Pixel 3 XL REVIEW – After 3 Months

What’s happening everyone? My name is Alex and welcome back. In today’s video we are gonna be talking about
the Pixel 3 XL and my experience with this phone after using it for for about 3 months
as my daily driver or my day to day phone. so I got this phone a couple of weeks before
it was released and I am not using it because I don’t have other options, I could use my
Note 9, I could use my Mate 20 Pro but there is something that brings me back to this phone
every single time. now don’t get me wrong this phone is far from
being perfect but as I said there is something about it that always brings me back, but we
are gonna talk about every single thing. so we are gonna start with the physical appearance,
as you are well aware the back of the phone is made out of glass but me personally i’ve
been using this phone with a case 95% of the time, I only take without a case if I use
some tighter pants or if I am going somewhere fancy and I just don’t want the bulkiness
of the case to get i the way. So if I remove the case I have absolutely
no scratches on the back but that makes sense. Since I have a case on it there are no scratches
on the camera either because otherwise the camera would touch any surface everytime you
would place this down so there are no scratches, and the fingerprint scanner works better than
it first did because now it got a bit faster after a couple of updates. Now, keep in mind that the fingerprint scanner
is not as fast as other phones available on the market but it’s still very very usable. Now there is something strange about this
phone and that’s the fact that the phone doesn’t support face unlocking and as you are well
aware pretty much any phone available on the market, even like $100 phones support face
unlocking, well but not this one and that may have to do with security because face
unlocking isn’t as secure as a PIN or the fingerprint scanner. Moving to the front of the device, well, here
I don’t use a screen protector and I haven’t used a screen protector for pretty much any
phone and without using a screen protector I don’t have absolutely any scratches on the
screen but keep in mind that I try to protect the screen as much as I can, so I am not gonna
have the keys in the same pocket as the phone, I’m not gonna have another phone in the same
pocket, so I do my best to keep the screen scratch free basically, and after three months
well the phone basically looks like new and there are no scratches anywhere but that has
to do a lot with the fact that I keep a case on it. And since we are talking about the front of
the device there is something on the front of the device that annoys me every single
day and that is the most obnoxious notch ever made for any smartphone. So because of the notch you cannot see your
notifications, you can see two notifications and that’s about it; the other ones don’t
show up because the notch is too big, so defiantly annoying, and if you are watching any videos
or any movies and you want to zoom in, well the notch is gonna be in your video or movie,
so defiantly annoying; and I see a lot of people saying that they get used to the notch,
well there is no getting used to this notch because it’s so big and it’s in your way every
single day. but there is something in the notch there
that we don’t get with other phones, so we have two front facing cameras, we have two
8mp cameras and one of them is a ultra wide lens and that lens is awesome if you are with
a group of people or if you wanna show some of the background whenever you are taking
a selfie; and the cameras on the front of this phone are the best selfie cameras on
any phone, of course the software has a lot to do with that as well, but if you are looking
for a phone to take the best selfies this is it, not to mention that the portrait mode
looks absolutely stunning, you can even use the Night Sight mode with the front facing
cameras and you can take like basically pictures in total darkness and they are gonna look
good, so ya we have to put up with the notch but we get the best front facing cameras on
any smartphone. We also have the second front facing speaker
in the notch there and I believe that the speakers on the Pixel 3 XL are the best speakers
on any Android phone, I think that the speakers on the iPhone XS Max sound a bit better but
if you have to choose the best speakers from an Android phone, well this is the one and
this is one of the reasons why I keep coming back to this phone, the speakers are just
absolutely amazing, but once again we have to put up with that notch so we can have awesome
speakers, but ya the speakers are really really good. Another thing that’s really good is the rear
camera, so on the back we have one camera, just one, a 12.2mp camera and this is the
best camera on any smartphone. Of course it’s not only the camera, the software
