Photographers in Focus: Martin Parr

the most interesting subject matter wherever gonna fires gonna be people they are endlessly fascinating when about shooting is a bit like a soap opera you know I’ve identified the sort of places where I want to photograph and then you waiting for the right characters to fall into place [Music] just some people look better than others in photographs it’s as simple as that so you’re waiting for people who are almost like a cliche of their own looks they’re like actors see that play and you’re waiting for them to fall into place I started a photographer in the 70s and back in those days if you’re a serious photographer you’re almost obliged to work in black-and-white early in the 80s I think 82 to be precise they had launched this medium format camera called a plough Bell and at the same time I just moved to Liverpool and then suddenly I was hooked into colour [Music] I love photography because it’s my way of relating to the world out there and I can digest this and process it and come up with photographs to hopefully have the ambiguity and the contradictions you see in modern life I mean I’m I’m from Britain so one of my aims over my career is to accumulate an archive about contemporary Britain I sort of loved and hated at the same time and again that contradiction can be expressed through photography that to me is that the exciting thing is to keep the almost like the door opened through the images that I create [Music] so I’ve really made it my main pursuit to engage in leisure because leisure if you like to find some we are it’s the time when we have our own time and we can do what we like and that helps to define a society and who people are within that society so for me leisure has been a most revealing aspect of the activities you can photograph within the UK or indeed anywhere I mean I guess I’ve been photographing for 50 years and I’m as excited now is about what I can go and photograph that I have been all through my career you know I get cabin fever if I haven’t been shooting for a few days I just want to get out there and start photographing because that’s really when you’re free to sort of be yourself more than any other activity we do as photographers [Music]

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