Photography School: Canon Cinema with Alex Buono

The 5D Mark ii was a game changer in that
it really brought this whole world of still photography into the world of cinematography. What it’s going to bring to students now is,
you know, the ability to – in your hands for the relatively inexpensive price – you’re
using the same tool that I’m using, at SNL, and the same tool that the guys who shoot
House are using and there’s a lot – you know, the guys who shoot 24 are using, and the guys
that shoot, you know, a lot of scenes from big Hollywood movies are using. So, there’s been a real leveling of the playing
field in terms of the gear itself – you know, I had a number of parodies this season, or
a couple of seasons ago where we shot it with a 5D or 7D, we cut it in Final Cut Pro, we
color corrected it in Final Cut Pro and that’s how it went to air. Hallmark’s introduced video production into
their program which, prior to that was um, more exclusively focused on still photography,
and I think that it’s a really accurate reflection of where the marketplace is going. There’s such a need for content, for video
content. Uh, still photography is evolving into more videography, uh, online magazines
are essentially becoming – what we want to see now is moving pictures, we don’t want
to just see still images. A student who is well-versed in both still photography
and cinematography is going to have a lot more options when they graduate. And that’s
just a reflection of, like, where the business is going. With the, again, the explosion of online content
and cable content and with the implosion of printed media, um, you know, knowing how to
compete in a market that wants video just makes a lot of sense.

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