Photography – NSCC

>>When you pick up a camera you’re a different person. Normally I’m really shy and quiet but if I have my camera in my face, I will yell at you, I will direct you, I will do whatever I have to to get the photo. I don’t know it’s just what I always liked doing. ♪ drums – laid back ♪ (low voices) I first got interested in photography in high school.
I took a year off to make sure it was what I wanted to do. I was very good at abstract photography. I liked that I could control the medium. Being from Cape Breton, I didn’t know a lot of people when I first moved here. At first it was very nerve-wracking.
You just kind of get the sense that you need to get it done. ♪ drums – laid back ♪ Yeah I feel inspired by that.
I never would have thought that I would be interested in doing production stills on a movie set, but after trying it, it was really fun. I want to do it again. NSCC is definitely a place for creative people. I guess the most important thing is I learned how to promote yourself, how to put yourself out there. There is a lot of frustration as you’re learning, but when you do get something right and it really starts to make sense to you,
you become more confident and sure of yourself. You don’t feel like yourself sometimes,
it’s just a different aspect of yourself. Photography brings that out in me. ♪ drums – laid back ♪

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