Photoshop CS6: Transform Portrait into Easy Cartoon

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100 Replies to “Photoshop CS6: Transform Portrait into Easy Cartoon”

  1. See right at 3:40, his black brush lines are lumpy. If you want to fix that, go to your brush tool (B) then press F5 to bring up brush settings. On the first menu that shows up, at th boottom, turn spacing all the way down to 1.

  2. at 3:10 i pressed the control-shift-alt-E but the layer didn't duplicate,can someone explain if theres something am doing wrongly?

  3. I think your practice and implementation is great. However, without you speaking and explaining things as you go I feel that most newcomers to photoshop (especially since the title is "Easy Cartoon") may not only get lost but in some instances become "scared" to continue learning how to use Ps. I haven't seen your recent videos but if you start speaking your views and support are only going to increase.

  4. I have a service in which i do this but full / half body, if you need a picture turned into a cartoon be sure to check out my service for this which is quick and easy

  5. Great photoshop tutorial. There are also good photoshop tips here: . Pen tool, transform a photograph into digital painting, photoshop cartoons etc

  6. you lost me at 2:33. I have no idea how you went over his arm and it didn't reveal/conceal. Mine did. I wonder if my image wasn't black/white enough (my background wasn't nearly 100% white like yours. Tutorial would be great if it had a voice telling us how and why you did certain things. I like what you ended up with but I can't get there myself. Also "order click here" was on top of what you were doing a couple times.

  7. i was going to donate because it's really help me but the donation link is blocked -This recipient is currently unable to receive money.

  8. Are you looking for transform your image into cartoon effect.I'm here to help u,i'm a professional graphic designer over 1 year experienced . order link:

  9. explanation of what you're doing (instead of zooming in and out) as you are going thru this would be nice. nice technique, but i had to watch this like 20 times and by then, the elevator music was insanely annoying. and for that reason i won't subscribe

  10. Gave up trying to follow this guide as at various parts the person just speeds through with no explanation of what they are doing, nor can you clearly see what they are doing at some stages.

  11. i know this video is years old but i went to mask the background dup layer and when i go to brush it doesn't erase anything

  12. I tried and its was good i mean not was same as the picture but 89/100 was same… thnx I will work hard to get 100/100 like you!

  13. Less than a minute after you started you lost me!!! Your method of instruction is for those who already know this sh-tuff!!!!! Thumbs down 🙁

  14. I'm having a really hard time doing this, does the light in the photo need to be excessive? Everything is dark. Also, what about the clothing elements?

  15. ở đây có ai thích học photoshop k nhỉ, sắp tới,mk dự kiển sẽ làm thêm về phần chia sẻ kinh nghiệm dùng pts, mn quan tâm thì ghé qua kênh mk ủng hộ (like + subcribe+..) mình nhé, thanks mn

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