37 Replies to “PHOTO EDITING MISTAKES!! – What NOT to do for better PHOTOGRAPHY!”

  1. i cant go take a photo my phone is actually broke and i dont haver a camera because im broke but .. ill watch your vidfeos fro now until i can buy a camerta and start taking amaxing ophotos and ill have a bunch of info on things i should and shouldnt do when i do start creative photos and videos i will be prepared .. and maybe one day ill even get to work with you
    but shit im already 30 years old and not doing so good on being able to make this shit happen sucks when you live in a place that doesnt have opportunities so your not even abel to get something rolling

  2. me 6 hours ago: "damn im gonna desaturate everything else except the person im taking picture of"
    me now: "damnn thats so lame and cliche"

  3. Hahahaaha the alien edit thing is something I totally did like 9 years ago. I look at my edits and cringe.

  4. So on the topic of cropping, should you then take slightly wider shots to give yourself room to crop them in? just a thought

  5. "People love to brighten up eyeballs, to the point where you look demonic. You look like you're going to shoot beams from your eyes, doesn't look good." I really like this tip but I couldn't help laugh.

  6. Thank you for the tips, ones that I remind myself of every moment I grap my camera, but forget about too often, especally the overedting. Thank you.

  7. "cameras are really high resolution these days"
    I'm watching this and I use my s8 camera and I use light room mobile.

  8. My biggest mistake is not using layers when editing my photos. I’m a night photographer too, which makes it so much worse.

  9. Cliche is a good place to start though if you are interested in anything though. Helps you get a grasp of the basics while letting you enjoy yourself.

  10. Peter I love what you said about cliches. I totally agree. Please make more videos about other cliches to avoid!

  11. Wish I would have seen this yestarday, cause just last night I posted a photo in which I totally crashed that saturation button.

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