Photographing waders on a Scottish beach | Wildlife Photography Vlog #14

[music] [record scratch] What a beautiful day to be by the
sea [laughs] Welcome back to Scotland everyone. If you’re just joining us my name is Meg,
I am a beginner – I don’t know how long I can keep saying that I’m a beginner – but
anyway! I’m a beginner wildlife photographer documenting my journey here on my Youtube
channel, so if you want to join us, hit the subscribe button! As you can see, I’m by the
sea. And it’s incredibly windy, we’re in a town called Troon which is on the west coast
[laughs] I was like… West coast of Scotland! Hoping to photograph some sea birds and I
just wanna apologise in advance, my ID skills for sea birds [are] not ‘on point’. So, if
I say anything wrong in this video then feel free to correct me, just keep it nice and
polite. OK. As always I’m using my Canon EOS 80D with my Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary lens.
And that’s that. Let’s go photograph. [music] Ah! Aw it’s really cold. We have seen so many
oystercatchers. Also seen some curlews… curlews… I really struggle to say that,
I think it’s ’cause of the “Scottish ‘R'”, that every time after a vowel there’s an ‘R’
I’m like “currrrrrrr”… So, yeah, we’ve seen some curlu- cur- curlu- [laughs] curl-curl-
Curlews! Curlews! We’ve seen those. And it’s quite cool because I’d never seen them before,
I think I managed to get a couple of good shots So that’s exciting! The wind has died
down so I’m definitely going to take advantage to talk because I don’t know how much of my
clips are actually audible. As you can maybe see it’s a really kind of dull day so the
lighting in a lot of my pictures is not brilliant, I’ve just been like spending a lot of time
like… the shutter speed has been down so low so obviously then a lot of the shots are
blurry, but then the ones that are sharp are really dark. Maybe I’ll be able to rescue
them later but it’s been a bit of a challenge. We’re just walking back along the sand beach
in the hopes that we’ll maybe see… I don’t even really care about seeing anything different,
if I can see the same stuff again and try and get better shots of them that would be
good. So I’m definitely gonna stink of seaweed for the next 48 hours That’s quite interesting,
quite an interesting shot. That’s quite arty. Yeah, ehm… I’m getting stiff and very, ehm, seaweed
smelly. So, let’s walk away from here. I have been looking at my pictures, not closely because…
I can’t see anything through my hair. I believe I have some pictures of some turnstones and
some sanderlings. I definitely have the curlew. I know that one for a fact, but, ehm, if I
put up any pictures that I haven’t been able to ID, some help would be lovely as well.
‘Cause like I said, I am absolutely terrible at ID’ing seabirds, particularly waders, because
I don’t live near the sea so I don’t see them much Feel that Atlantic breeze. So typical
that the sun has come out just as I’m leaving. It would’ve been good for you to show up when
I was trying to get pictures, oh my god. Anyway. I kind of have no sense of what any of the
pictures look like so, I’ll see when I get home, I guess. Um… And that’s it, since
I’m leaving I’ll be wrapping up the vlog here. Thank you so much for watching, I hope you
enjoyed and I’ll maybe see you next time. Bye.

18 Replies to “Photographing waders on a Scottish beach | Wildlife Photography Vlog #14”

  1. So cool! I learn many things with you, but I dont have that good equipment๐Ÿ˜‚ although I enjoy photographing birds at least.

  2. I love your videos, Meg! Your infectious enthusiasm for wildlife is so refreshing, I look forward to see what your getting up too! Thank you for sharing! xx

  3. Well done going out in that weather and actually getting a few decent shot's at the same time…really enjoy your video's so keep up the good work.

  4. Great video Meg. Glad I found your channel your enthusiasm is fantastic and inspiring. I love photographing Curlews they are such an unusual looking bird.

  5. Well done; love your enthusiasm! ๐Ÿ˜Š. The large flock of waders, one of which was a lovely portrait and the other your โ€˜artyโ€™ shot were Knot. Didnโ€™t see any images of sanderlings but Iโ€™m sure you saw them on that type of beach with lots of sand! Ron

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