does most of the work but this is the main reason why I keep this phone with me every
single day, the cameras on it are just absolutely amazing. If you take portrait mode pictures they turn
out really good, if you take regular looking pictures they turn out, if you take any pictures
with this phone they all look really good, so there is no other phone that takes pictures
as good as this. Of course it would be nice to have like a
wide angle lens on the back, a zoom lens and so on but we don’t get that and I guess I
have to live with that, but ya, that is the main reason why this phone stays with me every
single day. Now, the cameras are great for pictures but
if you are gonna record videos with the rear camera, well that it’s not that great and
than i’m gonna take the Note 9 with me if I know that I have to film something, because
the video quality from this phone is just not that great. So, ya the cameras are amazing for pictures,
not that amazing for videos and if you film a lot with your phone I do recommend that
you buy a Note 9 instead of this. Another thing that got better over the last
month or so is the battery life, so when I first started using this phone I was only
able to get between 4 to 5 hours of screen on time, but these days I can get up to 7
hours of screen on time so I never have to charge this twice throughout the day and even
if I would have to charge it, the phone supports fast charging and fast wireless charging with
that fast wireless charger that you can buy for it and I haven’t actually plugged this
in in months, I just put it on that charger when I go to bed and that it’s charged for
the next day. So sure you can get better battery life from
the Note 9 or the Huawei Mate 20 Pro but as long as the phone makes it through and entire
day without having to be charged that’s fine with me. Moving on to the software experience, so the
phone feels just as fast as it felt in the first day, so no, the phone doesn’t slow down
and even though we only have 4GB ram inside this device, it doesn’t feel slow. Now there are some apps that will have to
reload every now and than but I haven’t seen that many having to reload, mostly comparing
this to the Note 9 and as I said it feels just as speedy as it was on the first day. The Google Launcher is definitely not my favorite,
I got rid of that a few days after I started using the phone because with the gestures
and the app drawer, well everything was kind of confusing, you would try to open the multitasking
but than you would open the app drawer and so on. So I installed Nova Launcher instead of the
Google Launcher and I’ve been very very happy with the phone like this. There are still some issues with the Bluetooth
connectivity, so you have a pair of headphones connected to the phone, you are listening
to music and all of a sudden the Bluetooth connection just fails and than you have to
reconnect and i’ve seen this happening with my headphones and in the car as well, something
that doesn’t happen if I’m using my Note 9 for example. It’s not as bad as it was at the beginning
when I first started using the phone, than it was pretty horrible and that would happen
like 5-10 times a day, now it only happens like once or twice a day, but there is still
room for improvement. Some apps still don’t work as they should,
so for example, Instagram Stories, sometimes when you try to post an Instagram Story the
app just freezes and that doesn’t happen on any other phone, it only happens on the Pixel
3 XL, so, software optimization, or who knows if the apps aren’t built for it or who knows,
but it has gotten better over the past 3 moths but there are still some issues and something
that you don’t expect considering that this is Google’s flagship device, the phone that
pretty much all the manufacturers should look up to. So to quickly conclude this video, I use the
Pixel 3 XL for 3 main reasons, the cameras are the best cameras on any smartphone, the
speakers here, the front facing speakers are the best speakers on any Android phone and
I can get customizable cases for it, cases that I couldn’t get for any other phones and,
well I like having a case that nobody else has. The screen is not as good as a lot of other
phones available on the market, I mean, it looks great but it doesn’t get as bright,
so we can’t even compare the screen on this phone with the screen on the Note 9 for example,
it would be nice to have more cameras like a wide angle lens, a zoom lens and so on,
but that doesn’t happen with this phone, but at least we have three really good camera,
so basically, the cameras are the main reason why you would buy this phone, because they
are just absolutely amazing. Alright guys, hopefully you enjoyed this video,
if you did like, don’t forget to press that like button, don’t forget to subscribe, and
I will see you in the next one. Thanks for watching!

