PHOTOGRAPHING WILD STAGS in SCOTLAND and meeting Adam from First Man Photography

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  1. Hi everyone. I have made something for you 😀 Just as a follow up on the trip to Finland I have written a few lines about my 3 favourite custom camera settings. Nothing special – just some text without illustrations but I hope you can use at least one of the tips.
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    And thank you so much everyone for all these wonderful comments 🦌🦌

  2. as usual another great video!
    great story telling! thanks for sharing this great content with us!
    really enjoyed watching this

  3. Terrific video Morten, so atmospheric and beautiful. Glen Etive is my favourite place in the world. Please keep making your excellent videos.

  4. Your right Morten, wildlife is at our doorstep sometimes, we just need to open our eyes and look carefully. Great video as always, I wish you lots of fun in Scotland!

  5. Hey Morten, do you carry the camera on a strap all the time? Have you ever noticed damage on the mount due to the heavy weight of the lens?

  6. Great video Morten it really took me back there I was in Glen Etive in May this year also had the rain but what a location we got photos of the deer and Stags did some landscapes too I shot the same waterfall you did on Adams second film also the Beauchille Etive mor from the top of the waterfall its just a location where wherever you look its as you say "Awesome" really looking forward to more of your trip from you & Adam , loved the opening sequence with the Stag your photos really do make him a ghost of the mountains

  7. I was in the rain photographing this weekend as well. And wow, you make it look effortless. It certainly is not. But you inspire, so I'll keep tryin’! Many thanks, Morten 🙂

  8. Hi.I love your videos,very soothing to watch them. I'm more in to landscapes my self but since I watch your videos I started doing some wildlife as well and really enjoy it.I live in London next to Richmond park which you should definitely visit,even though it's in the city it's full of deers and because they use to people you can get very close to them and take amazing photos,I thought I share this with you.Thanks again for your work .

  9. Hello Morten greetings from Macedonia.
    I really love your videos and the passion you put into them 🙂
    Can you tell me how do you protect the mic from the rain and where do you get the music for your videos? 🙂

  10. Definitely learning a lot about wildlife photography from your channel. Love seeing how you have been interacting with other you tubers, seems like you bring the fun to the party! If you cross the pond love to try and get some moose photos with you.

  11. Another fantastic video Morten. Your videos have inspired me to get out more and photograph more wildlife. Hoping to have a trip out to Scotland very soon to photograph the deer.

  12. Jeg er vild med det Morten, du skaber et utrolig intemt miljø, fortsæt endelig med det. Tak fordi du delte denne video med os 🙂

  13. Amazing video as usual. I have been following your channel for a long time. I was really into wildlife photography, but had my doubts because of the expensive equipment. But thanks to videos like yours, I didn't just want to give up. I'll be getting my 200-500mm soon. So I kindda owe you for keeping my love for wildlife photography kindled all this time.

  14. I am always follow your channel.
    I'm happy to see your video.
    Its Very inspiration to me.
    Nice capture the wild life nature..

  15. I was in Glen Etive just five months ago – what an astounding place, the red deers and the light were incredible; I also went to Skye which, together with the Glencoe area, was one of the best trips of my life. Thank you for sharing all your passion Morten, this time for me it's a double pleasure: to see you in action, and in a place where I also left a piece of heart. And in a few days I'll get my copy of "Silence of the North" 🙂 see you out there!

  16. It must have been quite a great feeling to encounter this beautiful stag. The pictures at 3.14 min. and 12.45 min. are absolutely stunning.

  17. Excellent and very atmospheric video Morten, that did look hard work in all that rain and mist, great fun though I bet😁

  18. Awesome, i love Scotland
    if you like adventures and go pro videos you should check my channel

  19. I dont like rain (in facht i hate it) because we have to much of it in Belgium. This year was slightly different and very dry but autumn comes and then we will have too much rain, again. But very nice video and the photos are amazing!

