Photography Guide : How Does a Camera Flash Works?

Hello, I’m Reg Wilkins and I’m going to be
speaking about flash in photography. A flash is a device used in photography that produces
an instantaneous flash of artificial light. Flashes can be used for a variety of reasons.
For example, quickly moving objects, creating a different temperature light, but mostly
used to illuminate things that do not have enough available light to adequately expose
the pho…the photograph. Vast majority of flash units today are electronic, having evolved
from single use flash bulbs. In lower-end consumer photography, flash units are commonly
built directly into the camera, whilst higher end cameras allow separate flash units to
be mounted on a bracket, often called a hot shoe. In professional studio photography,
flashes often take the form of large stand alone units, or studio strobes is their name.
And these are powered by either special battery packs or commonly directed to the mains, or
synchronized with cameras from either a flash, synchronization cable, a radio transmitter,
or light triggered meaning that only one flash unit needs to be synchronized with a camera,
which in turn triggers thee other units.

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