Picture-perfect portraits with the Sony A7R IV | Photographer Kenton Thatcher

I’m Kenton Thatcher
I’m an advertising photographer who’s very fortunate with the work that I do
that takes me all over the world and meeting some very interesting people For me a great photo is first view first impact, and it’s what a single image portrays. Even a simple portrait is like a painting,
it tells a story Working with Sony changed the course of the way
that I am working with photography and certainly, with advertising. I’ve just started recently with the new alpha 7R IV which is just a phenomenal camera My old school days with film
I used to work a lot with a medium format camera and it was all about quality The a7R IV; this amazing 61MP camera gives this amazing quality
as close as you can get basically to a medium format with something that’s super lightweight
and working at a very fast speed. This is a particular image I really like here part of her face is only a
fraction of the centre that’s being used But obviously as we go up to 100%
you’ve got this most amazing detail, and just look at the skin tones.
To have that quality is outstanding We’ve just swapped lenses to the 24-70 purely because there’s so much movement going on
in the picture with the hair we’re not sure where the final crop of the image is So I want to play safe and make sure I’ve got the whole hair featured
and then, obviously, we can crop Having 61 mega-pixels
you’ve got guaranteed resolution on the final image. On location, one of the fantastic things now with the Sony
is the Dynamic Range You’ve got 15 stops which is just unbelievable The whites that you can hold all the detail in
And the blacks you can completely open up so every part of detail is going to be covered Normally this would be a huge challenge
with the various densities, the light, the contrast I know as a fact that with this camera
everything is covered with the large Dynamic Range that we have. The G-Master lenses are just beautiful
The contrast and the latitude of the lens is just wonderful The Eye AF is my favourite feature, from Sony, full stop It is a Game Changer,
because you have images guaranteed sharp and lifestyle is very much in fashion at the moment.
And lifestyle is all about movement and living the moment. So it gives me complete freedom
so I can walk or run and the Eye AF will just basically lock in and track,
and you know it’s going to be sharp. Managing to shoot 10 frames per second
on 61 megapixels is a first Even though I only want one image,
I’ve got so many more possibilities because her dress is in sort of this flow of movement
there’s always one, I’m sure that’s going to be perfect. So the beauty on this particular shot using real-time tracking,
it just hits the mark and when she looks at me it kicks in the Eye AF
it’s phenomenal You know, I haven’t missed a shot In photography we always have to keep reinventing ourselves. Sony are really listening to the photographers
and their needs If I look at my work in the last two or three years
of the campaigns that I’m now shooting, Which, you know, I could never have done before With Sony you know you’re going to get the best results
that you possibly can

5 Replies to “Picture-perfect portraits with the Sony A7R IV | Photographer Kenton Thatcher”

  1. Hey sony was ist bei der ps4 falsch der playstation Shop geht nicht könntet ihr euch darum mal bitte kümmern wäre echt geil

  2. Kenton is an amazing photographer and the work he has been doing with the new Sony is truly impressive. It’s mind blowing the extent of detail it reaches. Kudos to Sony for achieving this milestone. 👌

  3. Hi, have you tried to use this camera for Landscape using pixel shift multi. I watched a video with someone saying that you can take 16 photos combine them together and can become a 240megpixls shot. and you cant see the photo until you get it on the sony software and fix manually. apparently the pixel shift thing is only useful for something that's not moving? my sony ar7 4 is on its way regardless of pixel multi shift. I think the sharpness on this camera is fantastic coming from a canon camera.

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