Photography Saved My Life | More Than An Image

Photography for me is very therapeutic It’s very calming and soothing It’s a way for me to to cope When I look back at how helpful it has
been, it’s clear that photography has saved my life I got into photography around the age of
12 when I started to have mental health problems It became a language I could use to explore
things that were very confusing When I was 19 I had a breakdown that led
to a really fraught period in my life where I tried to tried to kill myself Through the years of therapy I’ve
realised I am quite an anxious person … even just walking down the
street can feel a bit too much But if I have my camera with me, that
really helps me to slow down, stay calm and to connect with the world. I spent a lot of my teenage years avoiding eye contact… … and now I remind myself
to look up and that there are lots of really interesting, beautiful things
we’re missing out on To have an impetus to get up and make
something out of something terrible … has always driven me and has made me
determined to get better and be well. People think that they need to be a
really great photographer But it’s really not about the end result –
it’s about the process. Whether you make a good picture or a
terrible picture is sometimes irrelevant. When you are having mental health difficulties, there
are no words available to describe how you feel Art and visual language can fill in the gaps
where language is missing. I feel very fortunate that all those difficulties have helped me produce work that I’m really proud of and which creates a dialogue with people
about mental health.

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