Photoshop Tutorial: How to Make Glamorous, “Fashion Magazine”, Skin Glow Effects

Hi. This is Marty from Blue Lightning TV.
I’m going to show you how to transform a photo into glamorous portraits by adding
a variety of sexy, skin glows you often see in fashion magazines, posters and record album covers.
Open a photo you’d like to use. I downloaded this one from The first
thing we should do is to convert your image into a Smart Object, so any effects we give
it will be non-destructive. Click the icon at the top, right corner of the Layers panel
and choose “Convert to Smart Object”. I’ll show you the fastest and simplest way
to give it a glamorous, skin glow. Make a copy of it by pressing Ctrl + J on Windows
or Cmd + J on a Mac. Go to Filter and Filter Gallery. Open the Distort folder and click Difuse Glow. We won’t add any graininess because we want to keep our image as smooth as possible.
The Glow amount controls how bright the glow and the Clear amount determines how much
of the image is covered by the glow. For this particular image, I’ll set the glow at 1 and the Clear at 6. Keep in mind, depending on the size, resolution and characteristics of
your photo, you should experiment with these amounts until you get just the right combination
that looks good to you. Then, click OK. Click Click the Adjustment layer icon and choose “Vibrance”.
Click the “Clip-to-Layer” icon which clips or restricts the adjustment layer to effect
only the one layer beneath it in the Layers panel. Slide the Vibance all the way to the right. As you can see when I toggle back and
forth, we now added a soft, skin glow to our image and we did it with just one adjustment
layer and one filter. Now, I’ll show you some other ways to achieve beautiful, glamorous
effects, but this time, with a bit more complexity. First, let’s group the last effect into its
own folder. To do this, Shift-click on the thumbnail of the middle layer to highlight
it and press Ctrl or Cmd + G. Click off the eyeball next to the folder to hide it. Click
Layer 0 to make it active and make a copy of it. Change the Blend Mode to Overlay. Go
to Filter, Blur and Gaussian Blur. Reduce the view until you can see most of the face.
Adjust the Radius amount, so you can barely make out the eyes, nose and mouth. Then, click
OK. Hide the layer and make the bottom layer active. We want to make a selection just around
the skin. To do this, go to Select and Color Range. Make sure Selection is ticked. If you’re
working on CS5 or earlier, choose Sampled Colors and adjust the Fuzziness until you
see that most of the skin is selected with as little of the rest of the image showing.
Then, click OK. If you’re working on CS6 or later, choose Skin Tones. Photoshop automatically
finds the skin and adjusts the color range to get the best selection. Then, click OK.
Press “Q” to make the selection into a quickmask. Open your Brush Tool and choose a medium-sized
brush and a Hardness of 0%. Make sure the Opacity and Flow are 100% each. Now, paint
over areas that aren’t part of the skin. To remove areas of the quickmask, make the
foreground color white by pressing “x” on your keyboard or by clicking this icon.
Now, brush over areas of the skin that the quickmask covered, as well as the lips. To
enlarge or reduce the size of the brush, press the the right or left bracket keys. Now, brush
over those areas. To paint back in areas, press “x” again to make the foreground color black. Make sure you have the eyes and eyebrows filled in. When you’re done, press “Q” again to revert the quickmask back into a selection.
Make the middle layer visible and active. Click the Layer Mask icon to make a layer
mask of the selection next to the active layer. As I turn the layer mask off and on, you can
see the difference. Next, we’ll make the eye color more attention-getting. First, make
a composite snapshot of your image by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E on Windows or Cmd +
Shift + Option + E on a Mac. Then, make a copy of it. Make sure black is your foreground
color and click on the quickmask icon, so we can brush in a quickmask. Now carefully
brush over just the irises. Press “Q” to make it into selections and then click the Layer mask icon to make a layer mask of the selections. Invert the layer mask by pressing Ctrl or
Cmd + I. Click the photo to make it active and click the Adjustment layer icon. Choose
Vibrance and click the clip-to-layer icon to restrict the adjustment layer to just the irises. Slide the Vibrance and Saturation all the way to the right. The last effect can be achieved simply by adding a filter that we used earlier. First,
make another composite snapshot and go to Filter, and Filter Gallery. Use Diffuse Glow
again with same settings you used earlier. To intensify the effect, press Ctrl or Cmd + F to repeat the last filter. Have fun transforming regular photos into
glamorous, sexy portraits. This is Marty from Blue Lightning TV. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Great Photoshop Skills !… Thank you for sharing Marty… I'll be sharing this one as well on Facebook… 

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    why we need to convert image in smart object ? i don't know why you convert few images in smart object.
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    And I wish you more lessons in the commercial and advertising
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  4. Marty, my filter gallery text is light gray and I don't have what you used.  How can I create what you showed here?  Thank you.

  5. Marty you utterly the best! Great quality videos with concise instruction easy for anyone to follow!

    Thank you for teaching me so much! I'll help anyway I can by like all your videos because they are all top quality! Thank you again!

  6. How can anyone maintain such a pleasant, patient, all-explaining voice when talking to dummies AND handling recent and older versions of PS and handling Windows and Apple. Brilliant, very helpful, and always useful.

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  10. First big thanks for the videos!!

    Second, I'm having an issue. I followed your tutorial a few times and maybe it was just the image I was using but, I could see where the layer mask stopped on my portrait.  The portrait I used the girl has hair over her forehead and it's very difficult to select the skin without getting the hair. It's also very obvious. I can even see it on the one you use in the video. It just looks kind of grey. Is there a better method to select skin that is partly covered with hair?  It may be that I just can't use this technique on pictures like that but, I wanted to ask.

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  13. I really like this tutorial but it's not working for me with CS5. I've tried numerous different portraits and get the same result: when applying the Diffuse Glow, the effect causes severe darkening in the areas which should glow brighter.  This is with Diffuse Glow settings of 0/2/6. Here is a sample of what I get –

  14. when i use the Defuse Glow i only darkened the picture even more! i put the Grainines to 0 the Glow Amount to 0 and the Clear Amount to 20 and it looks normal! just like the original! if i try to do anything else it just darken up the picture! ive been trying with diferent pics and still it doesnt work!

  15. Great Videos Marty. I always love your way of explaining. One thing I notice with my Photoshop CC is that when I click on 'Filters', the 'Filter Gallery…' option is grayed out. Is this something they did with latest upgrade? In that case, what options do I choose?

    – Mahesh

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