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  1. In the example, 3:22 the picture shows two people and one of them looks quite good, the other not so much. Is that the cameras?

  2. To be honest video recording, Bluetooth issues etc shouldn't be occurring knowing this is pure Android. Many Android One devices don't suffer from such issues & Google need to do more to make sure these are not devices to test & play with Android like beta testers.

  3. Nice review, it's amazing how Google isn't producing phones for very long time and it's always one of the best in the market

  4. HUGE notch and an even bigger chin (so why the notch?). Ugliest design ever created in a time when notches and chins are unneeded.

  5. One thing I like about your videos (aside from them being really good) is all the Cambridge shots 🙂 I don't live there but know the area well and its really cool to see camera review stuff with scenery that I know!

  6. I think by the end of 2019 we won't be seeing any notches on phones anymore 😀 that camera tho…. 🤤 And that Mustang… You're a YouTube rebel because you didn't get a Tesla.

  7. Well again no mention the number one reason to own a pixel is the security updates and frequency of updates. Samsung to me releases slow and that is concerning. You go Apple or pixel if you care about security and a good camera.

  8. Great review and thanks for promoting the use of cases! I just got a new case for my Nuu G3 and it is going to do more to protect the phone than staring at the "pretty" back! Keep up the great info!

  9. I bought a Mate 20 Pro to replace my Pixel 3XL but I'm now selling the Mate 20 as I just can't let go of that Pixel goodness!!

  10. Hey alex! Great coverage! I'm still switching between samsung s9+ and huawei mate 20 pro I think I need to try the pixel 3!!

  11. Great review as always and lots of nice pictures (samples). I can see why this is your main device ;). And i just have to agree – that notch just can't be something i would ever get used to. I don't own any and won't ever own a phone with something like that. Anyway, those cases (you're using the one i also voted for..hahaha) make it unique. I'd definitely get one of those too. How's the RAM treating you after the updates?

  12. I'm happy with mine. I like the stock launcher, but I "turn off" the notch in developer settings, which leaves it concealed in video playback too.
    Great long-term review, thanks much.

  13. Just bought a pixel 3 xl for £650 and sold my pixel xl for £170.
    Now after a couple updates it’s perfect for me. Camera, battery, screen, sound, os etc is the most important features that I require for a daily driver.
    That notch is something you get used to and i use nacho notch to hide it.
    Video sound is now improved and no memory management issues that affects me day to day.
    At £879 its not compelling but at £650 I don’t think there is anything better.

  14. Love love love my Pixel 3 XL. The more I use it, the more I like it. Especially that camera! Puts other smartphones like the highly overrated Galaxy Note 9’s camera to shame! ☺️

  15. Let's me speak from my heart… Блин лучше бы ты по русски все говорил с субтитрами

  16. pixel 3 xl is the best screen which gets A+ from DISPLAYMATE which is as good as note 9 even better in some things but pixel 3 xl has only one problem that it is not bright as note 9 that's it

  17. Purchased this phone and never have I ever been more disappointment on a phone, if you are willing to pay money for a phone stay with Samsung or if you dont want to, get a OnePlus but this phone not worth it's money, and that's coming from someone who had her phone broken and waited 4 months to save while using a 100€ phone which was low-key better, the notch not even a problem, I wish guys were as picky with their gf as they are with notches on phones, but honestly all the features that they claimed to have aren't what they advertise to be. I purchased it mainly for the translator in the headphones since I speak 4/5 languages going into 6 as I will continue school abroad and I thought I could use them (I don't know if I was being naive because if it were to do that then it would have probably been sold out or more known) but you can only do up to 2 languages and to switch you have to do it yourself because it's not able to recognize it unless you tell it, the camera it's aight but only if used alone, not compatible or as good with the rest of the applications (Insta, Snap, etc.) and Netflix glitches sometimes probably because they only used 4 Go RAM which for a price like this I don't understand why they couldn't have used something higher, and many other comments but I'll stop here.

  18. I have a question. What resolution videos can I watch on YouTube on my Google Pixel 3 XL? Ive research but just keeps coming up 2,960 x 1,440 pixels , IDK what that means lol.

  19. I disagree about the video quality because it's technically the best according to dxomark video rating along with p20 pro. I own one and I get amazed with the amount of details and stabilization of my videos especially daylight shots it looks crisp and smooth. iPhone XS and Note 9 are better just because of 4K 60fps

  20. Man, fara supărare, când faci review la un telefon ca asta pune măcar niste iconuri mai serioase, altfel tot ce poți spune poate fi luat in joaca, precum iconurile copilărești. Succes pe mai departe!

