picsart editing tutorial How to remove acne / pimple & make skin smooth

Hello friends Welcome to my channel Here I am going to show you How to make your skin smoother & Softer & how to remove your pimples from your photo Using PIcsart App in your Android mobile Now you can also upload your nice photo On FACEBOOK WHATSAPP & SOCIAL WEBSITE WITHOUT HESITATION All you need is just picsart app android mobile And my video tutorial 🙂 to follow the steps 😉 OPEN Picsart App go to gallary Select your photo Click on Effects click on blur select lens blur adjust the radius & Lightness of blur click ok click on Draw click layers click add button add photo layer Select same photo ( without blur ) place over the blur photo click eraser Select brush size Brush over skin where ever you want your skin softer You can see , now your photo become very clear Pimple free & Soft Skin Thanks for watching Definitely subscribe My Channel

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