Pixel Experience [ Android 9.0 Pie – Official + Stable ] : Review feat. Redmi Note 5 Pro

hey what’s up guys this is HK
with techrapt and now in this video we’re gonna talk about official pixel
experience ROM based on Android 9.0 Pi we already have working stable Android
Pi roms for many Qualcomm treble enable phones in the form of semi GSI but this
pixel experience ROM is just a normal ROM and not the one based on GS I or
semi GSI so obviously installation process is pretty straightforward and
simple to download this rom go to this pixel experience web page
select the phone brand and under this tab select device model now I am downloading
the latest pixel experience ROM for Redmi note 5 Pro Whyred and the current
latest build is August 17th one so once you have downloaded it place the roams
you file onto the internal storage of your phone put the custom recovery like
TWRP by holding volume up and power button for every node v pro first
good wipe tap advanced wipe and select everything except storage options like
internal storage USB storage and micro sd card options and swipe to confirm
wipe next go back to the home screen installed tab set the transferred pixel
experience from file and swap to confirm flash and that’s it we are done with the
installation process so simple right also you don’t need to flash a separate
G apps package as the pixel experience ROM itself has Google Apps included if
you want to flash a custom kernel or missus for routing you can do it but
it’s up to you once the installation is done reboot the phone to the system so this is the Google boot animation is
the same animation we have seen it on pixel accel port this is the initial
setup screen let me quickly finish setting it up
there is a fingerprint setup option let me skip it for now and this is the
default home screen with pixel launcher everything should be working out of the
box and you don’t need to flash any separate fixes so first let’s go to
settings system about phone as you can see Android version is 900
security pest level is August Files same as Google Fandral is build for pixel
phones about the launcher features when you swipe to the left you have Google
search screen in a long press on the empty space of the home screen you can
change home settings add videos and change wallpapers by default you get
normal on screen navigation bar but if you want to enable the pixel gestures go
to settings system gestures and enable swipe up on home button about the
gestures you can swipe up on the pill or home button to get to the reasons menu
long swap will get you to the app drawer and when you swipe all the open tabs to
the right you get the clear all button you can slide down on a specific tab to
open it slide up to close it and when you hit the app icon on an open tab you
can enable the split screen mode and finally there is a slider to switch
between the open tabs this is the notification panel and quick settings
the quick toggles are circular and the style of cook toggles and the
notification panel is based on the device theme the ROM comes with very
minimal apps you get the Google camera app and with the Google camera you can
take pictures videos image stabilization is there and the portrait mode works for
both front and rear cameras FM radio app is there and it works too
this is a setting panel with colored icons there’s a search bar at the top
first we have network and Internet map everything about network is great 2 T 3G
4G 4G V well T works but the native video calling isn’t working in the dual
band Wi-Fi option is there – this is the Bluetooth tab pairing with devices is
easy there is no issue with audio or video playback beat with calls
loudspeaker or when connected to the bluetooth
there’s the absent notification tab with the recently opened apps at the top
there’s an option here called Prime spent in apps where you can find the
screen on time of all the apps you have views
next you have notification settings default apps where you can change these
default apps for various services and special app access under battery tab
there is a battery saver mode you can turn it on automatically at any
percentage of your choice and app to battery which limits the battery usage
for infrequently used apps you can enable battery percentage on the status
bar and below it you can find the battery stats next under display tab you
have brightness level nightlight works adaptive brightness have no issues sleep
timer font size display size a min display which is working double tap to
wake works by default and under device theme you can set it to automatic based
on wallpaper or you can force it to dark or light and the theming applies to
notification and quick settings volume slider and Abdur are only this is the
sound tab there’s a play media to option where you can change the audio output
mode play the speaker or Bluetooth and there is a separate slider for call
volume about the volume slider you have a new volume center here by default you
can change a media volume you can enable vibrate or salad more within this volume
slider and you can also enable vibrate mode by touching volume up and power
button at the same time under security and location you can find fingerprint
option setting up is easy and unlocks in about a second you can also add face
unlock where a smart lock but you have to swipe up on the lock screen once the
system detects your face this is the digital wellbeing app it’s there by
default so you don’t have to manually install any apk and with pin down here
you can enable grayscale which turns the entire screen to gray
next under system gestures you have jumped to camera swipe up on home button
and under developer options there’s an option called simulate a display with a
cutout which forces noise display and there are three options to pick all
senses are working fine accelerometer gyroscope magnetometer light sensor
proximity sensor all work fine GPS also works but it will take time for
a location if you try it from indoors coming to the
performance of this ROM I haven’t tried gaming but the wrong feels so smooth I
did not face a single lag in my 12 plus hours of usage with this rom and about
benchmarks and to version 7 score is one lakh fifteen thousand five six one
Geekbench for single core score is one three for three and multi-core squares
for eight seven for overall it’s a good drum the best part is that it’s very
simple to install and the ROM file includes all the fixes so no more
separate fixes flashing for lag MTP mode v well she and others so that’s it I
hope you guys liked that hit like if you found this video helpful and if you guys
have any queries or if you have faced any issues while installing this ROM do
let me know in the comments below thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys next