  20. Nice to see your back in gods country you should take A run to Loch Ness and try and get a photo of Nessie good luck on that one lol

  21. 3 words: inspiration, respect, honesty. I am getting to like the rain up here in Scotland now, after watching your video. Just brilliant. Time for a cup of coffee!

  22. Hey Morten Hilmer the video dosen't look great because of rain but all of your four gear are brutally treated and any will buy both Panasonic GH5 & the lens on it , Nikon D5 & Tamron 150-600 f 5.6-6-3 vc looking by just looking at your video..

  23. My favourite place in Scotland. I tool several pictures of the deer there, would mean loads of you check out fletcherpicture on Instagram and see them 😊 keep up the amazing chilled out content

  24. I recently discovered your videos. Beautiful work! And I love your ethic towards wildlife and nature. Your passion is inspiring. Thanks for creating this amazing content!

  25. Morten your amazement and your passion are so contagious, you are a source of inspiration and passion for nature photography. thanks for sharing.

  26. Bravo! Another great piece! Your videos make me feel like i am there with you on every step. Love it. Please keep them coming! Be well.

  27. I’ve wanted to become a vet for my entire life, but after recently developing severe allergies to any animal with fur, I’ve been at a loss for what to do with my life. I’ve considered marine biology and herpetology and multitude of other things, but nothing has really spoken to me. I’m a senior in high school, and have to make my decision soon.

    I have, however, always had a great interest in photography. I’ll often go outside no matter the weather to capture either pictures of wildlife or of landscapes, just because I love how close to nature it makes me feel. And I’ve realized that this is what I want to do. I want to travel and capture the beauty of nature and raise awareness through the pictures I take. I don’t know how I’m going to do it, I don’t know what education is required for it, but I have to try. Thank you for illustrating my passion, sir ❤️ You’ve earned a subscriber.

  28. Fantastic, despite our dreary, cold and wet windy weather here, you still show the same love out there and didn't let the rain here in Scotland bother you. I came across First Man Photography through Facebook, he's a nice guy and talented for what he does. Another fantastic vlog 🙂

  29. Always love your video's. Only one thing, when you are stalking, I am afraid to make a sound or move an inch. Your videos and imges are amazing. thank you

  30. Love your work and videos. And you have to get to Canada. British Columbia and Alberta in particular you would love it here.

  31. Fantastic video! looked cozy in the camper van, thinking about getting one for yourself? The pictures and colors were outstanding, the stag looked so robust.

  32. Loved it Morten, I had my first photo experience with Red Deer recently. Magnificent animals.
    Thanks for inspiring me to create.
    Reagrds, Stewart.

  33. Great film 👍 just subscribed to your channel. You might like my films take a look 👍😀

  34. Hi, Morten ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Awesome and amazing cinematic photography, photographing and videoing majestic wild deer. Thanks for sharing, enjoy and have a Great week !!! Be Safe while you are traveling !!! Danny

  35. hiiii
    my english is very bad an I don't understand all, but I love your videos. I think that thanks to these videos and your way of speaking every day I understand a little more

  36. Hi Morten, Glen Etive is fantastic for the red Deer, I tagged you into one on my instagram from here, I took it in March 2018 just after the winter …

  37. Gday Morten, I just recently found your channel and find your stuff just amazing,finding it very hard to get anything done at home! I have just subscribed to Adams channel also and look forward to wading thought it as well.Feeling quite nostalgic watching these Scottish ones as I now live on the other side of the world in Australia,which I love,but you never forget your roots..all the best buddy

  38. This is so inspirational, so encouraging to amatuer outdoor photographers such as myself. Thank you very much for taking us along on this adventure!

  39. Hi sir morten, your video are very nice sir. im jealous with you coz you have very nice place to spend time in wildlife photography, you are a true inspiration…

  40. Have you bought that background score you use in your videos? That slow track. That is absolutely enchanting to me.

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