Photoshop CS6/CC: How To Cut Out an Image & Remove/Delete a Background

Hello everyone this is VerticDesigns here,
and for this video I’m going to show you the best way to remove a background in Photoshop. Now there’s many different tools and ways
of doing this. But I like to use the pen tool a lot more
because it is a lot more accurate and you could tell the computer. You could get the quick select tool or the
magnet one but they have a guess so they’re not very accurate. That’s why I like to use the pen tool instead. To start cutting the image out what you want
to do is you want to go over to left side, where all the tools are. Click on the pen tool. If it’s not selected you can right click and
it should be in here, but by default it should be the top one so you should already see it. Once you’ve got it selected what you want
to do is you want to, hold alt and using the scroll wheel to go up. Then you want to zoom in. This just makes it easier for your eyes to
see what you’re cutting out. For me it just makes it easier because I can
see the parts that I’ve missed and the parts that I need to do. Now to start it off what you want to do is
pick a corner, mine is normally going to be at the bottom or at the top. What we’re going to do is, we’re going to
do a dot to dot type of situation where we’re going to connect them all up at the end and
then we’re going to duplicate the layer which will then remove the background. Now to start it off you want to go over here
and we’re going to start off in this corner right there. Make sure that you’re on the line and going
all around it. There’s two important things that you need
to know about the pen tool. The first thing is that if you normally click,
it will give you a straight line. Now if you do ctrl + alt + z to undo it, and
do the one where you hold it in. Where you hold the left side of the mouse,
it will give you this curved line which is really useful to know. I use it all the time because there is images
that I will need to do this. This is kind of a curved line if you look
at it, it’s going to be a gap there, so we want our image to look good. Now you want to click on here and drag it
in like that. Then to get rid of this you want to hold alt
and press on it until you see that little icon symbol. Now that you’ve done that you just keep going
around it and I’m going to speed up the video just to make it quicker for you because it
will take a while, and yeah… When you get to bits like this you don’t need
to really worry about it too much because you can cut it out later on, so that’s what
we’re going to do. We’re just going to leave it for now and just
carry on doing this. As you can see this is the type of situation
where you would want to do this sort of thing. Where it will save you a lot of time, and
it is quiet accurate but you need to make it a little bit smaller and there we go. Now it looks a lot better rather than having
to go around it. Now that we’re near the end what you want
to do is, to zoom out a little bit so we can see the image. Yours is going to be a little bit more different
to mine. But mine is cut in half sort of thing, so
I can’t really do anything about that but what I’m going to do is just going to do a
rough sort of selection around it. To connect it up you just go back to the first
dot and you left click on it when the icon pops up with a circle. Once it’s all connected you will see that
it is now a line, all the dots are gone. You just go over to the top here go to selection. Make sure you have everything as me. Make sure the feathering is at 0%. Unless you really do want feathering, but
without feathering it makes it sharper and whats what we’re wanting. We want a sharp outline which will look good. Anti-aliasing is going to be on and new selection. So once you done that press ok. Then we’re going to zoom out a little bit
more so we can actually see what we’re doing. Now that you’ve got it selected, this is the
easy part. All you do is, do ctrl and j. Now, what that’s doing is that it’s going
to duplicate the layer, and we have the background still on. But if we go over to the top and we hide this
one. You can see that the background is now gone. As you can see it is really good and sharp
outline. This is exactly why I prefer the pen tool. It gives you a really nice result, compared
to other tools where you might get the white outline. The one thing you want to make sure is that
the bits that you left out that was in inside the image. Let’s say that they had a piece like this,
where you could still see a bit of the background. You just want to go back to there. Use the pen tool again and just go around
it really quick. It doesn’t have to be too perfect because
the selection will make it look good. Go over to selection again. 0% and press delete. For the very last step what you want to do
is just bring in a background and have a look at your result. If you’re happy with it, if you’re not then
you could always go back. But for me I think mine looks pretty good
and you want to just stretch the image to the right place. Make sure that it is underneath. Once you got the background you can now move
over the object, where you want it to go. For me it would look a little bit better if
I moved him here and made him a little bit small. To actually make him look like he’s there. For me all I got to do is make him the right
size. So probably a little bit smaller, that would
look good. Then you want to go over to blending options. Change the colour, make it look like the theme
of where his at. So for me it’s kind of like a blueish sort
of, darker. Dark blue a little bit like that and just
go through the effects. See which one looks good. We don’t want to much. Maybe this one. Anyway this has been the best way to remove
a background in Photoshop. Right now it doesn’t look very good, my image
because it doesn’t blend in with the right colours. But I can easily edit that later on, right
now I’m going to leave it like this. But the whole point of this video was to show
you how to remove a background and get a really good result out of it. Now even if you’re accurate like me you will
get moments where, you do get a little bit of a outline. To remove that, it is really simple. All you got to do is, right click on this
go to blending options. In here go to stroke. Make sure you put this to 1. Go to inside and then once you done that you
go over here. Where it says blend mode and make this go
to screen. This will just cut it out and it is now gone. If you’re outline is more thicker you can
easily just increase this and it will get rid of more. But for me I think this will be ok. Let’s zoom out and yeah. That is pretty much it. Anyway that has been the video. If it was helpful share it around with a friend
who might also find this useful. Comment down below what you think of the video
and I will see you all in the next video. Bye.

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  2. When Coloring things I normally tend to apply the layer (after final changes and safe fail duplicates) and apply a mass gradient overlay. It can make things pretty intense. From there you can simply highlight or darken focals and non focals with the brush. I never knew how to use the damn pencil though. Thanks for the insight.

  3. I have a document in .tiff and .jpg version. I want to delete an entire section that has words and images in that section. Then add my own copy in the deleted section. I want to then bring together the left over sections from the section that I deleted closer to the copy that I added in the document. How do I do that?

  4. Video's like these suck sometimes because they leave out certain steps, like "bring in a background". He never explained how to do it…just did it. That's the problem with so many of these video's they seem to think everyone knows every single step when they dont.

  5. Ahh you have to press alt after a drag click to make sure the next one isn't curved, never knew thanks. And why would you ever as that shit is so counter intuitive, that's the problem with Photoshop nd what puts a lot off. The keys and buttons you have to press to do what you want are usually hidden or the buttons so small and out the way you would never know to choose them. What should happen is the minute you choose the pen tool, a separate menu for the pen tool should pop out automatically and large, with the options highlighted by text. a little tip boxes ie, hold for curve and press alt to delete this option afterwards

  6. ty dude so much i finaly learned how to do it right all other videos are boring and they need so much time to go on top so very nice job

  7. When i do CTRL+J it creates a layer but it doesnt cut of the backround it just makes a copy of my original photo idk what it is im doing wrong here but im following every step and it doesnt cut out the backround just makes a copy of the photo.

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  10. Can I email you an image and you can do this for me brother? Please? I have been trying to cut an image out of me holding a fish for my channel art and I can't seem to get the edges right.

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