Pixel News February 2020: Anything for love!

Hey! welcome back guys! The month of
love is upon us in case you have a significant other good for you! In case
you don’t, well good for you too because I’m sure you are going to fall in love
what we have prepared for you in our games. Let’s take a look at it shall we!
In the train-station game you can look forward to the first of the many era
events. The first one is going to be Electric extravaganza! And because it’s
Valentine, Valentina is going to visit us as well. TrainStation 2 game will offer
you two short events in February. First one is going to be the Valentine event
and the second one will be the airport event. That’s right.
The famous carnival in Venice is beginning soon and Giacomo Casanova is
getting ready to attend! Join him on his adventures in Italy and the rest of the
Europe. You can also meet his friend Bettina
who helped him get into the higher circles. Take part in the organization of
the carnival in the new global quest. Win the competition to finish the most
contracts in this global quest in your group of 20 players. In Diggy’s Adventure
the month of love will start with the double material week to replenish your
resources, before the greatest quest for love will begin. Yes – the Valentine 2020.
In Valentine 2020 we will start in the prehistoric era and we will travel
through time to discover the meaning of love. I’m crying even talking about it.
And of course Valentine 2019 will be available for free and Valentine 2018
will be added to your shop. In AFK Cats your favorite events from the past will
travel back to the future! Well let’s just say you will have to spend
some time in the catacombs and power up your agents! Don’t forget there is a
Valentine boss in your AFK Cats game as well! And in case your cat armor is getting
a little bit sweaty – don’t worry we got a new collection ready for your cat agents
stay tuned! And there is a new building on the horizon – but where does it take
you? What timelines and paths does it open for you?
Is there a treasure at the end? I don’t know but you will find out more about
this very very soon. So this is pretty much it for the February episode. Thank
you guys for watching! Do not forget to follow us on our social media channels
and make love not war – see ya!

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