Photo Math Solve Any Math Problem With Your Phone’s Camera Hindi/Urdu 2019

Assalam o Alaikum Friends You are watching Sindhiana Tech & I’m Technical Sajjad Hussain Today i have brought a best android app with this app you can solve any Math Problem/Equation within few seconds with your Camera! Not only you can solve it but you can also learn how to solve? so without wasting our time let’s start Friends first of all download and install it from play store it’s name is Photomath now open it it’s first option is : you can solve problem by typing/writing sum/equation/problem. it’s second option is Camera Scan : you can solve any sum with Camera scanning it is showing that the answer of this equation/sum is -12 let’s check it out so the Answer is Correct let’s check out another sum/equation it’s showing that -16/3 wow answer is correct another good thing of this app is you can use it offline friends like this you can solve any math sum / equation or problem quickly i have written some sums/samples let’s check them out and friends when you are trying to scan sum at night or there is too dark then tap the flash icon to turn on the flash light now you can solve any sum of math within seconds if you want to learn how to solve it or want to see it’s solution method

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