Picture-perfect precision with the Alpha 9 II | Sports photographer Francis Bompard

I’m Francis Bompard I’m a professional photographer since more than forty years now I specialise in alpine ski The ski racing is a very speedy sport You need absolutely to get a high-speed camera and to get as many frames as you can When you’re in the race, you have to be there one hour before the start and you cannot move That means you have to find a place where you have different possibilities I would like to find a place where I can shoot maybe a small racer in the landscape, and after the action, a little bit higher and maybe some back picture of the back of the racer with something else I always try to find a place where I can make more than one picture If you use a combination of blackout free, 20 frames per second and also the perfect autofocus of the α9II, what else It’s the perfect combination. You don’t miss anything. 20 frames per second gives you moments that you don’t get with a normal camera You get, this moment that was between two frames before, You have it now When the racer hits the gate, when the racer is not in balance The autofocus of the α9II gives you so many possibilities You can shoot even in blind places, you don’t see the racer arrive you make a pre-focus and then tack, the focus gets the guy and doesn’t leave him. It is amazing what you can shoot now with this camera, that we cannot shoot before. If you make a pan like that and you have a slow shutter 1/60 of a second or 1/100 of a second, you give the real impression of the speed with this kind of picture The tip for a panning shot is to put your feet just in the middle of your pan, and to just turn with your body to get the perfect balance Combined with the stabilisation of the body and stabilisation of the lens, you’re successful With the α9II, with the blackout free you always can put your focus point on the subject. It’s incredible The challenge of shooting a night race is that you need to get no flickering. If use the mechanical shutter, I go to 10 frames per second and 10 frames per second is huge advantage also in these kind of races. I’m completely confident about using this camera in every type of weather that I can get It works really well with the cold, the batteries are really powerful, and I can shoot with a glove without any problems. The α9II gives us the possibility to send a picture really fast. You get the wifi or you can take the LAN, it’s so fast that you can send a lot of pictures to your editor You have to help your editor, so I use voice tag. You know the name of the racer, you tag it, then it’s on the way. For our business it’s very important. I always say the best shot I’ve taken is the one I will do tomorrow. You are not to look back, the shot is done. You send it, the picture is great but go further and look forward.

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  1. Holy Swedish Meatballs those pictures are amazing! I'm more in favor of the a7RIV because I don't do Sports pictures but if I did then A9ii all the way

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