Pixel 3: smartphone do Google continua tendo a câmera como grande destaque | Review / Análise

The Pixel 3 didn’t follow the trend of cell phones with several cameras, but can it compete with its rivals in quality? We’ll see everything the new Google smartphone has to offer and if the device competes with the main flagships of 2018. Google’s smartphone has not undergone major design changes. Despite being the same size as before, we have half an inch more at the screen. The company has finally shortened the edges for a better screen to body ratio. While the predecessor had a rear that mixed metal with glass, the Pixel 3 brings one all finished in glass, being good part with matte texture to improve the grip of this device. This also helps reduce the buildup of fingerprints. In the case of the model in white, we still have the colored energy button, which in this case is green. Other than that there is not much to say. We only have the USB-C input and the SIM card tray at the bottom, and the power button on the right side of the unit. On the front we find the same speakers as before, but the novelty this time stands for the second camera for selfies, which has wide-angle lens. The biometric reader continues at the rear and works very well, quickly unlocking the device When opening the box of the Pixel 3 we find a charger with maximum power of 18 watts, usb cable with C-type connection at both ends, manuals, SIM ejection tool and Google stickers. There are two adapters. One is for connecting traditional headphones, since the Pixel 3 has no P2 input, and the other converts from standard USB-A to USB-C. The novelty of this generation goes to the pair of headphones that comes with the product something that was missing in the first two Pixels. They are made of hard plastic and bring USB-C connection, which eliminates the use of the adapter. Unlike the XL version, the Pixel 3 did not come with a notch at the top of the screen. Google just stretched the panel to take better advantage of the front of the device. We have 5.5 inches with Full HD + resolution and OLED technology. The colors are vivid, but the white tone is half pulled to the blue. You can correct this by changing the saturation profile to natural. The screen delivers optimum image quality, but the brightness level is below rivals. When you use it in an external environment it becomes more difficult to see the contents of your screen than on the Galaxy S9 and OnePlus 6T, for example. The loudspeakers of the Pixel 3 are powerful and do not leave anything to be desired for the competition. What we notice is that the superior component reproduces more the high sounds, while the lower is responsible for most of the lows. ♫ The handset that comes with the device is not comfortable and may not please many. Sound quality, on the other hand, is decent. but is below what other flagships deliver. The Pixel 3 has Snapdragon 845, same chipset that you find on just about any Android flagship launched in 2018. But interestingly, Google decided to reduce the speed of the processor As a result, the Pixel 3 ends up being slower than other devices with the same configuration. Of course the Google smartphone runs any application available for Android without problem, but for those who are looking for the fastest cellphone of the year, this would not be the right one. There are midrang models that did better in our tests. In benchmarks we also see results below other devices with Snapdragon 845. At least in games we have not seen any drop in performance. The battery life when gaming may not be the best, but it is possible to stay a few hours away from the outlet. Camera has always been the forte of the Pixel series and this has not changed in this generation. Google’s smartphones continue to capture great photos and videos, and now has heavier competition from Apple. Apple’s smartphones are coming close to the quality delivered by the Pixel series. The HDR algorithm records wide dynamic range, with well preserved highlights and good contrast, which makes photos captured in well-lit places look great. The camera of the device delivers a more neutral color balance, while Samsung’s models tend to warmer colors and Apple’s cooler tones. The Pixel 3 uses super zoom resolution to bring objects closer together without compromising quality. The result is interesting, but below rivals with tele-objective lens. On the other hand, the device uses night mode to record clearer photos in low light or in the sun. For selfies the Pixel 3 is very good, delivering the best results in the category. And with the secondary camera, with wide-angle lens, it is possible to shoot photos with the whole class. In night scenes we noticed that the Pixel 3 does not try to hide the noise, but it manages to preserve a good amount of details of the scenarios. The same goes for the camcorder, which records videos lighter, but with a lot of grain. Stabilization is effective with both cameras, but audio quality could be better. Video test with the Pixel 3 for TudoCelular. Google has increased the battery capacity to compensate for the larger screen. It is a shame that the company continues to refuse to put generous batteries in its handsets and as expected, the range of the Pixel 3 is lower than we desired. If you take the Pixel 3 out of the wall outlet when you wake up, it will end up unloading in the late afternoon in moderate use with videos and games. In lighter use, it is even possible to reach the end of the day with some load left, but it is advisable to walk with a charger for safety. And even with the battery not being large, the charger still takes almost two hours to recharge it. The good news is that accelerated charge allows you to recover one third of the battery with half an hour in the outlet The Pixel 3 debuted the Android Pie, which was previously released in beta for some devices. In this version we had a strong change in the interface and also in the way we interact with Android, switching from the classic buttons to a gesture navigation system. Here we have a fast and very well optimized interface, with smooth animations that leave many Android flagships envious. Not to mention that the Google smartphone always receives updates before the models of the other manufacturers What we can conclude is that Google has reduced the edges of the device to deliver more screen without increasing the dimensions The Pixel 3 delivered good screen, powerful sound, agile performance and up-to-date updates. The camera continues to be its biggest highlight surpassing what the main rivals deliver. However, the company still misses the mark on battery, which is lower than desired. And even with powerful hardware and Android without modifications, the Pixel 3 managed to be slower than the vast majority of the 2018 flagships and even some midrangers. For those looking for pure Android experience and quality camera, the Pixel 3 is the most appropriate, but by looking at the overall set, you’ll find more interesting options both in the domestic and imported markets. If you were curious to check all the details on the Pixel 3, just check out the article at TodoCelular.com, found in the link in the description of the video. There you will see everything the Google device has to offer. Here was Francisco Lucena and see you next time!

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  1. Maravilhoso vídeo, parabéns pelo canal mais que top. Só uma opinião minha, o mercado nacional quase nenhum smartphone presta só os que gente rica pode comprar. Valeu 😼

  2. Meu sonho é esse celular , acho o design dele o mais bonito entre todos os concorrentes , e apesar dele não ser o mais rápido, ele ainda sim humilha a Apple.

  3. A melhor câmera do mercado. Para mim, o maior pecado do aparelho nem seria a redução do clock do processador, e sim a bateria fraca. Um top de linha não pode ter menos do que 3500 mAh, e o ideal seria ter 4000. Fora isso, excelente aparelho.

  4. Adorei esse vídeo, se não for pedir muito teria como fazer o comparativo do pixel 2 e do 3?
    Realmente vale apena pegar o 3 sendo que não teve grande mudanças? Se for o caso é melhor pegar Pixel 2.

  5. A Google é incrível tratando-se de hardware e software, mas parede q ela quer imitar a Apple em questão de smartphones, 4GB de RAM, Notch, bateria com menos de 3k mA em 2018, redução do Clock do processador, etc…🙄😓

  6. Ja deixo deslike 😑 review ou analise muito fraca parece que so apple e samsung sabem fazer celulares para esse canal.tudocelular ja nao e mais o mesmo

  7. Isso de ser um pouco mais lento que outros modelos com o snapdragon 845 tem uma razão de ser, e eu acho que deve ser da inteligência artificial e software da câmera que ocupam muito processamento. Além disso tem funcionalidades que a google põe em que não há em mais nenhum smartphone no mundo. No fundo usufrui das potencialidades reais do processador de topo…

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