Pixelmator Photo 2019 for iPad – Full Guide & Review!

Pixelmator Photo has just been released for
iPad and I’ve spent some time editing some RAW and JPEG photos, and overall, I’m really
impressed. It’s priced at a relatively low $5 on the
App Store which is a good price for the average user. We tried it on the 2019 iPad Air and iPad
Mini and it said it was unsupported, due to the fact that it’s packing the A12 processor
from the iPhone XS, so it must think it’s an iPhone instead of an iPad. But it should get fixed soon. Because of that, we tested it on the 2018
iPad Pro using the Apple Pencil 2, and the editing experience was excellent. Importing RAW photos was incredibly easy. All it took was a cheap USB-C to USB-A adapter
and an SD Card reader. The photos showed up instantly and the import
took just a couple of seconds. The UI works great and it’s incredibly simple
to browse and find photos to import. Importing a RAW photo was very quick, and
the layout is very simple, with a few icons near the top right corner. Most of the photo editing I do is making thumbnails
using Photoshop on an iMac, so I wanted to see if I could make these photos pop and look
great. Testing the Machine Learning auto-enhance
feature, it really made the AirPods pop, and it was surprising how well it does, although
it’s not perfect. You can easily zoom in on the photo by double-tapping
the screen. With the repair tool, you can easily get rid
of blemishes, and if it doesn’t work out well, you can use the Apple Pencil’s new
double-tap feature to undo, and redo. Let’s make the repair selection a bit smaller
so we can perfectly get rid of this black spot. The repair tool works amazingly well and it’s
incredible how quickly you can touch up photos. We can easily turn these 2nd gen AirPods into
regular AirPods, but let’s not. Within the crop menu, there’s a bunch of
options like instantly rotating the photo, flipping it vertically and horizontally, easily
adjusting the aspect ratio, finely adjusting the level of the horizon, and warping the
perspective as well. Everything works so smoothly. We even tested the ML crop and it seemed to
work great, especially when we chose the 16:9 preset. They were perfectly centered. Now to the editing itself, there are tons
of options, and most of them have a ML button, and it’s usually very subtle in the changes
it makes, like only bringing up the saturation by 9%. The lightness menu has every option you’ll
need, and after editing, you can disable each adjustment menu you changed to see the difference. There are color balance wheels that let you
adjust the colors and brightness of Shadows, mid tones, and highlights separately, which
is great for pros who know how to use it. There’s an awesome selective color menu
that allows you to select a certain color and adjust the colors separate from the rest
of the photo. See how I’m able to make this bokeh pop? It’s really useful! There’s levels, curves and a replace color
menu that can be extremely useful, i’ll show you how later in the video. Below that is a few filter menus that you
can adjust, and finally, sharpen, which is great for editing RAW photos and some sharpness
back in. When you’re done, hit share, and you have
a couple of options. Modify original, save copy to photos, or export. Within export, you have a few formats to choose
from, and you can easily adjust the quality to get your desired file size to where you
want it. Hit next, and you get Apple’s standard share
menu, so you can easily Airdrop it and save it. Here’s a RAW photo we used for a recent
iPad comparison, it was shot quite dark so let’s fix it. We used the ML crop and it perfectly centered
the photo, again, really impressive! After a few tweaks, we looked at the image
before and after, and the results are great! Similar to what I was able to achieve using
Photoshop for Mac. Now here’s a very difficult one, simply
because the face of the iPad Mini is dark and orange. Let’s fix that using the replace color tool. Just grab the dropper, place it over the color
you want to replace. Then grab the other dropper and choose white. It didn’t turn out so well so I tapped on
the color box and changed it to white. There you go, it looks great! Just check out the before and after! Here’s a photo I took using the iPad Pro. I wanted to see how much of these clouds you
can remove using the repair tool, and It’s shocking how well it worked! Look how easy it is to remove these rocks. I also used the color wheels menu to bring
up the saturation of the sky without affecting everything else. I also noticed that you can easily swipe the
whole menu to the left side if it’s more comfortable for you. The repair tool works great for facial blemishes
as well. I’d personally never do this on my own face,
but you can see just how easily you can touch up skin. Using selective color and adjust hues, you
can easily transform a wallpaper into something totally unique. Now here’s where selective color really
comes in handy. See how the window is totally blue and it
ruins the whole photo? Watch this. After brightening up the photo, I can go into
the selective color menu, choose blues, and turn down the saturation. Look at that difference. Once finished, you can tap revert, and then
double-tap the Apple Pencil 2 to see the before and after. This photo has been totally transformed! Overall, I’m extremely impressed with Pixelmator
Photo for iPad. It’s very-well optimized and there was no
lag or any issues with exporting. It works incredibly well with the Apple Pencil
2 thanks to the double-tap feature, and it should work great with the new 2019 iPads
once they fix the compatibility issue. If you enjoyed this video, click that subscribe
button and check out our ultimate comparison guide to choosing an iPad in 2019. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you in
the next one!

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  2. didnt alot of features have already been in adobe lightroom cc 🤔 amm no expert just asking

  3. I bought it and love it so far. Very easy to use and works great with the Apple Pencil. Thanks for the great video!

  4. As Usual Great Video from you Vadim ! But I have the Pixelmator only APP on my iPad. I am just wondering how is this different from that one ?

  5. The big + for me is that repair tool, better than any clone/healing tool that I have used to date, very clean results, even with complex/busy scenes. The big negative for me anyways is the inability to load RAW files from the Adobe Cloud, as it is unable to read the files. There is a lot of potential, but it has a ways to go before it becomes my default editor. That said, I will encourage Pixelmator to keep at it.

  6. Nice videos Max thanks you ! I've several questions for you please 🙂 
    – It is possible to import LUT ? If not could you give the idea to the dev ? I'm sure they will more listen to you than me 🙂
    – Can you add a white frame around the pict ?
    – Tech question to the pro > when connecting my SD card reader to my new iPad mini, the camera roll doesn't auto appear. Do you think it could work if I buy an Anker or Apple USB-C to Lightning cable and connect it between Fuji Camera and iPad mini 5 ? 🙂

    Many tanks you're the best 🙂

  7. Max, who makes and where can I buy the USB 3 adapter to USB-C connector on the end of your Kingston card reader ? I need that to read images to the new iPad Pro, right ?Thanks!

  8. i bought affinity photo a couple weeks ago, and I don’t know to use it (I’m a film student trying to learn how to use advanced photo editors) I should’ve gotten this instead

  9. The A12 chip on iPad Air 2019 is that bad ??
    How many other apps will think that the iPad is an iPhone because of that chip ??

  10. Hello could you please explain your workflow ? Want to know where can i keep my raw. Want that export photo goes in Photos with metadata. Thanks.

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