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– Whether transferring
images from my pro camera or taking them right with my iPhone, there’s a ton of great apps for editing right from your phone. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve downloaded a lot over the years, but I’m gonna be sharing my top two to edit like a pro on the go and at the end, I’ll be
sharing a fun extra one that’s kind of amazing, what it can do. So let’s dive in. First up is Snapseed. I never thought I’d have
almost everything I need in one editing app, but Snapseed
comes pretty darn close. It’s easier to use,
yet extremely powerful, including pro-level editing tools like curves and the
ability to edit raw files. There’s tons of features,
over 29 tools and filters, but I always start by dialing in my basic settings found under Tune Image. Simply dragging left
and right on the screen makes it quick and easy
to make your adjustments and then from here, I’ll adjust my curves
and my white balance. Beyond the basics, some notable features that
I love about this app are: the white balance color dropper allows you to see the white balance
adjustment in real time, selective tool that allows you to choose points on the image to
make selective adjustments to brightness, contrast,
saturation, and structure. Just select one point on the image and then the algorithm does the rest. And then to get to the other adjustments, you just scroll down with your finger. Super cool tool. Perspective, which allows you to tilt your image horizontally or vertically and it has an auto interpolation, which is kind of like magic and does a really good job at filling in the image where there
isn’t any image there. The gradient lens blur, to add a tilt-shift look or
extra depth to your image, and finally the view edits feature hidden inside the undo
button at the top-right, which gives the ability to go back and adjust, mask, or delete by layer. The next app is Adobe Lightroom CC. This is another free app, you don’t need an Adobe
subscription for it, but chances are, if
you’re a pro photographer, you’re already using
Lightroom’s desktop version, so its mobile counterpart
will be easy to understand. But there’s a few things
I specifically love that set it apart and make it my go-to. Some notable features are: HSL Sliders; under control, click mix
to reveal HSL sliders to give you complete control over the hue, saturation, and
luminance of your image. In this area, there’s also a
targeted color adjustment tool that allows you to tap and
drag on part of the image to have Lightroom sample and figure out the specific colors
that should be impacted. I share more about how I edit
my professional portraits with the color picker tool
in my Lightroom hacks video, which I’ll link below. Selective edits; with this, you can choose a targeted area by brushing on your selection
or using a gradient tool. Shadow and highlight assist, this is another little hack I love. While adjusting the slider, tap on the image with another finger and it will show you
where you’re losing detail in the highlights or blacks. A similar hack can be done
when sharpening to control which part of the image gets sharpened. Drag the masking slider and tap the screen with another finger to preview what’s getting masked. This is especially great for portraits to keep the skin soft by only
sharpening the edge details. And the last app is Focos, which is a specialty app that so far is only available on iPhones
with two back-facing cameras, like the 7 Plus, 8 Plus, 10 and up. The functionality of this
is pretty darn incredible, with the most notable features being: tap to refocus, and change the focus point of images that have already been taken, ability to simulate large apertures to create real bokeh effects
normally only possible with DSLR cameras and expensive lenses, control over the shape, color, variation, edge softness, as well
as simulated effects to emulate different cameras and lenses, and 3D depth mapping to
visualize your image in 3D and use the sliders to define
how large the focus area is. This is just cool. So there you have it, those
are my favorite editing apps. What are your favorite apps? Share them below and be
sure to like and subscribe and Bella and I will see you next video. Wave Bella. Wave. (loudly blows) And Bella and I will see
you next (laughs) video. (laughs) Bella!

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