Hello guys, this is farzz and I’m here with another tutorial today. I’ll show you how to edit and retouch outdoor portrait Just like this from this to this Look at difference. This is beautiful and I have done these by several steps Okay, let’s check first I have done some color grading using Camera Raw and then retouching and then dodge and burn and Some fake light there and The effect and I’m also adding some sharpness to the image Look at this This is the before and this is the after So guys let’s see how it happens at first open your image Press ctrl + j to copy and convert to smart object Then go to camera raw filter And – 54 highlights And One thing I am giving this preset fully free you will find the link in the video description to download this preset totally free and 33 for Shadow Then 24 for white 8 for clarity and then 18 for dehaze and minus 15 for vibrance and 2 for saturation That’s fine then go to curves and Select here blue and Make a point Input 0 and output 36 Then make another point input 28 and Output 39 That’s fine and make another point Input 109 and output 98 That looks great Then select red Make a point and input 82 and Output 78 Make another point here input 147 and Then output 1 for 2 That’s fine. Then go to sharpness and Around 60 for sharpness and noise reduction luminance 28 Not 30 that’s fine then go to saturation panel Here 42 for red – 27 for orange That’s fine and minus 100 for Yellow and – 100 for green – 81 for Aquas That’s fine and blues 57 That’s fine then go to luminance – 32 for red And 41 for orange Thats fine Then go to camera calibration Come to the red primary and Saturation thirty Thirteen actually Then green primary – 49 for hue Then come to the blue primary – thirty-eight for hue and minus 20 for saturation That’s fine That’s okay. This was the before and this is the after press. Okay when you are done Okay Now press shift+ ctrl + Alt + E to Merge and Now I will do some Retouch work and skin Toning I am using skin finer for this Select the skin color Okay, forget the other selection we will mask it later now just concentrate on the skin That’s fine Okay, that looks good And I want a little bit Reddish color so hue around minus 15 and it’s fine then decrease the saturation a little bit and Increase the contrast Having 15 fine and 10 to 12 for shadows Okay, lets see This is the before and this is the after. I think little down to This is the before this is the after and before and after Okay, that’s fine, press okay when you are done This is the before and this is the after but I want this effect only the skin area so create a mask and Press ctrl + I to inverse Then pick a white soft brush and Paint over this game That’s fine Looks great Okay Now again, press shift+ ctrl + Alt + E to Merge and Again, copy this layer by pressing ctrl + J Ok first hide this layer select this layer and double clicking on this or Go to blending option here you select screen And bring this point Like this This will help you to lightining the area Press and hold alt and click to divide this and bring another point like this Ok come close a little bit Now you can see clearly Okay, that’s fine now press ok now Activate this layer and go To the blending option and the selector multiply Now bring this point to these Again, press alt and click to divide this and bring this point Like this That’s fine Press ok, select this two layer Press ctrl + G to put them in a group and Create a mask then go to image and then apply image That’s good Okay, now press ok now You can see the result this was the before totally flat image and now look at this But I don’t want this effect in this area look at this these areas are also affected so click on the mask and Paint with the black brush That’s fine Now look at this, this is the before and this is the after You can decrease the effect if you want, but I think this is perfect Now and I wanna add a fake light in this area To make the image more dramatic for this. I’m picking an orange color and the soft brush and then paint then change the blend mode to screen and Press ctrl + T. To resize it And Decreasing the opacity around 55% looks good Now I wanna add a solid color And Color code is 746a64 Then press ok, and Then soft light Okay Look at this before and after Now I want to add some sharpness for this again, press Shift + ctrl + Alt + E and Then go to filter other and high-pass I Think one point five is perfect for this press ok, and change the blend mode to vivid light Now look at this you Can also decrease the opacity now Look at this It looks great This was the before and this is the after I Hope this video will help you and if you like this video hit the like button leave your comments and don’t forget to subscribe


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