  21. Sir I don't think the phone is thar bad yes phone has issues actually many issues but the Google is not a only mobile making company it's a software company mainly and I personally feel that Google need to concentrate on its Pixel phone and other electronic device's bcoz of the concentrate more of their electronic device they will definitely give competition to all the other manufacturers and Pixel3 and Pixel3XL is my favourite phone they are always my favourite because I love Google

  22. Listen up everone because i have something very important to tell you:
    Never buy Apple products.
    Dont buy their iphones or laptops or computers.
    As a Blackman i can honestly say that Apple raped me very violently last year when i bought a
    brand new iphone 8 direct from apple and it had serious problems.
    Random reboots, earpiece speaker not working and many other problems.
    Apple refused to acknowledge the problems and kept raping me hard.
    When i first bought the phone with nearly a thousand in hard cash, as i walked out of the store
    during the rape my wallet suffered a massive internal hemorrhage from Apples sales reps.
    Apple held me down and forced, opened the legs of my mind and slowly started pumping me
    with their sales pitches.
    I was violently raped by Apple.

    Here is what i want to say to Apples CEO, Tim Cook.

    You did violently rape me.
    You did force the legs of mind mind open and start pumping me with your analysis and then
    after pumping me brutally, with a loud scream you ejaculated your ideas inside my mind.
    Then you,ve pulled out and have ran off laughing.
    I have been left on the floor with legs of my mind open and bleeding heavily after the brutal rape
    you have performed on me.

  23. I had the OnePlus 3 then went to the 2xl to see if the premiums where worth it and I can say after 8 months with the 2xl its just not and this new one is even worse in my opinion.

  24. Have any of you pixel owners switched from a Samsung, and if so how was the switch? I'm thinking of getting a pixel on my next phone purchase.

  25. Better wait for pixel xl 4 (sadly…).The 3rd generation is full of errors: designs, still bugs, battery life no more a selling point (like pixel xl2 was), video recordings lower than cheaper phones…. really disappointed even better using my OG pixel XL for the selling feature night shot (90% of the job is software).

  26. I've had every Nexus and every Pixel. I'm Google all the way but that notch is an embarrassment. Went back to my Pixel 2XL after 2 weeks.

  27. Happy with my smaller Pixel 3.
    No Notch, no curved screen BS.
    Smooth software, great camera.
    Hopefully I can use it for 2-3 years without any problems.

  28. Hi Alex I,am a Owner Pixel xl 2 (Love it),tell me please honest,to buy The pixel xl3 or not,is the camera better? (some people says is the same camera)Greetings from Greece ps.Please if you read my Comment and Find time Answer me .

  29. Just wanted to say that I've watched a bunch of your videos to make my decision on which phone to purchase. Really instructive and honest review. Answered all my questions. Thanks!!

  30. My pixel 3 is coming in today and love the look of yours. You have nova launcher on it by how to you get your icons to look like that and your weather icon too? If you could give me a few steps to help me set it up would be great!!! Kind of new to changing stuff on smartphones. Usually just use them as is…Thanks

  31. It's kind of weird but when u guys use facebook on Pixel 3 series , is there any lag ? I want to know with your using exp !!! Compare to the iPhone xs max , for example… Hope someone reply

  32. The clock on you notification menu is so much larger then mine I get like 4 notifications on my left side and 6 icons on my right

  33. Phone is stunning and I can't wait to upgrade from my 2XL in about a month during tax return time. It was on sale for $300 off a few weeks ago but I wasn't in the position to buy. Damn what a deal, the 3 is on sale at Verizon but I'm getting this one (3XL). Don't want to wait for the 4XL to come out, it's going to be more expensive and I'll have to wait almost 8 months.

  34. Don't do it. Pixel 3xl has a fatal camera flaw. I read about the glitches before purchasing, but figured everything would be worked out. Google won't do anything unless I send them the phone for 7-10 business days. Best Buy won't help because the phone is almost a month old. My iPhone 5c was super reliable for over 5 years!! The Pixel 3XL is so disappointing, especially because the night camera feature was one thing I was really looking forward to. Just don't do it. Learn from my mistake. I spent 6 hours on the phone today trying to get help and even had to do a complete factory reset. Nothing helps. It's a hardware issue and the manufacturer DOES NOT CARE. Do not buy a Google product because they will not stand behind their product unless you can live without your phone for 2 weeks. Ironically, my iPhone 5c still works, but Verizon won't reconnect such an old phone so I can send my brand new phone back to Google. Hilarious. The phone that works cannot be connected and my new phone can't even snap a selfie.

  35. How’s the picture compared to P30 Pro? The more I see reviews the more I get confused. Sometimes pixel 3 XL better sometimes P30 Pro.

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