Pia’s Final Photoshoot as Miss Universe

This is going to be my last photoshoot officially
as Miss Universe. Wearing the crown and everything. It’s a little bitter sweet but I’m excited
because we got some great wardrobe in here. We’re working with a lot of Filipino designers. Beautiful gowns that have been sent from various
designers from around the country. We’re really trying to create like a regal
queenly feel. Inspiration is about glamour. We want to see Queen Pia in this shoot.

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  1. I can't believe there is only gonna be a top 12 this year. I always thought 15 was too small but to bring it down just 12 πŸ™

  2. I've been waiting for this video for a long time. Now that your era is about to end. Thanks for showing us the real beauty and always be true to yourself. You really inspired us Queen Pia! After Miss Universe I know that there's a lot of opportunities line up for you. Just keep slaying and maintain it. You will be the Unforgettable Miss U winner in the history (since from the beginning). Kisses and love from your fellow countrymen here in the Philippines. Mabuhay! 😘😘😘

  3. Esta chica es hermosa, siempre me gusto. Suerte Pia en tu nueva vida post corona universal. Siempre te vamos a recordar

  4. Honestly, out of this batch the only girls who could succeed Pia 100%successfully and continue her legacy are Nicaragua, Colombia and France. To me, Nicaragua has the same queenly vibe as Pia, but is so so so fresh. I love her she seems like an amazing public speaker, speaks English perfectly and is so natural. I have just one word for France-> REGAL. She is just the epitome of class and seems really really mature and responsible to me. It's kind of time for France to win it's 2nd crown, it's been what, 63,64 yrs !!
    My absolute favorite ,though, is COLOMBIA! I've followed Andrea since her Miss Choco days, then all through her reign as Senorita Colombia, and man, that girl gave it her all to help people of her country in need. She spent most of her reign in rural, poor parts of Colombia helping, hanging out with people, visiting hospitals, schools, playing with kinds, spreading awareness of how important education especially is. AND COME ON, Andrea's personality is to die for, sooooo confident but if you've been following her since she came to Manila, humble as well. Original, collecting pins and exchanging them with people from all around Philippines, being her silly and authentic self despite all the haters. And those curves, and that healthy strong athletic build!!! So inspiring in every way. I wanna be her, I wanna be her best friend, I'm so inspired by her social work. AND, she does speak English, not so well, but she could for sure communicate and be a great spokesperson for Miss Universe.

    Also, I wanna mention some of the girls that I really don't think should be as praised as they are and those are Venezuela and Thailand(Brazil also but she didn't have as much time as these specific two) BOTH GORGEOUS on the outside, please don't get me wrong. BUT!! They are one of those queens who have been crowned, especially Venezuela, more than a year before the pageant, yet they CANNOT SAY A SINGLE WORD IN ENGLISH. I know Miss Universe is not about speaking a specific language(Janine Tugonon :)), but they spent all that time practicing catwalk, makeup, at the gym (when they already had perfect bodies at their respective national competitions), hair lessons, figuring out the perfect styling, clothes..We've all seen last yr, Pia is the perfect example, how that is NOT the most important thing. If they were crowned a month before the pageant, I would understand why they don't speak English, but man, if they only spent an hour a week doing English lessons they would've been fluent now. I suppose since they wanna be Miss Universe, they know they're gonna live in NYC, they know their boss and stylist and photographer, and everyone they meet along the way are gonna, most of them, speak only English, their interviews are gonna be in English. What are they gonna carry the translator with themselves all the time and everywhere they go and look as (sorry to say this) dumb as Stefania Fernandez did in her interviews after being crowned Miss Universe? Are they just gonna laugh when asked a question in English and think they gave an answer(watch videos of them in Manila when someone interviews them)? Honestly, I do think they both deserve to be in top 12, but I am from Croatia and I speak English and my representative speaks fluent English, I've been following Miss Universe for years and Miss Universe reaches to a worldwide public. English is a universal language, not my choice, that's how it is and I think they should've taken the effort to at least learn it as Colombia did to be able to say basic things. They do not now anything, they can say HI, thank you and YES. Literally. NO HATE! Just a thought, because if they did put in that effort and took time off of their for example makeup classes to learn a bit of English, those two could've been top two. This way, I'll be disappointed id they are..

    PIA set the standards too high.

  5. Maxine be yourself just like Pia,Ms.Universe is confident beautiful at heart, GOD bless you through the MS.Universe pageant,GOD bless Philippines.

  6. We love you Pia! – Top Contenders

    Mexico, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Columbia, Venezuela, Brazil , Thailand, Croatia, Kenya, Peru,

    Philippines, Belgium, Australia, Barbados, U.S.A , Indonesia,

  7. What happened with Fadil Berisha? He is not longer the official photographer of miss universe?. By the way I love Pia she is confidently beautiful with a heart <3 Love from Ecuador

  8. pia's reign is about to end, but she has never visited CDO, the city that she represented 3x during her binibini years, since she won miss universe. it's very frustrating in my part as a cdo resident though I cannot blame her since she's not in charged of her schedule. I always believe in the statement "ang Hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay Hindi makakarating sa paroroonan." cheers to pia and the whole Filipino nation.


  10. Pia you're my favorite Ms. Universe. I'm from the Philippines. I hope I could be like you someday. -Ricci πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

  11. She is so beautiful, inside and out. I can't handle it 😍😍😍 Such an amazing personality.

    Also, shout out to Marquis!! I love how he has a relationship with every Miss USA, Teen USA, and Miss Universe. He's an amazing person and stylist!!

  12. Grazie! πŸ™‚ mi ha fatto capire tanto del vostro mondo. Riuscite a fare cose grandi con poco. Condivido in pieno questo spirito

  13. Thank you pia sa pagkapanalo mo sa ating bansa! Kahit last na ito may simula parin may mananalo paring ms universe philippines para sa ating bansa tulad ni ms. Catriona Gray! LABYU

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