channel is Magic Box. It’s super good, and we
actually did another video on their channel in a very similar style. So if you like this
video, go check that out. And without further ado, we’re gonna get
– Let’s just– – Tight on into it.
– Get right on with it. – We have partners. I’m going to be doing a
photoshoot with Francesca. – And I’m gonna be partners with Leah. – The whole challenge is, we are going to be given
characters or themes, and we have to recreate a
pose with the both of us. Like, recreating a picture. So this is like a
photoshoot with partners. – Like rock stars do like this. – Yeah we have, it’s like themes.
– We have. – But it’s turned into a challenge. – We have just different
pictures that we recreate. Anyways.
– Let’s get right on into it. – Let’s go! – So, first one is rockstar. So she’s gonna be like that.
– Yeah. – And I’m gonna be, like, same. ‘Cause I, yeah. All right. – Can I get onto the wall? – Ready, set, go. (upbeat rock music) (camera snapping) Okay, sweet. All right, got it? So now Francesca’s and Marissa’s. – All right, guys, the
next, well, our first pose is the punk rock, as Leah
and Brookie demonstrated. And for what we’re gonna
do, is we’re gonna, like, this is a classic punk rock sign. – Yeah, so basically, our
hands will be the main focus and then us will be, like,
the blurred background. – Blurry. And then we’re gonna have
like our tongues out, like. – So, yeah let’s–
– Okay, ready? – Make sure that the
background is blurred. – Do your best, it’s okay. Okay, ready?
– All right. – I feel really–
– Is the background blurred? – It’s okay. (camera snapping) All right, I think we
got through that photo. That was pretty good. And were gonna move onto the next one. Let’s go. (spirited music) – Hey, what’s up? All right, now it is a freestyle one, just like, doing whatever. So we thought of this one. – Wait, let’s jump on this. – Ready, set, go. (camera snapping) – We good? We got a picture? Yeah. – All right, guys, so
for the next kinda theme pose thing is freestyle. – So we can literally do anything. – Yeah so we kinda thought of a more… – Unique pose? – Yeah, so, we’re gonna do this. – So I am bending down, like this. – I will just go like this. – You have to get down like… – Like this? – Yeah. – How about I just go like this? – Yeah, that’s good. – Yeah, yeah. (camera snapping) – For our second one,
someone stands, like, really close to the camera and,
like, kinda goes like this. – Except, I can’t do
the splits or anything, so I’ll go like this. – You have to get close
up so they can see, and you have to bend down. All right. I’m gonna try. Could you see me? – Did that look cool? – I guess you would have to,
like, bend down with like… Oh, or you could back up, you could be sitting on the ground. But you’d actually have
to be sitting down. And maybe a little ahead
so I don’t bump into you? Three, two, one. (camera snapping) (laughs)
– Hand me the phone. – Think we got the pose? – Let’s hope. – The other teams’ turn. – Now it’s diva girl and, I don’t know. I’m not very good at poses,
so y’know, it’s fine though. Okay, ready?
– Just stand there. – That’s just lovely. I don’t know how to do diva
girl, I’ll do that like…. (camera snapping) (funky music) Okay, we got it? That was a pretty easy one. So, let’s go. – Next one is diva girl, and
Francesca actually had gum, so, chew that really fast,
we’re gonna blow a bubble and like…
– Like, annoyed. – Like, this is kinda like a bad attitude. I chewed the gum already. – So are we gonna do back to back? All right, let’s try to
get, like, a big bubble, – Okay. It’s hard. – That wasn’t good. Okay, ready? (camera snapping) – Got it! – Now it is sporty. I’m more of a sporty person,
not, like, a fashionista. So now it’s running one. We’re gonna try to do this, I don’t know how this is
gonna work, but that’s okay. Okay, ready, set, and then jump off. – Yeah, okay.
– Okay, ready, set, go. (upbeat dance music) – [Marissa] Hold on, that is
literally what we’re doing. – That’s what we did! – [Marissa] You copied. – Oh, I just gotta kick, sorry. (camera snapping) – Sweet! We got it? Let’s go! – So this one, I swear we’re not copying, we literally looked back
at them and they’re doing the exact same pose,
like, the running one. – We were literally practicing– – Yeah, and then we look
over and we’re like, are they doing the same one one as us? – Are you kidding me? – I swear, we are not copying. – Were doing it a little bit
different, we’re just gonna… – Yeah, so we’re gonna jump off of this. I love how were both wearing white. – Yeah! – Ready, set, go! (camera snapping) – All right, I think we’re good. – That was the second-to-last one. – Okay, now it is hair flip Leah took her hair down for this one, because, y’know, you need
all the hair you can get. – Ready, set, go. (groovy music) Ready, set, go. (camera snapping) – That was good.
– All right! – All right, we have two
ideas for the hair flip one. We’re thinking, for the
first one we’re going down, like, opposite sides, like this. Okay, ready, set, flip. Three, two, one. (camera snapping) We’re going to be doing one more. I was thinking I could go
like this, and we just go… – Yeah.
– Okay, ready? – Three, two one. (camera snapping) – All right, I think we’re good. – We’re good. Okay!
– Woo! – The next one is trendy. So, y’know. very trendy. Ready? (chill music) (camera snapping) All right, sweet! – Woo! – You look a little different. – Bye guys, you’re not
one of us tall girls. Okay, the next one is trendy, and Francesca had two
scrunchies, so I was like, let’s put our hair up. – And actually, one of
them was from a friend. – So we’re gonna be doing… Do we have to sit down for this one? – All right, let’s just cross our legs. (camera snapping) – All right guys that is the end of the photoshoot challenge,
I hope you guys enjoyed. Thank you to Magic Box, Francesca and Leah, for coming. Make sure to go check out their channel and subscribe to them, it
would mean a lot to us. So anyways. – Oh, and vote for us. – Oh yeah! Vote on Instagram who you think
won the challenge, because– – We so won. – I think we won. (upbeat music) No. (laughing) Fight me! Anyway, I hope you guys
enjoyed this video, and see you next time. – [All] Bye!

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