100 Replies to “Pixel Experience [ Android 9.0 Pie – Official + Stable ] : Review feat. Redmi Note 5 Pro”

  1. You make our 'average' looking redmi note 5 pro like near thousand pixel 2 xl. Best looking device, studio setup in particular video in YouTube. Congrats mate!

  2. excellent video I have tested all ROMs with android 9 and this is the most stable and with no bugs I imagine they will be implementing with the ota updates and this ROM if it has them. I recommend this

  3. I guess I'll be getting the note 5 pro after watching this video. I didn't want to use the MIUI and wasn't sure if stable roms existed. Thank you very much. BTW, can you port gcam for this phone?

  4. I have this Android P rom and its a perfect rom! battery usage is very good compare than miui 10, trust me.. when u use this rom battery will hold much longer. charging is fast too

  5. In the web link for my Redmi 5 plus there is only one rom 8.1.0 …. The pie rom for redmi 5 plus isn't there yet. So if i install the 8.1.0 rom then will i get the OTA update of pie (9.0) when it comes for my Redmi 5plus ??? Plz reply plz !!

  6. @techrapt  bro i have already installed the 8.1.0 oreo room pixel experience from the website link u have provided !! So now when pie comes out for redmi 5plus ? Will get OTA ?? Or i need to flash pie in twrp again -_- ???

  7. xiaomi. eu is still the best rom for all xiaomi phones. no bloatware no ads no extra apps just plain and simple and lots of features. if you want optimized battery life try it miui 10 eu rom. developers is from europe and its the best!

  8. Well.. I am currently using Realme 1. I didn't get any better performing phone under the budget. But I do like stock Android more than the custom ones. So, can you be kind enough to make a video on how to install stock ROM on Realme devices.. I am sure it'll help alot of Realme users!
    Thank you

  9. is casting or screen mirroring.. is that feature not available on android P? because before i use this rom i was currently on miui 10 and i can easily cast to my sony bravia tv, but now when i search none appear. Is that a bug or it is supported on Android P?

  10. Hey bro, im running miui 10 global beta, on my redmi 4x and i really want to flash android pie but it always a fail or somewhat not satisfying for me, could you tell when pixelexperience. Org will release android pie on redmi 4x.

  11. help i did this but my phone wont enter the home screen and stack in dark screen with notification "to start android, enter your password"

  12. I installed pixel experience pie rom in my zuk z1 …
    Now I can't go to the recovery mode…
    (Volume down+ power tap)
    Don't work…plz tell me I can I fix this…

  13. Hi, regarding the charging time, does it support fast charging? How long does it take to charge from 0% to 100%?

    Thanks in advance.

  14. Hey there,
    it would be great if these questions are answered,
    1. Is Google Pay(Tez) working fine on this ROM without issues?
    2. Does the MIUI Camera when used on this ROM(Pixel Experience) gives stable and same performance like the one when used on MIUI?

  15. Is pixel experience rom battery life then miui.and the gaming performance also is it better or everything just the same just improve of camera and little bit customization Android pie plz ans?

  16. Is there any problems for Pixel Experience so far? My phone is Moto E4 Plus and only Moto E is available for Pixel Experience. Will you recommend for me to use that? Thanks!

  17. Dude
    This tutorial literally just saved my phone's life. I accidentaly wiped out all system data and you helped me. Thank you so much

  18. How to remove google play store and google services.. Do u have any flashable zip for remove google completely from phone

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