Photography Guide : How to Set an Aperature

Hi, I’m Reg Wilkins, and today we’re talking
about aperture. Here we have a lens which has apertures ranging from F4.5 through to
F22, F22 being the smallest aperture in the diaphragm. So here we have a second lens and
this one, which is a 28 millimeter lens, we see the aperture range is slightly different
to the previous lens. And this one ranges from F2.8 through to F16. And here we have
another lens which is a 50 millimeter lens, and again, the range changes. And this is
quite a…what they call a fast lens. And it begins at F2 and goes through to F16, fast
meaning that it can be used in lower level light, because that aperture opens all the
way up to F2.

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