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Hello and welcome to today’s photo editor
online tutorial. Photo editor online can be found at and is a free web based software used for adjusting your photos and images for free. Before we go into an example image and
how we can adjust with this software, I just like to start to explain the layout of the webpage you’ll notice that there are a number of
tabs along to top. We have File, Edit, Adjust Filters, Beauty Text Watermark Decoration and Borders tab. Within each tab, you find that there are a number of icons. In this case, you have the gallery, from my computer, from the web, via camera, upload to gallery, save to local hard drive, and print function. On each tab you’ll have the arrows left and right, so that you can scroll through to any
other icon that needs to be revealed. On each page you have also an undo button You have a redo button you can reload the original photo and you can zoom in and out and you can even go to full screen Under the edit tab you have a number of icons Paste, Resize, Crop you can Rotate a clockwise and anti clockwise,
clockwise, or freely, or you can flip the image horizontally or vertically. Under the adjust tab you have Auto Contrast control Lave control White Balance control Smart Lighten Black & White imaging and Inversion. Along with Adjust and Advance Channel In the filters tab, this is where you arrows left to right
come into action as you can see we can scroll through and there are certainly a large number
of choices to modify your image to suit you. Under the beauty tab you notice that there are the smoothing Wrinkles icon Color Masking Colorizing and Make Up Under the Text you find Basic Text and Art Text as well as a Chat Box. You can even add your own watermarks from other camera, the Web from your computer or from a gallery You can add fashion masking withing the direct
decorations tab and you can even add basic and advanced borders So, now we know the basic layout of the website and how it works. Let’s go and choose an example from the gallery Today will choose penguins. This is the original image taking strength from the gallery before
any adjustments have made So, coming back to the edit tab We’ll crop the image, once you cropped the image you can flip it three ninety degrees one
hundred ninety degrees to whatever suits your fancy so let’s just put them on an angle, like that Now that we’ve done that, we can rotate the image and that’s bankrupt we can resize the image in and out,
like that or we can cancel that out and you’ll get back to the original settings we can flip it vertically and horizontally as you can see we will make some adjustments to lighting we can smart darken it the more time you press it, obviously the
darker it will get we can get a black-and-white I don’t like black&white so i will go back to
color you can look at modifying your channels in the reds the greens or the blues also adjust saturation levels and go ok. Unde the filters move to strike a number of days but rather magic stable just a size hotness dot k mission impossible we can add blaring we can sharpen the image we can get back to regional let’s not waste digest the intensity as you can say we can cancel that can add what color but on the horizontal and a political
point if you do all kiting either in classy threshold or sketch and we cancelled weakens ferris image tarzan swing directly we can increase the radio source of that what we can cancel scrolling across to the right hand side webpage and as you can see we can do it again in the horizontal political under the beauties ted we can split wrinkles we connect telemark skiing in color are same and we can add my cab we can also add by seek text contexts projects so with that as an example some basic text nabisco test okay resize and the market we can go back trevor join image and it would not we cannot at one from a gallery from a computer from the way or from our camera and a decoration we can add fashion masks threats in the
horizontal orbital plane and we can finally had borders posit by secord vast so for this example we’ll content dot
cst we have a number of options here intensive blending ed normal multiplies screamed wyden dot
com difference cattle subtracting pitiful overlay and had house a lot as you can say the more buttons that we
press it would just joking reach accordingly so let’s do another border as you can see it here we have a broad
range of options that will suit your names i liked that one surface like a and they have it so i think he full spending some time
with me today i hope you’ve enjoyed the tutorial canton jury photo at his home on

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