Photography School: Hallmark Institute of Photography Review by 2013 Graduate Aniruddh Kothari

My name is Aniruddh Kothari and I am from
Mumbai in India, it’s on the West Coast. The most important thing I would say that I want
to take away from Hallmark would be the very fact that um, the people who’ve taught here
have come, like, have had different experiences all over the world. Initially I thought that
this was just a photo school but, but it’s not just a photo school. They teach you about
how you’re supposed to present yourself, how your supposed to handle your finances, your
accounts, everything, they tell they tell you how to run a business. It was it was not
until my Phase IV portfolio that I realized that I want to be shooting dancers all of
the time. So my Phase 4 Portfolio is all about dancing, They show the point of view that
its not just my my view for dancers but it’s also the very fact that my framing, my composition
is onto something that I considered and I think when I get back to India I am going
to be shooting dancers on a full time basis. You you don’t get this kind of guidance anywhere.
And it’s a 10 month program, I mean when is the last time you became a professional photographer
in 10 months? And you poured your heart and soul into it. I haven’t seen that kind of
deal anywhere and it works so well. I’ve seen my work go right from the beginning to the
end and I can very much say that Wow, it’s been a kick-ass journey. It’s been so good.

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  1. I trust the man when he says its been a kickass journey because I've seen what he was to want he's become and I can clearly commit to saying that he's grown a LOT

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